Aug 28, 2020

The Media, Kyle Rittenhouse And Nick Sandmann 2.0 Defamation Lawsuit!

The Kenosha Shooting, Without Proper Context.

It's happening again. Have you seen it? The media is acting quickly to frame the shooting in Kenosha, WI as a Trump supporter attacking innocent Black Lives Matters protesters. After days of looting, arson, attacks against motorists, and primarily white males, mothers, diners trying to eat, and other violence, armed citizens stood up for themselves against the rampaging-- mostly white communist-- mob. What happened in Kenosha is just one example of the dysfunction happening in cities across the country, and the threat we face from increasing riots.

Kyle Rittenhouse is 17 years old. But soon he will likely win millions from the same so-called news organizations like WaPo who falsely reported about Nick Sandmann because he wore a red MAGA hat (therefore he is "racist"). What happened in Kenosha was at least partially caught on tape.

It is beyond speculative for the media to jump on a bandwagon against another white minor who supports self-defense rights before everything is settled. Rittenhouse is now charged with homicide for his role in a defensive shooting following a riot in Kenosha. The video appears to show him being attacked by several rioters. In one, the video shows one of the shooting victims pulling a gun on Rittenhouse, whom reporters said was a "cellphone."

As we've seen with the recent case of Nick Sandmann in Washington, DC, the media has a special obligation to avoid jumping the gun. And a financial case, too. There is a moral setting at play here, especially when lives and an election are at stake. And they are failing at each during a crucial moment. Below we discuss some of the particulars and where the media got it wrong so far.

There Is Zero Evidence Of Murder Or Attempted Murder By Rittenhouse?

True. Clearly, Rittenhouse did not commit "murder," which is an unjustified killing of another with malice aforethought." Instead, it is obvious from a legal perspective that this was justifiable homicide and self-defense. The dishonest press and their silicon valley surrogates, as well as CNN, ABC, WaPO, MSNBC believe all guns are evil unless controlled by state apparatchiks. And if you own a gun, or defend yourself, your children, or others, unless you are black, you are immediately labeled a "racist" and a murderer. But words still mean things.

Michael Ehline is the lead attorney of the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Ehline is a Southern California civil rights and injury attorney concerned with what is happening in Kenosha, WI, and across the country. Our nation faces severe instability-- often whipped up by the media willing to take things out of context and blow them up for effect. We are in the middle of the 2020 election. We simply cannot afford that now.

Partially because of media malpractice, two people are dead and much of the country is now at a standstill. It is our own obligation to do what is right. The rioting and disorder in the streets must stop. The disrespect of our institutions must stop. And as we see below, the maligning of young people due to their political affiliations must stop. If someone like Kyle Rittenhouse deserves to be tried for a serious crime, then so be it.

Our court and judicial system can handle such cases just fine. However, he should not be tried by the media separately because of his prior support for police or because he was cleaning graffiti off of a monument. For more info on this and other legal issues, continue reading this article below. Feel free to reach out to us via the phone number below. To reach Michael Ehline directly, email him at

Media Bias At Its Worst?

The national media has been quick to simply present the three Marxist, radical anarchists who were shot as fun, carefree individuals. The implication is that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, as Joe Biden said. However, research showed that the three people shot instead had a long rap sheet, including one who was a convicted pedophile.

The first to fall allegedly at the hands of Rittenhouse was Joseph "Jojo" Rosenbaum, 36, a registered sex offender and a native of Texas who moved away from his troubled southwest history to Kenosha last year. Rosenbaum was seen on the video aggressively chasing Rittenhouse and throwing objects at him while in pursuit before being fatally shot on private property.

A Recent Example Of What Not To Do.

rittenhouse lawyerThe Washington Post and CNN just lost a similar defamation lawsuit with a young, white, Christian Trump supporter. They recently had to fork over (likely) millions in separate settlements with the innocent teen who was guilty of "thought crimes." The two media giants defamed the minor due to his role at a school trip in Washington DC. The media regularly accused the Covington school kids of threatening an American Indian.

Instead, the group stayed there quietly despite being verbally harassed and threatened with their lives by the Black Hebrew Israelites. Sandmann became the face of the movement as networks and newspapers focused on the teen wearing the Make America Great Again cap ("thought crime"). CNN was forced to settle a $250 million defamation lawsuit filed by Sandmann's lawyer, and soon to be Rittenhouse's lawyer, Lin Wood.

Although following the teen's speech at this week's RNC, it looks like they haven't learned their lesson. The media orgy against the Covington kids was immediate and calculated. Social media and traditional media channels derided the kids-- jumping to judgment without doing their homework. Now it looks like they're doing it all again. And in the case of Sandmann, here was a kid they thought couldn't fight back. In Rittenhouse, this may be an example of a minor able to fight back-- which makes him so dangerous to the media narrative.

The case is still new. And I am still reviewing many aspects of it myself. However, I do recognize the increasing parallels between Sandmann, Doctor Omalu, and Rittenhouse, as well as the biased, corporatized media response. If you go against the political or corporate friends of the press, be prepared to be destroyed by fake news. Below we'll talk about some of the key factors in this latest media defamation.

A Media Hype Without All The Facts - The New Normal?

There is so much left outstanding in the Kenosha case. From the motivation of the rioters to the exact circumstances of Rittenhouse being there, the speculation in the media is unjustified. If Rittenhouse is convicted by a jury of his peers, then he will face justice. However, if a jury deems the shooting justified, it is a whole other ballgame. And one the media will lose. We all have a special obligation to our country.

Rampant speculation is not one of them. This goes for the media and all of us. I will continue writing on the subject as I know more. We monitor the news for more about what happens. Keep it tuned here for more. Hopefully, this does not become another Covington situation. That we can all hope for. And so should the media, while they are at it.

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