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  • California Has Sixth Worst Elder-abuse Protections!

    California Has Sixth Worst Elder-abuse Protections!

The Best Elder Abuse Protections Are Just One Call Away

Next to young children, the elderly population is the most vulnerable in our communities, and they need our protection.

A combination of failing health, dementia symptoms, and neglect by family members makes elderly residents the target of emotional abuse, financial scams, physical torment, and many other forms of elder abuse, gross negligence, and exploitation.

Legal assistance development groups, such as the United Health Foundation, have been working hard to help implement some of the best elder abuse protections in the country. Still, the California State Association reports an increase in the number of older adults experiencing abuse, particularly financial abuse.

Elder abuse affects not just the victim of the abuse but their families. If your loved ones suffer from elder abuse, gross neglect, and exploitation, call a lawyer with vast experience in elder abuse protection.

Ehline Law is here to help you provide the best elder abuse protections for your older family members. Call (833) LETS-SUE right now and request a free consultation.

Stats From Elder Abuse Forensic Centers

In an attempt to implement elder abuse prevention, elder abuse forensic centers throughout the country have compiled statistical data on the violations of elder abuse protections in different states.

The following are examples of how California ranks when it comes to elder abuse in the US per resident over the age of 65 according to the personal finance website WalletHub:

  • Number 49 in complaints of elder abuse, gross neglect, and exploitation cases
  • Number 25 in nursing-homes quality
  • Number 21 in total elder-abuse prevention expenditures
  • Number 25 in the number of certified volunteer ombudsmen
  • Number 41 in a number of eldercare organizations and services.

By compiling WalletHub’s list and looking at, specific stats, such as those on the number of certified volunteer ombudsmen and nursing-homes quality, California ranked 6th in the nation regarding to cases of elder abuse, gross neglect, and exploitation complaints!

Why Is Elder Abuse So Common?

Why do we need many certified volunteer ombudspersons to deal with the worst elder abuse protections? One of the reasons behind the shocking stats compiled by the personal finance website WalletHub is the general ignorance regarding the aging process and the needs of elderly members of our society.

No matter what elder abuse protections are put in place, without educating families living with older adults and institutions that act as primary caregivers for the elderly, we will continue to see a rise in financial exploitation complaints and elder abuse cases.

Family members, compassionate lawyers, and human rights activists work together to dispel the misconception that older adults have no useful role in society. Instead, people need to accept the increased dependence on one’s family, which is a natural part of aging.

The Most Common Types of Elder Abuse

According to dementia behavior specialist Elion Caspi, BSW MA Ph.D., the following are the common types of elder abuse protections violations that occur in long-term care homes:

  • Inappropriate and harmful use of antipsychotic drugs (chemical restraints)
  • Theft of elderly residents’ pain medications
  • Sexual abuse involving touching and intercourse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Staff retaliation against older residents
  • Psychological and emotional abuse
  • harmful resident-to-resident incidents due to neglect.

Caspi explained that even though the inappropriate use of physical restraints had decreased over the years, it is still happening and is a cause for concern. Also, sexual and physical abuse of residents by staff members has a long-term and severe effect on the victims that can be profoundly traumatic and devastating.

How Can Financial Elder Abuse Laws Help?

One of the most significant steps in the fight against elder abuse is the implementation of financial elder abuse laws. Combined with the Elder Justice Act passed in 2010, concerned individuals can work hand in hand with compassionate attorneys and law enforcement officials to protect the elderly from abuse.

If you suspect an older adult is being abused financially, do not hesitate to call Ehline Law or any eldercare organizations for assistance.

How You Can Protect Elderly Family Members From Elder Abuse

The following are some of the steps to can take to protect the elderly in your care from abuse:

Keep a Watchful Eye

Often, older people are abused by staff members at care homes without any family members noticing because they ignore how their loved one is being treated.

Establish a Strong Relationship

Having a strong bond with your older family members will give them the courage to confide in you whenever they are mistreated. Usually, elderly residents feel very vulnerable when left in the care of strangers and may not be able to openly discuss what is being done to them unless you make them feel safe and cared for.

Avoid Family Violence

Family violence negatively affects the psychological and emotional well-being of older people who may feel powerless to prevent it. Violent behavior also opens the door to physical abuse of the elderly and should be avoided at all costs.

Provide a Channel for Neglect and Exploitation Complaints

You are not always available to look after your elderly family members. This is why it is important to have a direct and clear channel for anyone who notices any signs of abuse to report to the relevant authorities.

Establish Trustworthy Power of Attorney

One of the best ways to fight against financial abuse is to have a trustworthy individual. Usually, a lawyer with a lot of financial elder abuse laws experience has power of attorney to make financial decisions for the elderly.

Learn About Elder Abuse Prevention

Finally, it would be best if you dedicated time to learn as much as possible about elder abuse prevention. This will help you to be better equipped to recognize and deal with elder abusVariousous eldercare organizations have lots of educational material that can be very helpful.

Ehline Law Can Help With Elder Abuse Protection

The protection of the older members of our society is the responsibility of every one of us. Whether they are members of your family or strangers, there is always something you can do to help.

Call Ehline Law today and request a free consultation to discuss how you can deal with violations of elder abuse protections in your family, community, or place of work.

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