Jun 8, 2020

San Bernardino Dog Ownership Laws

Understanding the Dog Laws of San Bernardino County.

If you have a dog or consider getting one, you should be abreast of the local municipal ordinances statutes where you reside. We're reviewing the Animal Laws and Welfare from the San Bernardino County Public Health Department.

Licensing Your Dog in San Bernardino County.

From the County licensing laws. All dogs four months and older must be licensed with the County. When the dog reaches four months, the County requires owners to license dogs within 15 days of arriving at home. Dogs that are not spayed or neutered cost $96 for one year, $192 for two years, or $288 for a three-year license. Dogs that are unable to be spayed or neutered are eligible for lower-cost licenses. If a vet signs off, license fees drop to $24 per year.

A spayed or neutered dog costs the same annually for a license. There are discounts for paying for years in advance-- $42 for two years and $54 for three. Seniors and disabled residents qualify for reduced pricing. In this case, dog licenses are $12 per year. Late licenses come with a $20 fee.

What are San Bernardino's County Rules Regarding Leashing and Tethering Dogs?

We get this info from the County's leash and tether laws. According to County Ordinance 32.0108, all animals must be restrained properly when in a car or cage. If the dog gets loose, the County can impound it. Furthermore, if a dog is impounded, the owner must pay a reclaiming fee. In addition, the County requests that all dogs are unable to exit a vehicle when riding in them.

Even when on your own property, all dogs should be leashed or tether. Dogs tethered to an object such as a tree, fence, or another stationary object for more than 3 hours per day is a violation of California State Health and Safety Code, seen below:

No person shall tether, fasten, chain, tie, or restrain a dog, or cause a dog to be tethered, fastened, chained, tied, or restrained, to a dog house, tree, fence, or any other stationary object.

In addition, the state recommends using a mobile restraining system, like a trolley line to keep your dog exercised and mobile. As you can see, San Bernardino has an extensive set of dog ownership laws. Feel free to surf around our site to learn more about San Bernardino County Dog Bites.

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