Jan 24, 2019

Orwell Was Right About Mind Control?

Human Mind Control
Electromagnetic brain control?

New research shows that long time, non-fiction and fiction writers like George Orwell were right. They warned us against subliminal and unconscious efforts to manipulate people's opinions. One study shows that magnetic waves could create artificial thoughts and decisions similar to Orwell's predictions.

The Government Can Use Magnetic Waves to Control Your Brain?

The UK Express reported on the surprising developments. The experiment included the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS. Changing the test subjects' thought processes was the goal. In the results released, the patients improved their beliefs in God and how to treat migrants flowing into Europe. The experiments centered around the posterior medial frontal cortex.

And the results were just stunning. Afterward, the respondents reported lower religious faith. The results were published in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. So this appears to be one of the first major successful attempts to sway people's thinking and thoughts.

Israelis Can Even Control Maternal Instincts?

In any event, this followed a similar study conducted by Israeli scientists. Of special interest, this research is covered by the UK Daily Mail here. Researchers, in that case, pinpointed a part of the brain that helped control maternal instincts. Also, they believed that the same region could control aggression and other hard-wired parts of the brain. Science Daily reported on an effort that resulted in the part of the brain that controls dreams to be shut off. No matter how you look at it, these technologies are increasing.

  • Technology Misuse

There are safeguards in place in labs, universities, and among governments to avoid the misuse of such technology. But it's clear that eventually, this type of treatment could fall into the wrong hands. So scientists have just one shot at opening Pandora's box.

They'd better be sure they want to find out what's inside. And civil Libertarians like attorney Michael Ehline have been warning parents about state-run mind control programs like Common Core. He has been against the forced unionization of public school teachers for years.

"The similarities between post Weimar Germany and the modern U.S. education system are strikingly similar," says Ehline.

And Ehline went on to state that "scientific mind control was probably unnecessary. So it appears that the only thing standing in the way of the total Nazification of America and other countries are those voices in the desert.

These are those calling for a return to the Constitutional Republic. But others want state thought control. After all, it is for "the greater good." What is your opinion? Sound off.

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