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Your Legal Options Against Dog Breed Bans

Is Banning Dog Breeds a Form of Legalized Discrimination?

Yes, but perhaps not in a civil rights sense. But there is legal discrimination when it comes to the dogs you can own. And it is practiced among many U.S. cities and counties. Unfortunately, many locales decide to censor certain dog breeds. In some cases, the cities even outright ban the types of dogs.

So the top dogs on top of the anti-dog list are dogs generally considered more aggressive. However, often the breed is not the issue but the owner. Poor training and treatment are more likely to cause injuries than the dog’s lineage, or birth parents.

Banning Dogs – A Widespread Phenomenon?

Perhaps. The New York Daily News reported that the shame of banning certain breeds of dogs continued into New York City politics. The city’s housing authority banned Pit bulls, Dobermans, and Rottweilers from public housing. Further research shows that dog bans are common nationwide.

Certain states are more likely to ban different breeds, especially at the local level. Statistics show that it is very common among many states, especially in the South and Midwest. Kentucky has 31 cities with breed bans, including 11 cities that ban put bulls. In Louisiana, six cities do the same.

In Michigan, many types of dogs are potentially banned, including the Akita, Alaskan malamute, pit bull terrier, and more.

Overall in that state, 36 cities ban or restrict dog breed types. The same goes for 40 cities in Arkansas. 46 cities do the same in Mississippi, including two cities that ban Shar-Peis. Wisconsin bans types of dogs in 62 cities, including one that bans wolf hybrids.

An amazing 89 cities do the same in Missouri, including the city of Pilot Grove, which bans six breeds. In Ohio, this is the case in 90 cities, including 55 that restrict pit bulls. Kansas does the same with 90 cites, including 77 with outright bans on breeds, especially pit bulls. Leading the nation in banning breeds is Iowa, with 91 cities with restrictions.

The City of Fairfield bans not only pit bulls, but also German shepherds, Rottweilers, and any dog weighing over 100 pounds.

These dog bans are likely unconstitutional and place an undue burden on both the dog and the dog owner. If you or your family faced discrimination due to your dog breed– especially if it was not involved in an attack, contact the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC today to discuss your legal options. Call us for a free consultation 24/7.

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