Jul 14, 2020

Are People with O Type Blood More Resistant to the Coronavirus?

Prelim Studies Point to Yes.

COVID-19There is finally a little bit of good news in the fight against Coronavirus. While it's not a total victory against COVID, it is a step in the right direction. It's also a means that science can use in the search for an effective cure or vaccine. The evidence is far from complete yet. Many more studies are needed before a firm conclusion is found. This is especially important considering the back and forth we've seen on different drugs and treatments against the disease. However, a clear trend emerged. Furthermore, the info may save the lives of those more vulnerable to the disease.

Understanding Blood Types.

The evidence is relatively straightforward. It appears that people with type O blood are more resistant to getting the Coronavirus. This is good news on several fronts. First, it means that at least part of the population has some sort of pre-built immunity to the disease. Secondly, the O blood type is the universal donor. This means that if blood is needed, the O type donors can donate with less risk for the patient.

In addition, if Corona antibody treatment picks up, the O type blood can be given to anyone. Remember from 10th and 11th-grade science? There are several types of human blood. This includes A, B, AB, and O. O is the universal donor. It also provides important info for researchers against the virus. The evidence appears to be supported by research studies out of China, Italy, and Spain.

Furthermore, info from the popular genetics company 23andMe also supports the assertion. According to their research, people with the O blood type are 9-18 less likely to have the disease. The research conducted overseas also supports the claim.

The Search for a COVID-19 Cure.

Since there is no true "cure" for a virus, perhaps this is a valuable step along the path of a vaccine. Since similar diseases afforded science a vaccine, this understanding of how it interacts with the human body may be key. It may also allow for some medical professionals to work with Corona positive cases with less risk as they spike in Los Angeles. Either way, we'll be following the story. For more info, keep your eyes here. Feel free to email me anytime at michael@ehlinelaw.com.

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