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Dangerous Road Situations – Coal Miners Keep Electric Car Operating

How Did Coal Get Into This?

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On August 18, 2022, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation president urged the need for more raw materials to reduce electric car prices to ensure a quicker transition to electric-powered vehicles.
Ultimate Guide to Understanding Electric Vehicle Incidents

However, a powerful argument against electric cars is that we need to decarbonize the power system as most electric vehicles use electricity from fossil fuel power plants to charge. You could say that electric vehicles are indirectly powered by coal. But, Republican Senator Randy Smith highlighted an incident where coal miners pushed the car broken down at Corridor H in Tucker County, West Virginia, that went viral on September 7, 2022.

How Do Coal Miners Keep Electric Vehicles Operating?

Let’s review the news where coal miners keep the electric cars operating with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Photos of Coal Miners Pushing Electric Vehicle in West Virginia Goes Viral

Republican State Sen. Randy Smith shared a story on his social media with pictures that instantly blew up.

On September 3, 2022, an electric vehicle shut off on the road in a remote area known for 18-wheeler traffic after its battery died. The driver drove the electric car from Washington, DC, before it broke down at Corridor H in Tucker County.

According to Randy Smith, the electric vehicle shut off at the Mettiki Coal access road. One of the coal miners saw a car broken down near the coal mine entrance and decided to investigate, only to find out that the vehicle had run out of juice while on the way to a weekend getaway.

He quickly alerted the entire group of minors stationed at the guard shack about the dead electric vehicle, who were more than happy to push the car and plug it in to charge with some old-fashioned coal power.

There is a misconception that miners are unfriendly and that coal energy is terrible. However, the picture shared by West Virginia Republican State Sen. Randy Smith that shows the coal stockpile and load out with the five coal miners pushing the vehicle demonstrates how friendly and helpful miners are.

After the incident in West Virginia, Republican State Sen. Randy Smith was on “Fox & Friends,” where he shed some light on the unfortunate incident. He said he found it pretty ironic plugging an electric car into a coal mine on the chat show.

After a few hours of laughs, friendly talk with the coal miners, and a license plate souvenir from a coal miner stating “friends of coal,” the vehicle’s battery was fully charged, and the couple was safely back on the road.

The couple whose vehicle broke down on Mettiki coal access road while on their way to a weekend getaway in West Virginia were lucky that nothing happened to them as massive trucks sped up and down the road all day. Any unfortunate incident could’ve occurred, but since the couple was near the coal mine, the group of miners helped them get out of this sticky situation by pushing their vehicle and charging it for them.

Trouble With an Electric Vehicle?

It’s surprising to see the role of coal miners in an electric vehicle future. Not only do they help with mining coal to produce electricity to charge EVs, but they also push dead electric cars. However, you won’t always have miners around to help you escape a troublesome situation. Looks like a lot of wasted money to me being spent by a lot of good people.

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