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  • Defects Force Ford to Recall Brakes and Software

    Defects Force Ford to Recall Brakes and Software

On Friday, Ford announced that it involved recalling several affected vehicles belonging to different models it sold. In the announcement, Ford confirmed placing more than 700,000 vehicles. (Source National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – NHTSA.) Contact your local Ford dealership for more details about where to take your car. To learn more about these and other Ford recalls and other trucks, keep on reading.

We have all heard stories about lemons with oil leaks or stormy rear brake linings from neighbors and service advisors at the local dealership or local TV news. Sometimes there are no exact matches to your particular problem.

In certain situations, your only choice is to bring the car to the dealership, hope for a free inspection, and hope the dealers will replace the defective part based on the data derived from their customers and crew. Below, Michael Ehline, Los Angeles car accident attorney, will discuss the latest Ford Motor recall.

The Reason Behind the Ford Motor Recall

Ford officials at the Ford Motor Company automaker have revealed the causes that have led them to tell Ford Dealerships to go ahead with the recall. The recalled vehicles may have issues involving a software bug or a faulty body part needing repair.

For the software bug, the officials have explained that the bug may cause the safe braking system to either respond unexpectedly or not work at all on the affected vehicles. As for the faulty body part, they hinted it might end up causing oil leakage. So unlike an erroneous transmission failure, the safety risk here is far more significant.

Here, safety issues presented by a brake defect are typically fatal, especially with larger trucks making contact with smaller cars or a crash with motorcycle accidents. The software bug in the vehicles can cause the braking system of the towed trailers to malfunction and cause issues while braking the affected vehicles.

According to the officials, the separator installed in the particular vehicles for oil may get cracked. If the oil separator gets broken, it can result in an oil leakage, which may lead to a fire in the engine. It can result in the entire vehicle catching fire and putting the lives of the driver and the passengers at significant risk.

Vehicles Recalled by Your Local Ford Dealership Free of Charge

Ford has announced that the total number of vehicles they recall is 737,287. Out of the total of Ford vehicles identified, 345,451 include Ford Bronco Sports and Ford Escape. The Ford Bronco Sports models being recalled are from 2021 and 2022. As for the Ford Escape models, they are from 2020 to 2022. These particular vehicles are said to have software bugs.

The remaining 391,836 vehicles include F-550, F-450, F350, F-250, Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, 2021-2022 F-150, and 2022 Maverick. These particular models are said to have problems with the oil separator.

The officials have announced that Ford vehicle owners can check Ford’s website to see whether their vehicle is on the recall list. They have dedicated a particular team at Ford who will be closely looking into the matter and answering any of the vehicle owners’ queries.

How We Came To Know About the Ford Vehicle Recall Issues?

In the past couple of years, many small-level cases were raised regarding the malfunctioning of the software system and the oil leakage. Recently, the occurrences have intensified, and so has the damage caused due to these issues.

So far, Ford has been made aware of 8 cases surrounding the oil separator that caused the entire vehicle to get burned. Fortunately, none of the incidents resulted in crashes, injuries, or casualties.

Regarding the software bug, 67 cases have been reported to Ford regarding the software braking system for towed trailers. Once again, the incidents resulted in significant crashes or injuries.

Ford is to Start their Communications on the 18th of April

Starting 18th of April, Ford will have all the vehicles checked and assessed to identify the ones with potential faulty parts or software bugs. On the same day, Ford will launch its communication channel, where its representatives will call the vehicle owners to give an update.

They will confirm whether their vehicle has a body or software-related issue. If there is none, their car will be discharged with an attested inspection report.

Otherwise, the owners will be informed of the fault, and the Ford dealers will either fix the problem or replace the oil separator if needed. Similarly, the Ford dealers have been given the necessary training to carry out software fixing for the particular bug causing braking issues.

What About Potentially Defective Airbag Inflators?

This is not the first time Ford Vehicles Corporation has had to recall its vehicles. In the past few years, Ford has placed 775,000 and 620,000 cars on several occasions to address manufacturing faults. We previously discussed the problem with Takata Airbag inflators that caused quite a stir in the auto industry. In the past, Mazda and Ford tried to avoid recalling about 3 million vehicles with Takata airbag inflators that failed during crashes, including the vaunted Mercury Sable. And it’s not just the Ford Logo and a few Japanese cars. Even General Motors had airbag problems involving high heat and metal shrapnel harming vehicle occupants during a collision.

Takata utilized ammonium nitrate to ignite a tiny explosion to inflate airbags during a frontal collision. But the nitrate chemical mixture would deteriorate, fail to work, or ignite improperly, especially in desert areas, tropical, or extreme climate conditions over time, which the automakers had not disclosed.

Toyota recalled about 490,000 vehicles in Japan, China, Europe, and other locales. Eight automakers recalled more than 12 million U.S. vehicles for airbag inflators in that Japanese airbag inflator case where airbags exploded with excessive force.

This particular Ford recall notice comes on the heels of many defective seat belt claims and a faulty first gear, causing downshifting in some F-150s. Ford officials have recently undergone a slew of recalls from the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford Explorer and Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKZ, or Bronco Sport.

Oil Leaks Are Nothing Compared to This Auto Industry Bombshell?

We found other complaints on the NHTSA website that may interest Ford drivers or employees working at a Ford dealership. The key is to make the repairs before you or a loved one suffers a severe injury or a wrongful death.

Once that happens, customers will need the assistance of a highly experienced defective auto industry accident attorney near you. So get it in gear and request the owner or manufacturer of your vehicle fix these recalls immediately before the names of your vehicle occupants end up in the reports.

The law is clear; a recall notice does not clear a manufacturer from legal liability for your pain, suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, or other losses from a personal injury. But suppose you fail to get your car fixed with replacement parts when you are on notice of a defect or safety concerns. In that case, Ford Motor Co can use that as an excuse to blame you for part of the damages with federal regulators and any civil court suing them.

Under an identified recall, you don’t pay the cost to fix the problem, so pick up your phone, give the operator your vehicle identification number and handle it. Whether you live in Detroit or Los Angeles, it’s covered once reported!

Typically, you will receive your recall notice in a letter explaining the repair process and links to a website where the repairs would be covered.

Get a Free Consultation With a Ford Brake Defect Lawyer Today

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