A near-fatal bus accident happened in 2021, but because of the safety features of the bus, it saved the operator’s life.

Can You Sue for Damages?

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Tom Walters, Who Owns King’s Highway Charters, Survives Devastating Crash Thanks to Vehicle’s Safety Features

Tom Walters, a driving enthusiast and a people person, started his motorcoach business, King’s Highway, over 25 years ago. He became the primary transportation of the Texas Tech University men’s and women’s basketball teams for over five years. Walters also contracted with the University to provide transportation for the Texas Tech athletics team, and he has been doing that for 11 years.

You could say Walter’s life was going great, and he had a booming motorcoach business that he started in Lubbock, Texas. However, an incident occurred in 2021 that made Walters believe in miracles.

Dirt Crossover Results in a Serious Accident

On January 6, 2021, Walters had to pick the men’s basketball team landing at Ames in Iowa. On his way to Ames, he felt uneasy, so he looked over his shoulder and saw a vehicle approaching his bus.

The vehicle swept across the road, pulling Walters with it. He soon realized it was a dirt crossover and was going at very high speeds to avoid it. At that time, Walters had two options, hit it or crash into the oncoming traffic. With no time to spare, Walters hit it at about 50 to 55 miles per hour.

The bus crumpled up, and everything in it came out flying from the windshield. Surprisingly, Walters walked away from the bus accident with minor injuries.

Wife Thankful for Bus Safety Features for Saving Texas Operator’s Life

Walters soon arranged for an airlift to remove the sizeable crumpled bus to avoid further collisions. Vickie Walters, his wife, also reached the accident scene and broke down crying when she saw the wreckage.

According to the local news, Vickie could not believe how Walters escaped the near-fatal accident with just some minor injuries. She deemed Walter’s survival a miracle after looking at the state of the bus. Vickie also reinforced her support for Prevost, a leading North American manufacturer of premium passenger coaches run by Volvo Bus Corporation.

Walters spoke about how the Prevost motorcoach safety features saved his life, escaping the accident with minor injuries. He could not explain how he was still alive from the devastating bus accident other than the safety features and his Lord looking after him.

After the accident, Walters reiterated his support for the bus manufacturer, stating that he would not want to drive any other bus than Prevost for the rest of his life. He spoke to the media about how Volvo financial services helped King’s Highway get the financing needed to get these state-of-the-art buses on his company’s fleet.

Volvo Financial Services Decides to Help Tom Walters, Who Owns King’s Highway Charters

The Volvo Finance team found out about the accident and decided to restructure Walters’s financial payment plan to provide him with some financial relief following the bus crash.

Currently, he is working with Volvo to convert his company’s entire fleet to Prevost models because of the fantastic vehicle’s safety features.

Walters Arranges a Second Bus for Texas Tech Athletics Team in No Time

Following his bus crash, Walters still had to pick up the Texas Tech men’s basketball team, which was arriving in Ames soon. He arranged another bus from Texas to Ames, and King’s Highway completed the travel without their client knowing about the incident.

Walters Professionalism Unparalleled Says Kirby Hocutt

The director of athletics at Texas Tech, Kirby Hocutt, spoke highly of Walters and his professionalism, stating that even after experiencing an accident and being properly shaken up, he knew he had a job to do and figured out a way to ensure minimal disruptions.

Walters and His Long-standing Business Relationship with Texas Tech University

Walters used to work in the food business for a long time before he got laid off, which made him pursue his passion, his love for traveling and meeting new people. He traveled across North America but would return to Texas, stating it is just a hometown he feels connected with. Walters knew what he wanted to do and started his bus services company, King’s Highway Charters and Tours.

Texas Tech and the University’s athletics program became one of his longtime customers, and for Walters and the University, this business relationship meant a lot. Kirby spoke highly of Walters’s professionalism and spirit, stating that the University has never faced any transportation problems since they partnered up with King’s Highway.

Walters realized how vital the University was for his business when he partnered up with them and decided to dedicate two Prevost model motorcoaches wrapped up in the University’s logo for Texas Tech work. Not only are the buses his pride and joy, but the Texas Tech fans love the uniquely designed buses.

Tom Walters describes an incident where he had a car driving next to his Texas Tech coach at 70 mph, and the driver’s wife hung out of the window to take a snap of the bus. He stated he is very particular about who drives the Texas Tech basketball team coaches.

Not Everyone Is Lucky to Walk Away from an Accident. Can You Sue for Damages?

Tom Walters, who owns King’s Highway charters, is a lucky man to survive the accident. The incident “bus safety features save Texas operator’s life in crash” is one of the few you hear about where the driver survives a near-fatal bus crash. In his case, Volvo Finance decided to restructure its finances to give Tom Walters the relief he needed.

Sometimes another driver may not be responsible for the accident. It could be the vehicle’s safety features that failed just before the crash or an obstacle in the middle of the road without warning signs resulting in severe injuries to the driver or passengers.

After an accident involving an injury or even death, no party willingly provides compensation to the accident victim. Fortunately, some laws allow injured victims to sue the negligent party for their accident.

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