Jan 5, 2019

What are Some Causes of Poor Los Angeles Road Conditions?

Mapping the bad roads
Topical map of L.A. roads.

Law enforcement treats single car accidents with suspicion. It makes sense, as cops get so used to taking Traffic Collision Reports from victims with two sides of a story. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys know how cynical law enforcement can be in situations like this.

Many police assume intoxication, and treat the case as a criminal investigation against the driver.

Taking a Look at the Headache of L.A. Roads

The reality is there are cities in Los Angeles and its connected locales with bad roads that can kill or maim vehicle occupants and bystanders. The condition of the streets in and around Los Angeles is a topic of constant conversation in the news, especially when it rains, or there is a flood.

Taking a look at any of the roads of the city can cause a headache. Also, this is especially true if you have to drive them daily. There's a reason that many people were traveling through Southern California attempt to avoid the city altogether. Most of all, drivers are concerned about avoiding constant heavy traffic.

  • LA Times Interactive Map

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting interactive map to look at the road conditions across the city. The plan also allows users to see the conditions by road, by district, and by neighborhood. You can see how some of the worst roads are in some of the seemingly obvious places, including Hollywood Hills and Silver Lake. The high number of poor roads is unmistakable for commuters and pedestrians.

  • Our Roads are Among the Poorest in the Country

Two years ago, LA area roads were rated the worst in the country, with the neighboring Valley town of Glendale beating Rhode Island with having the most terrible drivers (check it out here.) A Los Angeles Times article shows just a portion of the street and highway conditions that are of concern.

The combination of bad drivers nearby and torn up roads can be costly to taxpayers and commuters. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Washington DC-based research group TRIP, the conditions, including potholes and other issues cost each driver over $800 per year.

Almost 9,000 Miles of LA Roads Get a C-Minus Grade?

After a recent federal highway rating system had got put in place, LA's 8,700 miles of roads ranked a poor C-minus, while a quarter of roads received an F. Furthermore, officials loudly proclaim that there is a sixty-year backlog of urgently needed repairs, and almost two-thirds of the roads in the city are in bad condition, but commerce is a significant factor in slowing the repairs (view source.)

  • Lawyers Can Help Compensate Victims Hurt on Bad Roads

The shape of the roads that you and your family rely on every day is of the highest concern. If you were the victim of an accident due to negligence from Caltrans or LA DOT, contact an attorney immediately. Furthermore, they are under an obligation to keep the public safe and the roads well maintained. Let's make sure that they do.