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The Costly Price of Traumatic Brain Injuries on Society and our Loved Ones


The Costly Price of Traumatic Brain Injuries on Society and our Loved Ones

The Costly Price of Traumatic Brain Injuries on <br>Society and our Loved Ones
When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, TBI, their life may change dramatically regarding how they return to work and continue to live. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, Oxford University Press, and Northwestern University, among others, tens of thousands of dollars are spent on physical and emotional recovery after suffering a closed head injury.

Costs for rehabilitation, surgery and 24-hour care remain just a minor portion of the common challenge that victims and their family members confront over injury-related deaths. The most common cause of TBI is falling injuries. (Slip, trip, and fall cases).

Initial findings at the emergency room can change as your body reacts to the head impact or jarring during an accident. A mild brain accident may have estimated long-term implications on one’s health problems and office life, making even simple tasks challenging.

Most people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries require medical assistance and emotional support for their health problems.

Any severe brain injury comes with direct and indirect costs. Direct medical costs are tangible, whereas indirect costs from your pain and suffering are indirect costs.

To decipher the amounts for your mild traumatic brain injury or other brain complications, our brain injury association of attorneys, doctors, and paralegals will help to build your case with accuracy.

Whether it’s a moderate brain injury or a severe one with a permanent disability, further injury prevention and stabilization are part of our goal.

Here is some important information linked to the expensive costs of catastrophic, traumatic brain injuries and how an effective case may lead to assistance regarding this type of subject matter. In the end, we will provide some bonus information to help you understand your head injury legal rights.

Understanding a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a traumatic brain injury, TBI, is a significant injury that is frequently caused by a serious accident, assault, or attack. Common causes of such injuries include high-risk contact sports like the NFL, gunshot wounds, and even throwing a child up and down during play (shaken baby syndrome).

Hence, there are not many prevention tactics available other than taking risk-averse actions to reduce the incidence rate. Of course, car, bicycle brain-related, and motorcycle accidents are major causes of severe TBIs, which we will examine below.

There are two types of diagnosis outcomes to list, namely:

Open Injuries and TBI Patients

An object that fractures the skull and penetrates the brain can easily result in open head or brain injuries. Motor vehicle accidents with flying objects like handheld phones and laptop computers flying around the cab or smacking your head on the window glass are enough to damage brain tissue inside the skull. These are also referred to as penetrating injuries.

A broken-off part of a vehicle from a car crash or even the skull itself may be the item that causes penetration. When a person’s skull fractures, a piece of the broken skull frequently reaches the individual’s brain, affects their ability to function, and changes the way they live for several months or years.

This may result in significant brain damage, requiring extensive medical care rehabilitation services, acute care, or leading to a wrongful death action. (For example, rehabilitation research may call for vocational rehabilitation if magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows an increased risk of cognitive problems after bad motor vehicle crashes or falling incidents with elders).

Closed Head Injuries

Closed head injuries, contrary to open ones, do not entail an item reaching the brain. But such injuries may require rehabilitation programs to retrain your muscle memory as your brain tries to heal itself. According to the World Health Organization, they may still be quite serious and cause pain in older adults or young individuals under 16. A jolt or blow to the skull or abrupt motions that smash the brain cause a closed head injury. A concussion is a good example of this.

Who do TBIs Affect?

Each year, over a million people in the U.S. record a traumatic brain injury, with many more estimates going undetected. Males between the age of 14 and 25 are the most vulnerable to TBIs, owing to their proclivity for taking increased risks. TBIs are more common in younger children and elderly individuals, who are more prone to damage after a fall.

A TBI, on the other hand, can happen to anyone, so prevention and control are impossible. Traumatic brain injury outcomes may result from various events, including falls, sports injuries, and car accidents.

The Severity and Medical Costs Associated with TBIs

Since the healing time frame for a moderate or severe TBI is complex and sometimes impossible to anticipate, it is tough to determine the cost of the brain injury.

A severe concussion might induce headaches for approximately weeks before returning to normal a month later for one victim. At the same time, a similar injury could bring memory loss and mood problems.

Confusion will also come for many traumatic brain injury victims. This could get linked by doctors to the victim losing their office job, divorcing, or losing state/federal custody of any children.

You cannot put a monetary value on topics such as the deaths of others or a person who has to fight for their life. But sadly, head injury cases involving torts only allow money as compensation to cover their new physical disabilities.

Individuals handling a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury may require expensive ongoing treatment to aid their rehab services. A mild or severe TBI has a significant incidence, economic burden, and societal impact on the person’s and family’s lives. However, a moderate or severe TBI would cost about $76.5 billion throughout a person’s life, including direct and indirect medical costs for Americans.

TBI Wrongful Death?

