Oct 9, 2020

The Fake Russia Collusion Hoax Unmasked

CIA targeted Donald Trump To Help Hillary

Using State Agencies To Destroy Your Political Enemies? The New Normal.

According to overwhelming declassified CIA documents, you had better believe it. And this is not the first time a weaponized state agency has been used to destroy a person. It's just that normally it has been in communist countries or banana republics. But to a lesser degree, it's gone on forever in the US. Hoover's FBI is just one example of keeping your job using blackmail against politicians caught on tape as it were. Eventually, we got rid of Hoover. But we recently saw political operatives in senior government positions use their offices to take down conservatives, such as the Lois Lerner IRS matter.

"The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified a document from the Obama era, indicating an intentional plot to distract from Hillary Clinton's campaign issues. During the 2016 campaign, Clinton's email server and illegal use of classified info were key reasons Donald Trump won that November. According to the recently released documents, former CIA Director John Brennan briefed Barack Obama on the subject."

In her case, Lerner was caught red-handed holding up non-profit status for Tea Party groups so they could not help raise funds for conservative candidates. Yet Lerner fast-tracked non-profit status for leftist and pro-Marxist organizations. As usual, that story was buried on the back page, or only covered by the quasi conservative Fox News. Lerner was even able to keep her pension despite her disgracing the already hated IRS. As will be shown below, similar to a Fidel Castro style government, conservatives assert that the last administration was all about weaponizing democrat run public agencies.

The Age Of Deny, Delay Defend.

In the past when a president and his key players were caught weaponizing the government for politics, both democrats and republicans demanded swift punishment. Such was the case with Watergate and Richard Nixon, a republican. But alas, the days of holding yourself accountable are no more. It really started with President Bill Clinton committing perjury while under oath, claiming he never had sex with Monica Lewinski. Although he was disbarred as a lawyer for lying under oath, he refused to step down. Even the Soros supported, left-wing fact-checkers, the Snopes family, do not deny the story.

Conservatives have claimed for years that Democrats are ushering in the age of immorality. And they claim examples exist of this right now. For example, California's democrat supermajority just made it possible for male sexual predators who have sex with little boys to keep their names off the registered sex offender list (known as Megan's law). We even see racism against white people under the Marxist "Critical Race Theory" taught in schools as fact. Democrats claim these tactics are not being used to divide and segregate black voters into permanent democrats. But Libertarians who classify themselves as free thinkers beg to differ.

Welcome to the new political science class on overdrive. Conservatives and historians claim that law schools, colleges, and unionized public school teachers regularly force Marxism and the benefits of a single-party system on impressionable youth. So lies, dishonesty, and even riots are becoming the new normal part of Millenial pop culture, say conservatives.

The right says we saw it with the debunked Atlantic story (Atlantic is owned by a hardcore democrat, Steve Job's widow) accusing the president of insulting our troops. We see it with the rash of fake hate crimes by democrat politicians and actors. We saw how Facebook and Instagram fact-checkers never lifted a finger to fact check any of this. Yet, the right claims when you post anything that goes against a democrat politician or BLM, for example, expect your posts to be flagged with a "False" fact-checker warning even when the facts are glaringly true. We recently saw undercover footage of Facebook employees admitting they specifically target Trump supporters for banning and censoring to keep true facts from being spread to potential swing voters.

Moving right along, we know that Google works closely with the FBI, CIA, and even is helping communist China monitor and censor people who are against the government, Muslims, and Christians alike under a social credits system. Conservatives say that BLM is the Trojan horse being used by the left to punish white people for the crime of breathing oxygen. The facts show that BLM was started primarily by anti-white Marxists. Conservatives claim they are mini communist China, behaving similarly and directing supporters to send money to ACT Blue on the BLM website, a pro democrat fund rasing organization.

But the left says just admit you are a racist and you will be in a safe space. The right says if you don't declare yourself a racist and pay penance for the mere act of existing, you can expect to be attacked and possibly have your business burned down. If you disagree that blocking freeways and attacking people while eating a meal at a restaurant, you are a racist. After all, these are "mostly peaceful protests."

Becoming Communist China?

Just like Communist China, if you are not a "good citizen," you cannot travel or even buy goods or services. So these are the agencies and big tech that president Donald Trump has been forced to deal with since day one. This isn’t your regular, old fashioned poli sci course from college. Conservatives allege that if you are not part of the deep state, expect to be shadowbanned from social sites and lose the ability to feed your family. When government agencies become unionized, or even when they are not, most bureaucrats vote democrat and many have the power to destroy you. It guarantees pay raises and benefits at the hands of the taxpaying, job-creating entrepreneurs and businessmen who made America great.

