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Can You Push a Herniated Disc Back Into Place?

[Page Updated 06/03/2022] Made of several bones, the human spine, called the vertebrae, is essentially a long structure with smaller disc pieces one on top of the other; there are spaces between disc material and bones.

When you look into the areas between each of the individual vertebrae, you find a jelly-like substance, or nucleus pulposus, which is a “disc.”

These discs help to absorb shock, and every one of them has an external layer and an interior, which is soft and flexible. As we age, degeneration occurs, and the spinal discs around the vertebrae can become less flexible, provide less absorption, causing pain, and ultimately, more prone to injuries.

Chronic neck pain and tenderness in the damaged area is the most common indicator of a problem. If you have a herniated disc or a slipped disc that is caused by an accident, we can help.

Can You Push a Herniated Disc Back into Place?

  • What Causes Herniated Discs?
  • What Caused Your Disc to Herniate?
  • Can You Pop a Herniated Disc Back into Place?
  • Can You Massage a Slipped Disc?
  • Does a Herniated Disc Hurt When You Push on It?
  • Other Symptoms that Can Be a Sign of Bulging Discs
  • What Are Your Treatment Options?
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What Causes Herniated Discs?

When you fall, pick up a heavy object, or experience a heavy strain that affects your vertebrae, these discs can rupture.

In this situation, the nucleus can break through and cause pressure on the nerves around your spinal cord, which is herniation, or a bulge, of the disc in the spine. People who experience a herniated disc, a slipped disc, or a bulge, often experience debilitating symptoms. These horrific symptoms might include back pain, shoulder pain, and neck stiffness.

And this is normal, anytime your nerve root is affected. It might occur when lifting objects, when bending forward, or when sitting there. A common indicator of a disc problem is determining when the pain started, if there was a pain in the spine, or when you bend or exercise, you experience discomfort. Age causes degeneration, too.

Herniated discs can herniate in any direction including forward, centrally, backward, or sideways. Sometimes back pain doesn’t mean disc herniation, as it can be a symptom of a muscle strain or simply poor posture.

While most of these bulging discs can heal with non-invasive methods, some of them require surgical intervention. When a bulging disc occurs, you want to be pain-free.

What Caused Your Disc to Herniate?

Disc herniation can be the result of fall or heavy strain. The nucleus puts pressure on the affected nerve located in the spine and causes back pain. Some of the most common things that cause this situation are vehicle accidents and lifting heavy objects.

The older and less active you are, the higher the risk of spinal disc damages. If you suffer from a disc bulge or several bulging discs, you might need special treatment to release pressure, which may include surgery.

Can You Pop a Herniated Disc Back into Place?

Sometimes you can pop a slipped disc back into place thinking that helping release pressure is the first step. However, pushing slipped discs back is very difficult to do it manually.

Trying to push a disc back into place on your own can make your issue much worse and cause damages that are undeniably going to require surgery. Instead of risking more intense lower back pain or issues with the spinal canal, contact a doctor or physician to help put the disc back into place.

Can You Massage a Slipped Disc?

Some people try to massage spinal discs and hope that this is going to reduce pain and ease other symptoms that come with a bulging disc. However, the treatment of the disc’s damages should be performed by an experienced doctor or physician.

A spinal doctor can prepare a program for you to help you deal with pain. Physical therapy often starts with passive treatments. After that, patients are moved to active treatments that can improve lower back pain, reduce nerve pressure on the spinal cord, strengthen back muscles, and prevent similar spinal injuries in the future.

At the primary stage of treatment, your physician is going to use pressure to adjust your discs. One of the methods of healing low back pain and disc problems is deep tissue massages. They can release the tension in muscle groups and reduce spams and pain very effectively.

After that, your physical therapist can speak to what type of exercises you might need to build your muscular strength and get back to normal faster.

Does a Herniated Disc Hurt When You Push on It?

If you suffer from herniation of discs, you can have a large bulge. The pressure can trigger pain and other unpleasant symptoms. While pain is common, herniated discs don’t always hurt. There is even a possibility that you have a herniated disc and don’t even know about it. Note that the pain appears only if discs push on the nerves of the spine.

