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Christian Math Teacher Wins Case After Refusing to Lie To Parents About Transgender Kids

What Would You Do in This Situation?

Christian Math Teacher Wins Case After Refusing to Lie To Parents About Transgender Kids
Christian Math Teacher Wins Case After Refusing to Lie To Parents About Transgender Kids

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Teachers Being Fired for Refusing to Deceive Parents? Every school district has rules when it comes to gender identity. It has become a hot topic that has divided the nation, but people must continue to be honest with themselves and others.

That’s what one Kansas teacher did, which is why she has won $95,000 against the Geary County School District.

What Happened with the Geary County School District for a Lawsuit to Take Place?

Pamela Ricard was in a legal battle because she was stilling to her deeply held religious beliefs. Administrators tried to force her to lie to the parents of a student’s gender identity. School administrators wanted Ricard to use the student’s preferred pronouns while in class but to avoid those terms when speaking to their parents.

Ricard began to think about how to not willfully deceive parents or engage in what the Geary County school district wanted her to do. Back in 2021, Ricard was reprimanded and suspended at Fort Riley Middle School. This was because she used the student’s legal name and pronouns. However, she used them during a parent-teacher conference and was in trouble after that.

Another incident occurred when Ricard used a student’s legal name instead of their preferred name. School administrators heard about this and sent an email to all the teachers saying that once someone has learned that a student has a preferred name different from their legal name, all teachers should use it immediately. However, Ricard did not like that the team wanted to force teachers to do this.

Deeply Held Religious Beliefs Won

The school district agreed to settle with Ricard on Wednesday, which is the Geary County district school board rescinded the lawsuit. Ricard and her team already believed they would win if they went to court because her beliefs are a part of the constitutionally protected freedom amendment. She worked with Alliance Defending Freedom. Tyson Langhofer said that school districts should never force teachers to willfully deceive parents. Also, they should never be told not to follow their own religious beliefs.

The team was pleased to settle this case in favor of Ricard, and they hope this will encourage school districts around the country to continue supporting and protecting teachers’ freedom. Also, every school district should encourage teachers to be honest with students and teachers.

School administrators at Fort Riley Middle School are being reprimanded and told that they cannot force teachers to lie to parents about a student’s gender identity.

How Are Other Groups Reacting to What Happened at Fort Riley Middle School?

Many LGBTQ organizations have come forward to speak about the case. Also, many medical associations are a part of these talks. Both say that ignoring or misgendering a child with their preferred names is dangerous and detrimental.

Charities supporting transgender children have come forward to discuss the research done to help protect transgender and nonbinary students. Research has found that using a child’s preferred name and pronouns will lead to better health and well-being.

Transgender and the Media

Another thing that will encourage school districts to change policies and force teachers to do what members think is right is the media. If someone were to look at Getty Images of transgender characters or people, they would be met with many. An example would be the show Sense8 on Netflix, where a transgender person wrote a transgender woman character.

This led to Transgender Dysphoria Blues, an album to discuss the hard line between identity and ideology. Grace, a band member, came out as transgender before writing this album back in 2014, and they put a lot of heart and soul into it. However, it is interesting that they are speaking about their own experience. They are not pushing their ideals onto other people.

Another example would be Josie Totah, who is one of the youngest transgender performers and was on Disney Channel. Many teachers are worried that this push of having transgender people all over the media will lead to gender dysphoria among teens. With a mix of media and harmful teaching practices, students are told to pick their gender depending on their feelings.

Recently, a California mother was upset with the Spreckles Union School District board because she found out that teachers were coaching her daughter on how to become a boy and helped her pick a name. Also, this was all going to be kept secret from the family.

School boards up and down the country are bringing in books, movies, and shows talking about transgender youth. Many parents are worried that this will harm their children, and many teachers who wish not to be outed to SEIU union bosses think the same. However, when a unionized district school board decides that these different forms of media should be brought into schools and shown to children, then it is very hard to get this taken away.

School Districts Should Consider Other Religions

Many Christian and Jewish parents have been outspoken when it comes to what schools are bringing in. A young person’s gender leads to many things in life, and parents understand this, which is why they are not against transgender people. Instead, they want school boards to be conscious about what is being shown to their children.

Also, it has been a topic of conversation that public schools should not be taking any religious sides, but should this also go with gender ideology? Well, many parents and teachers like Ricard think that gender ideologies shouldn’t be brought into schools since religion is not. This is only a fair stance from those trying to be respectful of their own beliefs and what people want to do in the privacy of their homes.

It has not been unusual to hear that some schools are also helping children hide their preferred names, pronouns, and possible medication from parents. This has put a lot of teachers in an uncomfortable position since they need to navigate these new waters alone. Even though many people believe that a student’s gender identity should be kept private, that does not mean that every teacher should hide this information from parents.

Would Ricard Agree With Other People?

Many professionals have come forward since the Geary District School board rescinded the lawsuit that supports Ricard. Interestingly, some people have talked about how teachers don’t need to accommodate transgender students.

In Indiana, Virginia, and Ohio, other teachers have not used a student’s preferred name because it does not follow their own beliefs. This leads to an interesting question that should be asked, whose rights take precedence? Many of the teachers in these states who have been reprimanded have said they needed to choose whether they wanted to keep their job or act in a way that conflicted with their religious views.

Alliance Defending Freedom has helped all of these teachers with their cases. This is because this Christian legal group was made to help bring religious freedom back to people who would have a hard time doing it themselves. Tyson Langhofer has said that people should not need to contradict their core beliefs to keep a job.

This goes against the country supporting the constitutionally protected freedom of teachers. Many people feel the same as Langhofer, but they may not know how to protect themselves. That is why they should seek legal aid when they need it.

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