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    Death Toll in Northern Mexico Bus Crash Rises to 20 – A Case of Deformed Roads?

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    Death Toll in Northern Mexico Bus Crash Rises to 20 – A Case of Deformed Roads?

Death Toll in Northern Mexico Bus Crash Rises to 20 – A Case of Deformed Roads?

This week in Mexico, a bus crashed with a tanker truck carrying fuel, leaving 20 people dead. Let’s explore the details of the devastating crash with Ehline Law and our bus accident attorneys.

Fiery Bus Crash Leaves Multiple Dead in Northern Mexico

On September 10, 2022, a fiery crash between a bus and a double tanker fuel truck occurred in the northern border state of Tamaulipas. The Northern Mexico bus crash pushed the death toll to 20 as the bus burned to a crisp.

Death Toll Rises to 20; Police Sources Confirm

According to the local police, the accident left both vehicles completely burned and unrecognizable. The bus would stop on its route to Monterrey, a northern city, carrying any passenger that would flag it down.

Initially, the Tamaulipas state police only found nine sets of remains, but by afternoon they also recovered the remaining, pushing the toll to 20.

The Hidalgo state government spoke in a press conference alerting everyone about the situation, stating most passengers on the bus were migrant laborers belonging to Hidalgo and the gulf coast state of Veracruz.

Investigation Reveal Cause of Accident as Loose Fuel Tanks

Preliminary investigations suggest that the tanker fuel truck may be responsible for the bus crash. The driver in the fuel truck apparently survived the accident and is under investigation.

According to the local authorities, accidents and death toll are on the rise, and reports suggest double container freight trucks have been involved in numerous accidents in the past.

Mexico’s Lax Weight Restrictions Causes Roads to Wear Out

Most of these accidents occur because Mexico state has loose weight restrictions and safety inspections. A heavy truck is often challenging to drive and control, leading to severe accidents in the country.

In the “Death toll in northern Mexico bus crash rises to 20” incident where the bus collided with the double tanker fuel truck, according to state prosecutors, the crash may have occurred after a fuel tank came loose and crashed into the bus setting it ablaze. Numerous deadly crashes also appeared in the past, and all of these accidents have one thing in common: death roads.

Mexico’s state government has repeatedly failed to decrease vehicle weight limit restrictions as it can hurt smaller truck companies. Heavy vehicles cause the roads to wear out, leading to multiple deformities, which increase the likelihood of accidents.

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