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Can I Sue My Public or Private School for Forcing My Children?

Image of Biden Health and Human Services Secretary, Rachel Levine (Supports school children hormone blockers.) To answer your question, in California, it’s hard to say what rights parents have anymore if any.

Drag queens have become very popular on social media and with California public school teacher’s unions in recent years. Even though people have mixed feelings about how a drag show operates, people typically do them in designated areas.

However, what would your thoughts be if drag shows were performed in public/private schools? Right now, there is a lot of conversation around this topic because there have been drag shows in private and public schools in America. The sympathetic California and DC press calls this gender ideology propaganda “Drag Queen Library Day.”

To learn more about what has been happening, the devolution of parents’ rights, and the concerted effort by teachers’ unions and other adult world leaders to redefine what it is to be male or female, continue reading below.

What Has the Michigan Capitol Been Saying About Drag Shows?

A recent news story has come out saying that Republican lawmakers and Tudor Dixon are moving to pass a bill in Michigan that will allow parents to sue a private school if it hosted a drag show. This has come about due to a national push by Republicans who want to discuss gender identity and sexuality is being discussed in schools. However, Michigan lawmaker Andrew Fink could not recall a moment where this has possibly happened in a Michigan school.

He has said that he doesn’t think there has been a drag queen in any school in Michigan, but if there has been one along with a drag show, there should be a zero-tolerance policy. When the announcement was made outside the Michigan Capitol at the press conference, they explained that they would be pursuing getting the bill passed. However, this is not the first time a bill list has been discussed in Michigan.

Dixon has previously said that there is another bill he will sign, which will mean that adults who involve children in drag shows will face criminal penalties. This upcoming proposal does not mean that drag shows will be criminalized, but they will not be allowed in schools since it’s considered “totally inappropriate.”

However, the bill does not define what falls under the definition of drag shows. It will be hard to sue for exposing children to drag shows without a definition for adult parents to understand. In the meantime, the LGBTQ people in the community movement often add a new protected sexual class to the flag. News reports show many sympathetic public school teachers pushing this agenda on kids and K-12 students throughout the country.

What Could Parents Sue for?

If the legislature passes the bill, districts allowing drag performers to come into schools and have drag shows will be in big trouble with the parents. Parents and families would be allowed to sue the district for no less than $2,500 and no more than $10,000.

What Is the Culture War Happening?

Dixon has said that this proposal will help protect children while the culture war is happening. He is fighting to ensure that a drag queen does not step inside a classroom in any elementary school trying to confuse kids over what it means to be a man or a woman. He is also angry that Democratic-appointed DOJ personnel investigate parents for being outraged instead of investigating teachers for child grooming. To him, guys wearing dresses are not and never will be women. He does not want parents to fear protecting their kids from adults trying to force a view of sex the parents almost universally disagree with as a group. To Dixon, no school teacher should allow soft porn-style entertainment, especially when it’s a man in a dress wearing makeup seeking to groom impressionable school kids into these promoted lifestyles.

What Is the Democratic Party Saying?

However, the Democratic Party has a lot to say regarding this issue. Spokeswoman Rodericka Applewhaite said that she believes this will harm Michigan if passed. She thinks it will ruin the infrastructure, economy, reproductive freedom, and public schools. Also, when the press conference took place, there was an angered citizen on the steps that flipped off the Republican team and told them that they should be working to take away guns instead of attacking these perfectly normal drag queens who like to play with little children and share their sexy dance moves.

Except, R-Iron Mountain, Beau LaFave has said that there are videos of drag queens at drag shows twerking on children. This is inappropriate, so representatives are beginning to talk about what might happen if this were allowed in schools.

This Is a Discussion in Florida

Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis has said he is willing to get child protective services involved because of information from the videos of children being taken to drag shows. Videos surfaced of children dancing at a gay bar during drag queens’ performances in Texas. He spoke about how a lot of effort finally exposed rogue educators teaching minors inappropriate things like drag shows. The Governor has also said that this is child endangerment in his state. The overwhelming number of parents agree, which helps explain why so many families are fleeing California to Florida, Nevada, and Texas, where parents have far more rights to address this nationwide problem.

School Children Being “Dragged” To Gay Bars?

