Strengthening a Post Injury Relationship Using Loving Confrontation

brain injury lawyerOne thing many injury lawyers fail to do is look after their clients on a human level. For example, in loss of consortium cases, or cases where a victim suffers a severe injury, many things will change in a relationship. Someone could have died in a crash, and the others could be severely injured or hurting. Sexual organs may no longer function, hormones and nerves may no longer do the job they once did. Men and women both need love, and usually, they desire sexual intimacy.

So I wanted to give you some personal injury lawyer tips to help couples understand severe brain injuries and how a death can shut down the grieving party’s hormonal responses. Let’s take Eric and Heather as our example. Eric is a biker for a local outlaw M/C. Before his motorcycle accident, Eric worked construction and made decent money. Eric worked out, was in shape, and regularly bedded his wife, Heather.

A car driving by a DUI driver broadsided him while group riding with his brothers. After spending a month in a coma, Eric’s brain slowly started healing. Heather loves the man but still needs male affection and comfort, tempting her to cheat. Since Eric crashed his bike, Eric lashed after receiving permanent scars, partially disfiguring and leaving him unemployed, living off his savings.

They filed a lawsuit against the other driver after hiring a great motorcycle lawyer in Los Angeles, near South Figueroa Corridor, where they own a small home. Since working is no longer possible, lost wages mean the couple ran behind on mortgage payments, with their breadwinner hospitalized, undergoing painful surgeries. Luckily, their lawyer found a great surgeon with Doctor on Liens. But still, these two are going through significant life changes, but they need each other now more than ever.

But taking out a lot of unhappiness on Erica has made things get bad. Lately, they both have been fighting with each other like cats and dogs over Erica feeling rejected. After assuring her of loyalty and desire held, the truth came out that psychologically getting an erection remains impossible due to feeling ugly. But sometimes, we take the lack of love as a sign of rejection. In turn, this can create bad blood between the other person who did nothing wrong or who did not suffer your type of injurious circumstances. One of the most amazing things about this world is individuals all have different problems and hold unique views.

Cat and dog fightAnd with personality changes that can come with a head injury, points of view can drastically come to the forefront. It is almost magical how all those views can coalesce and bring about new ideas or significant changes. Sometimes within personal relationships, people with strong opinions may find themselves criticizing someone or becoming the recipient of criticism. Since criticism offers a malicious accusation of the value of someone’s actions or personal worth without sacrificing a positive conclusion, it can create internal discomfort.

The Damage Of Repetitive Negativity Without Positive Outcomes

And it can establish feelings of insecurity and cause damage to relationships. Some individuals believe criticism can be constructive and help people grow and change; however, the question is how something negative can become productive. Over many years of work in therapy with couples, individuals, and families, the opposite has proven right, and the negativity associated with criticism has demonstrated it can do intense damage over time.

Living in a world of imperfect people with ideas that are often very different, conflicts can arise. When this happens in a relationship, and the battle is between two people that care about each other, using criticism to settle a disagreement can become destructive and injurious. Finding a way to resolve the problems without destroying the relationship is what loving confrontation is all about.

Avoid Purely Negative Criticism Without Judgment

Tell us about your case. When, where and how were you injured. Fill in the form and tell us about yoru serious injury case, or call us now at (213) 596-9642. Serious lawyers near you with top ratings are waiting for your important phone call.Criticism is filled with judgment and fault finding because one person does not like another’s actions and lashes out with anger or resentment. The problem is, most people strive to do the very best they can in life, and when they slip or make a mistake, criticism of those actions by judging them or finding fault can not be productive or help them see a problem. On the other hand, loving confrontation does not place blame and is not accusatory.

A loving, supportive, helpful interaction helps reduce possible conflict by conveying understanding while showing concern, meeting the needs of both parties, simultaneously viewing the situation through the eyes of their loved one. Understanding both sides’ problems on the outside helps establish trust and acceptance, missing relationships bent on using criticism.

It Remains Important To Compromise When Suffering Through Changes

Creating a meaningful relationship can take effort and compromise, so when conflicts do arise between two people who care about each other, confronting differences can help heal relationships, allowing forward movement without resentment or bitterness. When a loving confrontation occurs, understanding can develop, trust blossoms, and love can grow and flourish within a new and more vital personal dimension. In other words, loving confrontation removes the feelings of rejection and fear of criticism. It allows one person to lovingly talk about their concerns in a way that does not attack, blame, or ridicule.

If a couple finds themselves in a defensive conflict situation within their relationship, they can often learn to practice loving confrontation. It will change its entire partnership dynamic. Once people recognize their distinctiveness, learning to love their uniqueness, meaning that less conflict may ensue. When conflict does arise, parties can use confrontation gently, with supportive, loving words allowing for relationship growth rather than common withdrawal prompted by being attacked.

One of the things that make our brain injury attorneys different is our empathy and ability to build long-term friendships with our clients. We only have one life. After a severe injury accident, you must get a dedicated legal counselor. Someone who can help you and your loved ones deal with the emotional changes sure to come with lost income and the new responsibilities of additional care for the sick or disabled person. Finding your loving confrontation style can be critical to developing a loving means of conflict resolution within your relationship after a bad accident with injuries.

Creating a loving discussion is always better than a heated battle – and loving confrontation is all about a peaceful resolution. Suppose you or someone you love is in an emotional dilemma like this after a car accident. In that case, your lawyer can sometimes help you find a top-rated psychiatrist or psychologist to assist you in dealing with your brain injury. Getting care like this also helps your lawyer prove the types of injury and damages you have so you can get the money to cover all this new treatment. If you have questions or want to tell our attorneys near you about your case, contact us online, or phone us anytime for a free case review (213) 596-9642.

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