As will be seen, government and checks and balances have nothing to do with the actions of the 44th president and his administration to undermine the next incoming Commander in Chief. With the assistance of the propaganda wing of the Democrat party (CNN, WaPo, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, BET, etc.) the democrats were already saying they were going to impeach Trump before he was even sworn in as president. Conservatives say this is how we know democrats were so sure before any allegations of Russia collusion. The right says this is why the democrat party looks at the three branches of government as a hindrance to achieving absolute political power. Democrats say there is nothing to see here because their new channels don't consider it newsworthy.

Fact Check. Did Obama Know That Hillary Conjured Up The Russia Collusion Story And Allow The FBI And CIA To Assist Her In Obtaining False FISA Warrants? YES!

Indeed, additional research shows that Barack Obama used the White House and the intelligence agencies' power to destroy Donald Trump even before he took the oath of office. Indeed, the depth of the efforts is still not known. There is a strong chance that all of the conversations and documents involved in the anti-Trump operation will not emerge for months if not years. But what has been released after Trump ordered the documents released and UNREDACTED proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama weaponized the CIA and FBI to help Hillary try and win the last election.

Earlier this year, President Trump was impeached for asking Ukraine to look into Joe Biden's disgraced son's business dealings in the country. The efforts of the Obama Administration is so much worse than anything our current President has been accused of. This is astonishing and a sign of just how much Donald Trump had to fight to try and drain the swamp.

Below we look at some of the key issues involved in the Durham probe of the Obama era intelligence abuses and what it might mean for the President, for the election, and for the future. These are extraordinary times. And times that require an extraordinary response and understanding of what is going on. Hopefully, our primer will do some of that and more. Michael Ehline is a Los Angeles area legal expert. He and his firm, the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC assist those in need of legal counsel in the fields of personal injury and civil rights. Ehline writes a column on recent news and legal items to better inform the public.

According To Newly Released CIA Documents, The Plot Began Before Trump Took Office.

The effort to end Donald Trump's presidency began before he even took the oath of office on January 20, 2017. The incoming President was subject to an investigation to the sitting one. Barack Obama used the power of the nation's intelligence services for a political end-- to surveil President Trump and his team. They then utilized this info to try and destroy Trump's credibility.

And Obama himself was involved, according to a new report. Fox News also reported on the stunning turn of events. The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified a document from the Obama era indicating an intentional plot to distract from Hillary Clinton's campaign issues. During the 2016 campaign, Clinton's email server and illegal use of classified info was a key reason Donald Trump won that November. According to the recently released documents, former CIA Director John Brennan briefed Barack Obama on the subject. This was the start of an investigation into Russian collusion that was debunked by the Mueller Report last year. Brennan briefed Obama directly. Obama previously denied any role in the investigation.

“Per FBI verbal request, CIA provides the below examples of information the CROSSFIRE HURRICANE fusion cell has gleaned to date," the memo continued. "'An exchange [REDACTED] discussing US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering US elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server."'

What About the Election?

Unfortunately, we don't know if the recent declassified and damning evidence that President Obama violated his oath of office, will move the needle very much. The public has been bombarded and conditioned by professors, lawyers, and the press by a number of major stories this year. And many have been conditioned to believe that propaganda by CNN and WaPo is "real" news. Also, we are still suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus and more. And in the midst of a major election, there is only so much the public sees at any one time. Furthermore, we cannot expect a fair shake from the rest of the media.

They will not criticize Barack Obama for his actions. And they certainly will not aid Donald Trump. We saw this over and over again. So where does that lead us? Unfortunately, we are looking at an effort to besmirch a candidate for Russian collusion that did not happen. This led to years of investigations, millions of dollars, and a President still in office. Joe Biden received the support of the news media-- and he is coasting that towards the election. It appears that Donald Trump and his team certainly have their work cut out for them.

Why Did This Happen?

As you will see below-- the short answer is that the Obama Admin thought they could get away with it. Hillary would win the election, and these docs would never see the light of day. As a result, a major effort to unseat the legit President could happen without punishment. It is a real shame. And one the Obama people thought they had in the bag. Furthermore, the effort likely broke FISA protocols and intel-gathering safeguards. There are certain restrictions on monitoring Americans. But it appears not if you are doing so to hurt Donald Trump.

Another source familiar with the documents told Fox News that "this information has been sought by hundreds of congressional requests for legitimate oversight purposes and was withheld for political spite—and the belief that they’d never get caught." The source added that the Brennan notes are significant because it is “their own words, written and memorialized in real-time.”

I do not know where the investigation heads next. Much of it comes down to the election. If Joe Biden wins, the info will not surface again, and he will likely pardon all of the criminals who committed high treason. If Donald Trump wins another term, we get answers. There is a clear choice. This election may decide the fate of the nation. From this intel op to many other factors. Conservatives say that Obama thought he could get away with it. Will you let him?

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