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Can PG&E Be Held Accountable For The Butte Fire

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Can PG&E Be Held Accountable For The Butte Fire?

Third-party insurance protects policyholders from claims by other people as opposed to “first-party” insurance, which directly covers losses that the policyholder sustains. The most common types of third-party insurance in California are bodily injury car liability insurance, homeowner’s premises liability insurance, and medical malpractice insurance.

Fires are becoming progressively common in California, sometimes leading to burning injuries and fatalities. While some burn injuries heal up rapidly, serious burns will require concentrated, lifetime medical care and can result in drawbacks, including permanent scarring, disfigurement, and loss of human life.

If you or a loved family member have endured a terrible burn injury in a forest or house fire, turn to Ehline Law. Our highly experienced third-party fire insurance claims burn injury lawyers will work to assist you in obtaining the future medical treatment that you require and the settlement or verdict you deserve. Contact our highly-rated law offices today for a free consultation with a top attorney in California, or continue reading to learn more.

These coverage types protect a policyholder when another person gets injured as the result of the policyholder’s negligence.

What is “Third Party” Insurance?

Third-party insurance is a kind of liability insurance that a policyholder acquires as the “first party” from an insurance company, which is the “second party,” such as an auto insurance company.

The policy is between the first and second parties. The third-party insurance policy applies in instances when an outsider to the procedure (a third-party) accuses the first party of creating a loss to a third party.

What Is the Significance of Third-Party Insurance?

Third-party insurance is significant because it protects the insured policyholder against claims for damages and costs suffered by the uninsured who caused the harm, i.e., the claimant.

Essentially, it is a type of liability insurance because, in most cases, the insured party is liable for their damages or losses regardless of who caused them, and the third-party insurance protects against another party’s claims.

Recently, a major case of third-party liability claim is the Cal fire involving PG&E in Butte County. Several third-party liability claims began to spring up against them until they pleaded guilty.

Third-party insurance does not cover damages sustained directly by the insured as it only covers claims for damages suffered by a third party, not a party to the insurance arrangement.

Can PG&E be Held Accountable for the Butte Fire?

At a meeting with regulatory agencies, PG&E admitted it could bear some responsibility for the rapidly spreading fire in Butte County, which forced several sudden evacuations, burned through 274,139 acres, and destroyed 45 buildings.

While the company cannot get a prison or a jail term for the crime, they have to pay fines and settlements of claims under the state law, and they have to pay an estimated $4 million in fines, including the expenses related to the investigation of the District Attorney.

PG&E must also fund efforts to restore the water supply loss impacted by the loss of the Miocene Canal in Butte County that the wildfire destroyed for the next five years for the residents.

How Can a California Auto Liability Policy Protect You?

Third-party insurance entails the insurer defending and indemnifying policyholders in the event of covered claims, which implies that when a third party asserts a claim against the policyholder for a covered loss, the insurer must act in good faith and investigate the allegation promptly to ascertain who was at fault for the collision.

The insurer must also defend the policyholder (in court if required) and compensate claimants for damages (up to the policy limits) caused by a jury judgment or out-of-court settlement.

Third-Party Bad Faith in California

In California, third parties have minimal power to sue another person’s insurer for bad faith. This implies that even if the other party caused the accident and the insurance refuses to pay damages, the injured third party has no cause of action against the insurer for bad faith, as the insurer’s sole obligation is to the policyholder, not the other person.

Do you need legal assistance regarding a third-party claim? You deserve the best legal representation for your case. Reach out to us at our legal office in Los Angeles, CA, or other practice areas, and we will help you with a free case evaluation.

Suppose you have been burned, or lost property or a loved one. In that case, we can help you find justice by seeking an assignment of third-party rights to recover damages such as final medical costs, funeral expenses, and loss of moral and financial support.

Contact Our capable California Burn and Fire Injury Lawyers.

Although California law makes it difficult or impossible to sue a third party’s insurer, California sets standards for insurers for commonplace accidents arising from negligence. At Ehline Law, we are committed to holding insurers and their insured’s accountable for fire-related accidents resulting in death or severe burn injuries.

When you form an attorney-client relationship with us, you will have the solace of knowing that our experienced California accident lawyers are standing in your corner. We provide free case reviews, and you never pay any fees until we garner an award of compensation on your behalf. The faster you reach out to our law office and contact us, the sooner we’ll begin working for an overwhelming victory for fire accident claims.

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