Other Symptoms that Can Be a Sign of Bulging Discs

The pain that accompanies injured discs feels like an electric shock passing through the body. However, back pain is not the only physical symptom that might suggest that something is wrong with your discs.

Some people feel discomfort in the lumbar area but it is not very intense. Another thing that can indicate back issues is a sensation of cold that can run in one of the sides of your low back, through the leg, to the foot.

If a nerve in your spinal column is affected, it can send haphazard information through your body to the brain and cause numbness. In the case of a herniated disc, hand numbness is not uncommon. The disc rupture is the source of all such occurrences.

Another effect of severe compression on your spine is pressure in your leg. Lumbar problems, including a bulging disc, can make people feel imbalanced and weak.

These signs sent by spinal nerves often appear among runners. It’s important to not ignore them and not mistake spinal problems for natural exertion that appears with an intense workout.

If your herniated discs are located in the lower back, they can press the sciatic nerve specifically. In this situation, pain radiates through the whole leg, including your foot. You can even lose feeling in this part of your body.

If you feel pain while laughing, especially in your low back, you might need to verify the state of your disc. When you cough, sneeze or laugh, it places pressure on your abdominal wall muscles. This bulging disc can affect your nerves and back, especially since it is often accompanied by tremendous pain.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

Even though a herniated disc cause pain and discomfort, it can heal thanks to several treatment options. The good news is that most disc problems can be fixed without surgery using treatments like epidural steroid injections, sports medicine, physical therapy, or chiropractic treatment.

A torn disc heals pretty slowly. However, the pain and inflammation caused by an injured disc can often go away pretty quickly without surgery with good spine treatment options


One treatment option includes injections in the disc or spine. This treatment usually fixes the disc issue within a few days, and people feel better at that point without surgery or x-ray.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is another treatment. Weak muscles can be improved, and spine exercises can be done. A doctor can help address a number of things including nerve damage, improved muscle strength, and more issues of the spine.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is very common for a bulging disc or disc discomfort, during which patients can expect almost immediate relief from the disc pain without surgery. Patients who experience chiropractic treatment often say that after a first meeting they feel more relaxed.

After a physical exam, or possibly x rays to determine what is causing disc pain, the chiropractor treats the disc and spine, which brings much comfort to the person.

Physical Therapy

You need a strong musculature to help prevent a disc herniation situation. For example, the normal way to strengthen your back is by exercising. Some particular special extension exercises even relieve disc pain and support the proper working of your bones and joints. This is why chiropractors often recommend them to their patients.

Some of the most common exercises that can help to relieve pain from an injured disc are extension exercises. They should be performed slowly and under control. You can achieve the best result by contacting an experienced individual who can support you with a space where you can practice with professional supervision of the whole process.

Pain Relievers

If all of the natural methods failed you, reach for painkillers in form of pills or injections. Remember that surgical intervention is the last solution. Most people can easily avoid it if they visit a health facility promptly.

If a chiropractor notices that your spinal tissue is severely damaged, they can suggest you seeking surgical help. When you visit a health center, you can consult a surgeon and talk about possibilities that can relieve your pain.

Call the Best Los Angeles Spinal Cord Injury Attorney and Say Goodbye to Your Pain

Even if the pain from a bulging disc is not the most crippling in the world, you don’t deserve to be dealing with that kind of agony.

A herniated disc is a serious problem that, if untreated, can lead to severe health issues. This is why you should call a specialist as soon as possible. We know that after an accident, you might be thinking of the various expenses you may face. However, you should not need to put off taking care of your spinal health.

Our experts can connect you with leading health professionals that can help you with the right diagnosis and proper treatment. Your spinal condition may be caused by someone else’s negligence. It’s not a soft blow to be dealt and it’s not fair to you either.

Even if you cannot afford treatment at first you deserve help. The good news is that we can arrange medical lien basis care for you. That means that in beginning, you don’t have to pay anything for the treatment. Your medical expenses are going to be paid from the settlement that you are going to receive at the end of your case once you let us handle the legal side.

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