Jan 3, 2019

How To Make Crosswalks Safer

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We cannot take our children's safety too dangerous. Many schools have undertaken significant steps to ensure security inside and outside of the children's school buildings. However, specific steps can be taken to help keep students safer. Parents and those involved in school districts can take part in such an effort.

Easy Steps Schools Can Take to Make Street Crossing Safer

For example, there are several steps that you can choose. As a result, safety can increase near and in school crossing zones. At times the reduced speed limit near the zones isn't enough. But proper police enforcement is a valuable component. Implementation helps ensure that school zone speed problems stay reduced.

The school can also contribute to reducing this through the use of radar control signs. These visible signs are noticed faster by drivers. These signs, if equipped with cameras, provide speeding warning protection. Also, signs and cameras further reduce instances of speeding when used together.

  • Lobbying Caltrans?

Furthermore, the school can work with parents in lobbying Caltrans. For example, they can fight to improve signage and lighting near the zones. Safety will increase by placing reduced speed signs in proper and visible spaces. They should be set approaching either side of the crosswalk. Also, bright lights on the crosswalk can improve the situation.

For example, as the sun sets they light up with a solar panel and battery. So aside from maintenance issues, these lights work all the time. This battery also helps if a blackout happens. Flashing lights can also alert drivers of the school crossing zone. That gives them a greater area in which to slow their vehicle.

  • Does Direct Parental Action Remains Vital?

Parents can also work with the school. For example, they can volunteer to help students cross the street. Presentations can help teach students proper crossing etiquette. And this can make them mindful of their surroundings.

These life lessons will stick with these young people for a long time. Also, it will make them safer in many situations. Furthermore, volunteers can become walking school bus volunteers. In fact, volunteers make sure that students can get back and forth from school safe.

In conclusion, adult pedestrians and children get in way too many fatal accidents. Due to the fragile nature of kids' bodies, they need protection. Collision avoidance is the best way to protect from severe harm or death. Help take these important steps to help the future generation.


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