This conversation has come after another video was made public last week where an elementary school-aged child was taken to another gay bar for a pride drag show in Texas. This was called, ‘drag your kids to Pride.’ He has also spoken about how this might affect a child’s gender identity if they participate in drag queens’ performances.

Congressman Anthony Sabatini called for an emergency meeting to discuss if parents should be charged with a felony if they bring their child to a drag show for this obvious sexualization. He also pointed out that there have been advertisements for another drag queen show in West Palm Beach that is advertised at children. If this proposal were to happen, child protective services would be called, and the parent would be stripped of their parental rights while being charged with a felony. Critics protest he is a homophobe and that kids are supposed to go to gay bars.

To these protesters, parents should have no say, and Republicans are evil for not letting men dressed in drag be with little kids. As debates rage, parents are opting for homeschooling and pushing for private schools and tax credits (School vouchers) to defund the Democrat/SEIU-run educational establishment. Democrat leaders counter that these are all “fake issues” and “drag queens are fun” for little school children and “make everything better.” (Source, Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel.)

Children Being Encouraged to Put on a Drag Queen’s Panties?

Additionally, Sabatini’s biggest concern is letting children be children and for people to stop pushing their political agendas and other things down their throats. This has also been said because, in the footage that the Governor has seen, children were being encouraged to put money in the underwear of the drag queen. This has left a few people feeling uncomfortable with what they have seen. He believes that his office will be able to deal with this safety issue if it were to happen in Florida.

This has been supported by Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who believes that these shows should be made illegal for children. While the Florida Governor’s comments continue to be spoken about amongst the citizens, it is a topic of conversation that people are beginning to have. Greene has come forward and said that no federal-funded school should receive money if they are intentionally confusing children about their gender. They believe that exposing kids to these shows will continue the culture war that is raging on in America at this very moment.

What Are the Parental Rights in Education Law?

Two Republicans in Florida introduced HB 1557. This bill is aimed at helping parents be more involved in their child’s education and to help teachers distinguish between discussion and instruction. They do not want children to be instructed to go in a certain direction. This does not mean that teachers are discouraged from discussing topics in the classroom, but they are encouraged to have some children speak to their parents when certain issues arise.

They do not want school personnel or third parties to discuss sexual orientation or gender identity with children. However, the bill does not wish for children from kindergarten to grade three to be a part of these discussions, but it becomes a bit vaguer as they age. Once they go to grade four, teachers can speak about this topic to children, but they must be age appropriate for the child.

Additionally, it was added that parents should be notified if there is a change in their child’s behavior, like their mental, emotional, or physical health and well-being. This bill was approved in February by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. If teachers do not follow this new bill, then they can be sued by parents. However, after the bill was passed, Disney spoke up and made a comment condemning it and saying that it should have never been passed in the first place.

The company wants this law repealed or struck down in the courts. Disney also said that it would continue to fight to get this bill revoked and out of the government as soon as possible. However, this bill has been why DeSantis is now in the hot seat in Hollywood.

Many comedians like Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer came forward during the Oscars and mocked the government with their speeches. However, he did not let that phase him because he spoke about how the Liberals allow school-aged children to be sexualized since they are not saying anything against what is happening.

However, Disney employees got involved after the bill was passed because many staged walkouts at work. They believed that the CEO, Bob Chapek, was too slow to respond, so they began to leave work and protest in parks and the streets. There is a lot of footage online showing people visibly upset and disagreeing with the slow response from the CEO. This then pushed the CEO to come forward and support the employees that walked out of their jobs for this protest.

Americans Have Spoken

Even though there is a lot of discussion over this bill, every press conference, and what is happening in schools, many Americans have come forward in favor of the bill. There has been a poll sent out to Americans, and many came back in favor of the bill, which did not surprise people like R-Iron mountain but may surprise the employees of Disney.

Call Ehline Law Firm Today If Your Parental Rights Were Violated!

It’s doubtful California will do anything to address the concerns of outraged parents. But you never know. When new legislation has been passed, everyone must know how this can affect them. There are many instances where child protective statutes can be challenged in the courts, but the right lawyer must be hired to discuss this with parents.

Also, if children are hurt during a show that parents were not aware of, they should contact a team like Ehline Law Firm because they are always here to help during these confusing times.

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