May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Spike In LA

Cases Increasing Despite the Tough Measures.

COVID ImageLos Angeles may be the new epicenter of Coronavirus cases in the United States. As numbers drop in places like New York, LA may be the next stop. Furthermore, the changes are happening despite the strict measures of the city and the state of California.

A View from a Longtime Resident.

These are issues that are larger than a story on the news. Living in Los Angeles for decades, the health of my city and my neighbors is number one for me. I have a family here in the LA area-- and the last thing that I want is the caseload to grow into the hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, my long history working with doctors, including Dr. Marc Darrow and medical expert,s gives me a window on what might come next.

Los Angeles Cases, Overall.

In some ways up until now, the City of Angels has avoided the worst of the crisis. There are several factors for this, as we've written about previously on this site. However, as what we know about the virus grows, our collective will to keep social distancing protocols is breaking down. After more than two months in isolation-- plus with nicer weather-- means that Angelinos may take advantage of the circumstances to get out. However, this could lead to potential danger.

The issue has gotten so bad that the White House is asking the CDC for an explanation. The LA Times reported on the sharp increase-- now reaching 46,000 total cases. Furthermore, on May 23r,d there were almost 4,300 new cases. These numbers are eerily similar to the circumstances in New York before the sharp uptick.

Understanding How This Could Happen.

There are many reasons why these changes are happening. Some causes for more diseases in L.A. remain relatively straightforward-- while others require a bit more explanation.

  • The Weather. The weather in Southern California, was of course, temperate even back in April. However, as things get hotter and many folks head out for summer activities, a sharp increase in the number of people out and about will rise.
  • Relaxing Restrictions. So this doesn't mean that the state or the city is reducing the limits on the average person. However, fewer and fewer people are actively following them.
  • Joblessness and Self-Isolation. The last two and a half months have been hard on everyone-- especially considering the severe issues involved with job loss and being indoors. These have led to a pent up demand for social contact, which we see on the streets and beaches.
  • The Bums and Mentally Ill. Some say it is politically incorrect to call bums, "bums." But let's face it, many so-called "homeless" have made a full time living extorting business owners, visitors, and others. Many use tactics like personal intimidation and fear as they panhandle and scare women and children. Also, they pee and poop in the streets, often right across from homes and businesses. The sanitation of L.A. streets is horrific. Before COVID, we saw a spike in the Plague in Downtown Los Angeles. And we know that Santa Monica encourages freeloaders to come to their city for free meals and housing at local taxpayer expense. Modernly, you can smell the urine as you travel the Boardwalk. If not, you're in denial, or your sinuses must be clogged up.
  • Increased Testing. This one is perhaps the most straightforward-- but leave the numbers looking very scary. The increased number of tests means that those who had the disease before are now being counted in the official statistics.

Each of these factors means that Los Angeles is moving in the wrong direction-- even as cases in other parts of the country decline. This may make for a particularly difficult summer for all of us, especially if the numbers continue rising. Only time-- and responsible actions-- will tell.