Sep 25, 2020

Anti White Racism With A New Catchy Name. "Race Theory"

The Rise of Marxist Education

Serious Injury LawyerHammer/SickleConservatives have been complaining about left-wing bias in education forever. However, over the last 20 years, the traditional controls in academia have gone off the rails. Instead of doctrinaire left-wing professors, a new (old) look at Marxist thought now dominates. Now, often instead of class, the race is seen as the primary lens in which society is judged. The new religion of "wokeness" combines with the old, tired theories of Marxism to create something far more dangerous. And, like, many trends-- we do not see it until it is too late.

President Trump decided to cut funding to programs that use this line of thinking in education or in federal programs. As we'll discuss below, there are many factors involved in this decision. As well as the education and academic thought behind the new craze, as well. All of these combine to create a unique moment in our nation's history. And one in which our nation has to decide which path it will take.

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Why Did President Trump Cut Funding?

The situation has garnered so much furor and attention that even the White House is getting involved. President Trump promulgated a new order banning the use of critical race theory and other left-wing theories in education or funded by the federal government.

“Yet as we gather this afternoon, a radical movement is attempting to demolish this treasured and precious inheritance,” he added.

The President linked recent disturbances directly with the teaching of left-wing agitprop in schools. According to the President, as well as many conservative thinkers, the issue starts in education. From elementary to high school, all the way into college, left-wing thought often dominates. In fact, it is often unchecked.

As a result, a number of major theories abound regarding race, history, economics, and the role of the United States. Overall, Marxist theories present the United States as a wicked nation unable to reform or seek redemption. Instead, our country is constantly caught in a struggle of class and race. At the top are white men, controlling the rest of society.

In this manner of thinking, everything can be broken up by different levels of oppression. This thought of "intersectionality" is a hot item on and off campus today. Best selling books, like "White Fragility" explore this concept in detail. This is, in part, what President Trump is concerned about. Taxpayer dollars are used consistently to train employees in left-wing thought, rather than on simply doing their jobs. This is a terrible waste of money-- and more importantly, a tool to brainwash students, employees, volunteers, and more. Thus, the President recently took an action against it.

But Was Trump Right?

This is more of a question for the political crowd. We already have a picture of what the academic set will say about the actions of a Republican President, especially someone as colorful as Donald Trump. However, to better understand whether his actions were right, we must consider several aspects of this theory.

  • The United States is a society built on slavery. While this is, in part, true, it is misleading. The famous "1619 Project" pegs the start of the country with the importation of the first slaves into the 13 colonies. Slavery has an immense influence on our nation's past and present. However, the use of the New York Times' 1619 project is reckless, at best.
  • A Trojan Horse for leftist thought. Often, many of the ideas of socialism and communism come in far softer packages. Instead of introducing young people directly to the idea of state control or more government control, they are often brought in terms that you cannot disagree with. The old "still beating your wife?" problem. Furthermore, by changing euphemisms and sayings, the meaning of even basic words will always lose out to a determined ideologue.
  • The role of being "anti-racist." This has been abused in many forms. From having an "anti-racist baby" book to a "woke baby," the knives are out. No longer can people simply not be racist. Instead, they must conform to a new religion in which you simply cannot achieve salvation. You will always be a sinner. And you will never reach that promised land.

What Happens Now?

The ban on federal dollars going toward "woke" training is certainly a welcome one, even if it is overdue. Diversity counselors and trainers can make tens of thousands of dollars through their racket. It's a lucrative gig if you can get it. In fact, the average diversity officer makes over $100,000 per year, according to Indeed. And that is for salaried employees. In other cases, diversity trainers can charge tens of thousands for short lessons. In many of them, the idea of simply not being racist is not allowed.

The idea of everyone just getting along is just not acceptable anymore. As a result, much of what happens next will be determined in November. If President Trump is re-elected, expect that this money will not go back into the pocket of these grifters. However, if former Vice President Joe Biden assumes office, this money will come back in force. In fact, I could see it being increased much further. Add in a stimulus or a number of spending bills, and the results may be thousands more going towards anti-American propaganda. This is a major moment in our history. And one that voters must weigh.

But only time will tell. And so will the voters. Looks like November will be important. And in more ways, than we previously thought.

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