Jan 9, 2019

What are Some Victim's Problems With Car Accidents on Desert Roads?

Driving in a sandstorm
Road in the desert

Across California and Arizona are plentiful scenic desert drives out in areas like Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Redlands, and other cold spots. Some are along highways interlinking significant cities, and some are out in the middle of nowhere like 29 Palms Marine Base.

Desert Accidents Are Often Worse than in Crowded Cities.

You may just be driving out to Vegas for the weekend on your own, or in a rented limo, or party bus. Regardless, an accident in such a locale is often more dangerous than those in cities, especially during the day in the summer. Every car crash is a severe matter. But special care must be taken when it is in a potentially deadly biome.

Evacuation Often Takes Longer in a Desert Area Crash

When facing an accident in a motorized vehicle that took place in the desert, the need for immediate medical attention is evident. However, complicating factors such as heat and distance could make prompt response difficult, compacting matters related to the injury.

You could also have been broadsided in a severe sandstorm and pushed off of the road, with no communications due to the turbulence and the wind static. You could be flipped over and trapped inside your vehicle, while hanging unconscious, upside down and bleeding profusely in what amounts to a tomb.

Sometimes Know One Knows You Crashed?

There are numerous situations like this and worse that can prevent first responders from even knowing there is a problem at all. All the while, life could be slowly draining away from your body. Beyond this, also when you do make it out alive, there are logistical problems for outsiders like you.

There could be issues in getting back a severely damaged car to a mechanic-- which an insurance company might not want to cover. These problems, coupled with medical bills and recovery time can make the life of an accident victim a living hell. That is why it is vital to remember that you are not alone.

Skilled car accident and personal injury attorneys, such as the ones at Ehline Law here, are always on the case. They are available to prospective clients 24/7 anywhere in Southern California and parts of Nevada and Arizona. Don't let an insurance adjuster or pushy insurance attorney back you into a corner. Never let them force you to give up the compensation your policy spells out. Such an accident may have caused you or a loved one considerable grief.

How Can Experienced Lawyers Help the Victims?

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