Oct 30, 2017

Cruise Death

Why Are There So Many Cruise Liner Deaths?

Cruise ship on blue ocean.
Big ships like this are responsible for massive cruise ship accidents.

Tragedy struck an innocent family after their eight-year-old daughter died on a cruise ship. But the tragedy is only one of the dozens that happen each year aboard luxury liners. And often, the growing issue of cruise line safety is addressed inappropriately at the state or federal level.

Fox40 reported on the situation with Miami-Dade police. There, a girl died on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship Carnival Glory. And the ship had docked at Port Miami. So the story goes, the girl fell from the ship's interior atrium to the lower deck around 8:15 am. Next, first responders transported her to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she died. After, a spokesperson for the Fire-Rescue said the child fell about 20 feet.

Potential Fault on the Cruise Line?

Carnival apologized to the family.  But this is not enough redress Authorities allowed the ship to resume normal operations. However, death deserves a closer look. Rescuers and investigators must thoroughly review the ship's logs and activities. Most of all, the government must ensure that no future similar event occurs. Each life is precious.  Furthermore, the cruise line did not live up to expectations.

So the family has many potential approaches. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to prevent a future such horror. Besides, Carnival and other liners should take safety more seriously. In the end, it is the least Carnival could do. But rest assured, our team is looking into the causes of the accident.

Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, is a top fighter for families harmed by cruise line companies. He is an advocate and lobbyist in both Sacramento and DC for cruise line safety. He's worked with legislators of both parties on necessary regulation to protect passengers. But no matter what, you can rest assured that we will be lobbying Congress to protect cruise ship passengers.