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    Did My Car Accident Cause My Aneurysm/TBI?

Did My Car Accident Cause My Aneurysm/TBI?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most severe injuries from a car accident. Diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury is difficult, especially in the early stages. Symptoms of TBI tend to manifest after a few days, and in mild cases, symptoms are often misdiagnosed by medical professionals. Rare conditions such as intracranial aneurysms can develop after a severe external blow to the head.

It is a severe but treatable condition where blood flow accumulates in a blood vessel, causing intracranial pressure and leading to specific medical concerns. The nature of a TBI makes it difficult to recover compensation without solid evidence of an expert opinion and a link between the TBI, the accident your persistent lethargy.

Did You Get an Injury to the Brain Resulting in a TBI Following a Car Accident?

Whether a car accident or a sports injury, our brain injury attorneys at Ehline Law have in-depth knowledge and substantial experience to help clients in a car accident recover compensation. We are experts in epidural hematoma litigation and cases of cerebrospinal fluid physical medicine claims. We can help you locate a top medical professional for your subdural hematoma and money to cover your emergency room visits after the slightest warning signs of nerve damage to the brain to get it diagnosed early and treated to increase awareness by the insurance company and others responsible for covering your damages.

Aneurysms from Car Accidents

A brain aneurysm, also known by many names such as cerebral aneurysms, peripheral aneurysms, and more, is the ballooning of weak arteries due to a blood clot. Due to injuries from a car accident, blood pressure forces these blood vessels to balloon as more blood starts to accumulate in them. These types of injuries occur without any signs or symptoms, leaving victims in the shadow of their condition. Aneurysms are dangerous if untreated as these bulging arteries can press against other organs or parts, causing ruptures and leading to hemorrhages and reduced brain function.

Cerebral aneurysms are the most talked about aneurysms since they can often lead to subarachnoid hemorrhage upon rupturing. According to the Brain Injury Association, one-third of the patients suffering from subarachnoid hemorrhage die, while another one-third of the patients survive with some form of disability.

Patients with a ruptured aneurysm will immediately feel the following symptoms:

  • Severe headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting
  • Neck pain.

Although ruptured aneurysms may be too late, there are different types of treatments and therapies created by professional physical and occupational therapists to limit the damage. Whether you have head injuries or brain damage from sports injuries, tests help confirm your condition. These tests include a CT scan, a CTA scan, an MRA, and a cerebral angiogram. It is essential to undergo a medical examination soon after your accident, even if you don’t have any signs of external injuries.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injury

Primary and Secondary Injuries

The two types of injuries that result from an accident are primary and secondary. In the case of a brain injury, a direct injury occurs at the time of the accident. In contrast, secondary damage happens due to changes in the brain following the accident (it can take days to appear).

Two Types of TBI

Following a vehicle accident, a victim can face two different types of traumatic brain injuries, which are:

  • Focal injuries: Typically found in the temporal lobes and the front of the brain, focal injuries can also occur in any part of the brain. Medical professionals use CT scans to determine the types of injuries they sustain. However, they may not appear on the scan immediately after an accident.
  • Diffuse injuries: Also known as diffuse axonal injury, it is a widespread injury that damages the brain’s white matter.

TBI is also classified according to severity, such as mild or severe TBI. A mild TBI is a mild head injury due to an external blow to the head. For example, a concussion is a mild TBI, while a traumatic cerebral aneurysm is a severe brain injury.

How Common Are Brain Injuries from Car Accidents?

In the United States, there are more than 1.7 million cases (isolated injuries and other types of injuries combined) of TBI annually. According to the CDC, more than 35% of TBI cases are due to falls and slips, while car accidents account for 17% of the cases annually.

A TBI occurs due to an external, violent blow to the head or penetration of the brain. Most TBI cases are due to violent blasts or strong jerking movements that can shake the brain inside the skull. These are very common in car accidents, thus increasing the chances of a victim experiencing a traumatic brain injury.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, most of the TBI cases in the United States are mild TBI cases where victims experience mild concussions that get better with time. However, 15% of the TBI cases are severe, requiring immediate medical care for the at-risk patient. For example, a skull fracture is a common injury in severe car accidents.

Head Injury and Types of Car Accidents

An accident while inside a vehicle can cause the victim to violently hit the steering wheel, dashboard, or any other object inside the car due to the force. A typical head injury or neck injury from car accidents is whiplash, which happens due to a quick and forceful jerk to the head or neck. A severe accident can cause a whiplash injury to force the brain to hit the inside of the skull, causing a mild case of TBI.

As mentioned, a mild TBI is difficult to diagnose. It is important to head for a medical evaluation and keep track of your symptoms following the accident. Worsening symptoms are a sign that you need immediate medical treatment since this can lead to further complications, including damage to nerve cells or brain tissue. Remember, you don’t want nerve cell damage or other injuries by prolonging your medical treatment. This can affect the entire body.

The type of motor vehicle accident you have will determine the brain injury you receive from the accident. A side-impact collision will cause more devastating brain injuries than getting your car hit from the front or the back. Lacerations and skull fractures can occur if the car crash victim hits their head on the side window during an impact. Sharp and foreign objects can penetrate the brain, causing life-threatening injuries that require medical help.

Severe TBI is a severe head injury that can have lifelong consequences. Even with proper treatment and regular visits to a physical therapist, there are chances that the patient never fully recovers from the injury, resulting in disabilities and a loss of quality of life.

Had a TBI from a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Most TBI survivors have to pay around $900,000 for the damage from their moderate TBI. However, patients facing severe brain injuries incur more than $3 million throughout their lifetime. This doesn’t even include indirect, social, and more costs! But don’t worry; our attorneys have the right experience to help you deal with your head trauma and recover the most compensation you need for your loss.

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