Sep 27, 2020

Dealing With the Tragedy of Backing Over a Kid

Child backing out accidentDid You Or Someone You Love Get Run Over When A Car Was Backing Up? We Can Help!

Child back over accidents are, no doubt, some of the most tragic accidents that take place almost daily. A backover accident is defined as a car crash when an automobile is traveling in reverse gear. And one thing our Los Angeles car accident attorneys know is that one of the main parties in the accident is a small child. A responsible vehicle driver reversing from their driveway cannot expect a child to act intelligent and wise when they are outside playing or riding their big wheel.

So a car operator backing out of their driveway on a residential street, for example, needs to be on the lookout for animals, kids, and other objects that are naturally out of plain sight. And you can't just rely on your car's video monitor or "back up" camera. Sadly, most governments of the world have not paid much attention to these accidents. However, the recent efforts of some good people have resulted in governments taking notice of these accidents and doing something about them.

These Accidents Are Common And Shocking

You would be surprised to know that most of the child back over accidents involve family members, i.e. the driver and the child who gets hit are relatives. And this makes sense due to the fact that most of these vents happen at residential driveways. Although these accidents remain uncommon on public roads, they are common in locations like parks, fast food eateries, and school zones where small children are usually found in abundance. As noted, residential zones are the greatest hot zone for a kid getting backed over.

And news reports online abound with stories of children being backed over at the end of driveways of homes and near their garages. Did you know that every week around 50 children get run over by cars backing up over in the United States alone?

Most of these incidents take place with large-sized vehicles, i.e. SUVs and pickup trucks. But just because your passenger vehicle or sports car is lower to the ground, does not mean you can always see a child at or near your reverse path. Even if you do maintain clear reverse vision, a small child can dart behind you from any neighboring yard or sidewalk. So if you think such accidents can be easily avoided just by a rearview mirror or camera monitoring system, you are definitely mistaken.

First of all, when such accidents take place, often the child is standing or crawling around in the so-called "blind zone" of the backing vehicle. The blind zone of a vehicle is an area that a driver cannot see while sitting behind the steering unless he is getting some digital help or is checking constantly by leaning out of the vehicle.

Another thing that breaks the heart about these hundreds of accidents taking place every month in the US is that most of the children who get hit by backing over cars are below the age of 1. Even when you are alertly checking around, there is a chance you might miss the child in the blind zone.

Here are a few ideas for drivers to keep children safe when cars are backing out of parking stalls, driveways, and other places where small children are present.

  • Do Not Call It A Blind Spot

We are often in the habit of calling the area behind our vehicle, a "blind spot." However, this is not the right word you should use for such a large area that cannot be seen by the driver. This is really a large blind zone. So that is a better choice of word strings to use. What this means is that you wise if you are checking for your child in certain large blind spots, prior to even entering your car and going in reverse. Take some time to see if a child it playing behind your tire before getting in your car, for example. Moreover, make sure that the entire region around your car is free of your child.

If you can take help from someone around you to confirm that there is no one behind the car, even better. But even forklift drivers can't always get a spotter. So use common sense and exercise your own system to keep from harming or killing a child near you.

  • There Is A Law To Prevent This Incident

The Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act has really made inroads into helping the children win big. According to the new standards, a certain level of visibility has to be maintained in all vehicles starting from 2014. Vehicles that are being manufactured after the passing of this new standard are following it, but we still cannot say for sure that this is enough to prevent such a tragic incident even in newer cars. And as noted, it could create an overreliance on sensors and cameras that are not foolproof.

California Vehicle Code Section 22106 states that no driver can move a stopped vehicle in a car park, driveway, or on a highway unless he has made sure of reasonable safety. The law is in place but laws don’t stand on people’s heads and tell them what’s about to happen. So it is up to people like you to spread the word and to lobby your local, state, and federal political representatives, as well as family and neighbors. We expect people to be alert at all times while getting in their vehicles, but we can never give a 100% guaranty they will be able to avoid the accident or not. All we can do is lessen the odds with education.

  • Final Words

A child would blindly run after his mother or father when he or she is young. Kids just want their parents and want to go with them no matter where they are going. Moreover, small kids will not always inform you of their presence at times. And sometimes you might be lost in thoughts enough to not know about their presence. Even if you are checking constantly, you must understand that these incidents take place within seconds. Therefore, even the slightest distraction can result in a child back over an accident.

Furthermore, you can’t expect the child to act wisely in this situation because the child thinks you can see him because he can see you. First, parents should be extremely careful when they are getting into their vehicles. They should check alertly that there is no child in the vicinity. A child standing in front of the car can move behind the car within seconds and you would not know about it.

Install rearview cameras in your vehicles as soon as possible. They are not costly and not only can they help you in reversing your car but avoiding such accidents that could become a constant regret of your life. Drive safely and spread the great words to anyone and everyone you know. Do you have any tips? Put that in the comments. And if you need help after suffering the loss of a small child, or severe injury to your baby in a reverse back up accident, Ehline Law wants to listen to you.

Tell us about your grief and how it has affected you as we try and come up with legal theory to pay for all of your troubles and financial struggles since the loss. A brave, honorable, and talented personal injury lawyer is standing by right now to consult and console you. Most of all, Ehline has won millions of dollars and gained international notoriety as a passionate advocate.

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