Furthermore, fatal TBIs that necessitate hospitalization account for over 90% of all TBI costs. The implementation by care providers of rehabilitation programs usually remains expensive to help patients get back on their feet. But treatment is not a cure for many brain injury victims.

Scores of brain injury experts believe public education to reduce violence and recklessness, beginning at the grade school level through college, will serve the public best to lower costs.

The Cost of a Moderate or Severe TBI on Society

Approximately 5.3 million Americans (2% of the U.S. population) live with brain injury-related disabilities. Men remain far more likely (2 times more) than females to suffer a TBI. And TBI is more common among adolescents (ages 15–24) and elderly adults (ages 75 and older).

Brain injuries can be classified under the International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities, and Handicaps (ICIDH-2) model of social functioning and disability 15. This level redefines disability and handicap as behavioral problems over an inability to perform regular “activities” or engage in prior/normal event “participation.” (Think social services will now be needed for things like in-home nursing care, etc.)

Health statistics show there are 57,000 TBI-related deaths or cases each year from a traumatic brain injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta(G.A.) and National Center for Injury Prevention and Control; The number and types of TBIs affect 30% of all injury-related deaths; 5 million persons visit the emergency department for TBIs each year; 288,000 patients get hospitalized for dealing with a moderate or severe TBI each year leading to additional lost productivity and income. Even the best outcomes won’t always come with complete recovery to normal daily activities.

Brain Injuries $76 Billion Price?

According to research, including CDC estimates, lost productivity and control, lost wages and medical costs from brain damage constitute $76.5 billion annually. On the other hand, society continues to advance while maintaining its schedule, absorbing the many factors associated with higher-risk activities.

These new risks include negligently operating motor vehicles, a leading cause of brain injuries and death. The victim suffers a far greater physical, financial, emotional, and psychological burden throughout their lifetime.

Other Traumatic Brain Injury Public Benefits?

Sometimes victims may be entitled to public disability benefits, including supplemental security income, due to questionable mental status or some contributing factor causing a long-term disability causing a cognitive function-related economic burden. However, this serves to increase the annual cost the TBI patient has on to the taxpayer.

  • The costs of C.T. ScansComputed tomography alone are enough to financially turn a mild TBI case into a complete loss for survivors. A brain scan is expensive and not always accurate.

Unintended Costs of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases?

Even with appropriate care, we can not underestimate the cost of TBI incidence claims on courts and your entire family. The initial severity of being hospitalized and out of work and suffering lost income can literally bankrupt families.

Head trauma health care, community support, and legal assistance are extremely important post-injury. Finally, it may turn out you need job retraining if you can work at all. If so, you’ll need money for vocational rehabilitation (a job coach).

The greatest risk as a brain-injured victim is doing nothing at all. The outcome for those suffering from a traumatic brain injury requires friends and family to give hope. Everyone must work together to help the patient overcome this difficult bump, typically classified as concussions or worse.

The obstacle they encounter daily shows distress, and kind and encouraging words can help lead them towards rehabilitation.

How Can A Brain Injury Law Group Assist Victims?

Our friendly and charismatic team can assist with cheerful and understanding communication! The causes of TBI are mostly understood, but the trouble of being unable to perform daily tasks after sustaining such an injury is only now making itself known.

It’s just not something we can always predict, even when we evaluate with advanced testing and quality long-term care. As a consequence, brain injury patients might have to take special medications to help with depression and cognition and relearn daily functions, such as balance, walking, and talking.

Those behavioral problems aside, data also shows that stroke, unconsciousness, seizures, slurred speech abnormalities, a loss of cognitive capacity and memory, anxiety, stress problems, sadness, treating, and living with paralysis. Signs can cross the line leading to death.

And these are only some of the additional physical and mental issues associated with moderate or severe TBI findings following such an event. The evaluation can change as symptoms improve or worsen as additional issues present themselves as you try and recover.

A personal injury lawsuit may be the key to receiving the compensation you need. To begin the recovery process and cover the cost or fee from insurance companies after you, a family member, or a loved one suffers from or is presented with a TBI, our friends can help.

Other Important Factors Associated With Hiring A Brain Injury Lawyer?

A brain injury lawyer who has handled complicated federal injury cases throughout their lifetime from Ehline Law Firm can assist the majority of you in defending your rights. We can help you obtain calculated financial resources covering medical expenses via receiving compensation when a brain injury occurs due to negligence.

Contact our lawyers at (213) 596-9642, search our site, email us, or enter a text on our website for a free consultation to get the answers you deserve. Additionally, don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions based on this vital information to ask on behalf of a hospitalized friend or another person.

Our business is helping people suffering from the onset of accident-related brain impairments. Once we’ve explained everything, you can make an educated decision about making an active claim with us.

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