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    Can the Families Sue for Gulf Freeway School Bus Crash in Galveston County?

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    Can the Families Sue for Gulf Freeway School Bus Crash in Galveston County?

Can the Families Sue for Gulf Freeway School Bus Crash in Galveston County?

On October 22, 2022, at around 11:30 AM, a major multi-vehicle Texas bus accident occurred involving three school buses on I-45 Gulf Freeway in Galveston County, leading to lane closures on the highway.

School Buses Crash into Each Other in a Chain Reaction Crash in Galveston County

Galveston Independent School District reported the incident stating that 22 students and one bus driver were immediately taken to a nearby hospital to tend to their non-life-threatening injuries.

According to the district, the students were heading to Delmar Stadium for the Ball High School football game. The school district informed their parents about the incident.

Following the incident, police and the Texas Department of Transportation released a statement stating that the incident occurred when one of the drivers hit the brakes to prevent hitting something on the road.

The accident resulted in a chain reaction crash. A police car smashed into the back of the bus, with the other two buses rear-ending the police car. There were no serious injuries to any students or the driver.

Bus accidents can lead to severe injuries and, sometimes, even wrongful death. In 2015, an HISD school bus fell from an overpass, leading to the death of two female students at the accident scene. The parents of one of the two students decided to sue for wrongful death.

Can the Families Sue for Gulf Freeway School Bus Crash in Galveston County?

If students suffer serious injuries, their families can decide to sue to recover compensation. However, it is important to identify the cause of the accident to determine the responsible party for the parents to file a claim.

A Government Entity Could Be Responsible

It could be a government entity responsible for the school bus crash. If there is a divider in the middle of the road, then it is the government department’s responsibility to ensure adequate road signs to let drivers know of the hazard on the road and avoid it.

Distracted Driving by the Bus Driver

Maybe the government department did put adequate signs on the road, but the school bus driver did not respond quickly enough to those signs. Perhaps, the school bus driver was distracted on the highway resulting in the multi-vehicle crash involving two other school buses.

Distracted driving is a serious negligence for which the parents can hold the school district responsible for the crash.

Lack of Supervision by School District

The distraction could’ve occurred from within the bus, with the students being rowdy, arguing, or maybe having a full-blown fight. Shouldn’t the district have teachers or other school representatives on the bus to control such incidents if that is the case?

In 2015, there was an incident where after an argument between students, a girl jumped outside the rear-end of the bus and got killed. If a teacher had been present, the death could’ve been preventable.

Defective Bus or Lack of Maintenance

The school bus could also be defective, and the driver saw the divider and tried to turn the bus but couldn’t because of jammed steering. Did the individual responsible for bus maintenance conduct regular maintenance?

There could be many situations leading to a multi-vehicle collision. The victim’s families need to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to help identify the cause of the accident and hold the responsible party accountable for the damages.

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