Caught on Video Telling Young Foster Girl to Do the Unthinkable

Child Protective Services Worker Tells Young Foster Girl to Hook Update

Ultimate Guide to Understanding CPS Child Abuse Case

On August 15, 2022, a Child Protective Services employee was fired from this agency for allegedly encouraging a young girl who was in protective services to do sex work. This report came from a spokesperson from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. This comes on the heels of the revelation that the FBI had been weaponized to censor stories in what appears to be political partisan attacks. Parents and others are worried about the expansion of big government into their lives. Let’s look at the latest overreach by public servants and what the video allegedly shows a small child was explicitly told.

What Happened?

The CPS worker (who was hired as CPS support staff) was recorded by the child involved in the case as the person in the video. In the video, the girl was asked to become a prostitute. According to family law attorney Mike Schneider, the video represented “almost a threat” if the needs of the CPS worker weren’t met or the girl didn’t do what she wanted her to do.

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This child abuse case has raised several problems within the Child Protective Services in the state. The following article will outline everything you need to know about this case regarding the Texas Child Protective Services and how people who may have children in their care must hire the services of a reputable lawyer to file a formal complaint against the authorities.

Behind the Report from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Keisha Bazley, the girl’s mom, confirmed to the authorities that she had nine children and turned to the Texas Child Protective Services since her girl was “running away and causing trouble when she was at school.”

Where Was the Girl Staying?

Until the incident, the girl was living at the Harris County Hotel, awaiting placement in the Texas foster care system. According to the report, the daughter told the Child Protective Services employee to give her some food, and that’s when the CPS worker (since dismissed from her position) proposed to the girl to become a prostitute or do sex work.

Keisha Bazley told the authorities that the girl started recording the conversation as soon as the CPS Support Staff worker had been brazenly telling her to become a prostitute. Bazley stated: “When my daughter told me the worker had been telling her to do these things, she decided to record her.”

What Happened After the Girl Recorded the Video?

Generally speaking, the video shows the Child Protective Services employee persuading the girl, who had been causing trouble at school, to become a prostitute. Some other things the worker told the 14-year-old include: “This is how you make money” and “I used to do this, and you could do the same thing.”

Bazley filed an official claim with Family Services right after seeing the video. She claimed: “If I were to do something like this to my child, I would be called a horrible parent.” Aside from claiming she would be called a horrible parent, she also claimed she could lose her kids if she ever did something like that.

Once the mother made the report about what the daughter told her, the CPS Agency’s Commissioner, Jamie Masters, went to Houston to apologize to both the mother and daughter.

Other Statements

Marissa Gonzales, an agency spokeswoman, stated in an interview, “The safety and appropriateness with which children must be treated is our paramount concern.”

On the other hand, law attorney Mike Schneider claimed he would be bashed if he ever did something like that to his child. He also said that while this case only involved “one bad rogue worker,” it worried him since this could become a bigger problem. He insisted that the agency must make sure that it’s not just one person since the agency was also housing other foster kids.

What Happened to the Worker?

The support staff was dismissed on August 10 after allegedly telling the 14-year-old girl to become a prostitute. Overall, the identity of the worker was never revealed to the authorities.

Where’s the Girl Today?

Currently, the 14-year-old girl has moved to a foster home since the state went to a hearing to take the girl out of the state’s care and lost. According to Family Law Attorney Mike Schneider, the state didn’t inform the court that there was a video.

The lawyer also stated that it was incredibly disingenuous for the agency to ignore that people working there were trying to prostitute a child and not bring that to the court’s attention in the hearing.

Seeking Justice for Your Loved Ones Should Be Your Paramount Concern

While Bazley filed an official complaint successfully and got the worker fired and the agency’s commissioner to apologize, that isn’t enough to cover the emotional trauma that the 14-year-old may have suffered from experiencing that.

As mentioned by the agency spokeswoman, the appropriateness with which children are treated is our paramount concern. If there are any cases that attempt to harm a child in any way, you must seek legal action immediately.

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Any person causing trouble for your children should be taken to justice. While the state is taking new measures to prevent future issues like this, you never know when it could happen again.

Our workers at Ehline Law are experts in dealing with cases involving abuse. Child abuse, in general, can be one of the most horrific situations a family can go through, especially if the person responsible for committing the act was someone you were supposed to trust.

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