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    Deadly Motorcycle Vs. SUV Crash in San Francisco – Left Turn Accidents

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    Deadly Motorcycle Vs. SUV Crash in San Francisco – Left Turn Accidents

Deadly Motorcycle Vs. SUV Crash in San Francisco – Left Turn Accidents

On December 7, 2022, a fatal motorcycle and SUV collision occurred in San Francisco. Let’s explore the details of the incident with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident at Van Ness and Cesar Chavez

According to the San Francisco Police Department, the accident occurred at the Cesar Chavez Street and Van Ness intersection around 9:30 AM. The motorcyclist died at the scene from life-threatening injuries.

Left Turn Leads to a Fatal Traffic Collision Involving a Motorcycle

The police did not release details about the fatal death in San Francisco, but pictures and videos of the accident scene suggest that the Chevrolet Suburban was making a left turn onto South Van Ness when the motorcycle hit it, leaving a large dent in the passenger-side door.

Accident Area Considered a Danger Zone in the City

The fatal motorcycle accident occurred at Cesar Chavez Street and South Van Ness Avenue intersection, which falls under the “High Injury Network,” areas where many accidents occur. It is the 5th death this year in Mission and Bernal Heights areas and the 31st traffic fatality in the city.

San Francisco police blocked the area with police tape and rerouted traffic and Muni buses while the fire department documented the incident.

Similar Accident in South San Jose

On November 10, 2022, a similar accident like the one mentioned above happened in San Jose involving a motorcycle and a Sport Utility Vehicle.

According to the San Jose Police Department, the accident occurred at 4:11 PM at Cottle Road and Coronado Avenue area. The police officers moved the fatally injured man riding the motorcycle to a local hospital for medical assistance, and he was later pronounced dead.

The woman driving the SUV stayed at the accident scene for police questioning. Initial investigations reveal that the SUV was making a left turn on a green light when the oncoming motorcyclist hit it.

San Jose Police Department stated that the motorcyclist killed was the 57th traffic accident, and the victim killed was the 59th dead in a traffic collision in San Diego this year.

Cause of the Road Accidents in California

Most road accidents in California occur because of negligence on behalf of one or more parties, leading to injuries and traffic deaths.

The “deadly motorcycle vs. SUV crash in San Francisco” incident is a developing story, so not much information is available to determine the cause of the accident. It could be possible that the SUV driver or the motorcyclist was negligent.

However, since the intersection falls in the danger zone, there is a need to investigate why the accidents occur most in the Mission and Bernal Heights areas. Perhaps, it is because of a flawed intersection design or no traffic lights. If that is the case, the government could be responsible for the fatal crash.

In the South San Jose collision, the accident report indicates that the SUV was turning left at a green light. Many drivers are unaware of traffic rules and the right of way, and drivers and motorcyclists can only make a left turn at a green light when there are no oncoming vehicles.

The collision in South San Jose occurred when the SUV driver made a left turn on a green signal without waiting for the motorcyclist to pass. However, the motorcyclist could also be partially responsible if they’re speeding on the road.

In such situations, an experienced personal injury attorney can help investigate the accident to determine the cause of the accident and hold the responsible parties accountable for the loss.

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