May 22, 2020

Depression and Burn Injuries

The thought of the disfigurement from a terrible burn is enough to make one cringe. Physical disabilities alone are sufficient to drive a deep depression. But when your face or body was melted by flames, people may treat you like a monster. Children may even be frightened and run away. PTSD from these catastrophic burns can endure forever.

Also, problematic medical expenses often continue for many years. Often, this leads to collections and lousy credit. The combination of all these towering stresses creates a terrible sense of well-being. Thus, toasted survivors and those close to them continue to suffer.

Even blood pressure issues and other systolic problems can be lifelong. So this means you will need psychological care and counseling, in addition to skin graphs, and expensive pain medicine. The good news is that when a third party causes that injury, you can make a legal claim against them in court.

Winning Money in Court Can Help Pay for Depression Management.

If you win your court claim, then you should be able to afford long term care. That fact alone will help you control your depressive state.  Also, some lawyers can find excellent physicians and burn surgeons to assist you on a lien basis. Because of this, we can help the survivor beat back what life is throwing at him or her since the tragic event.

Our legal team has painstakingly investigated many fire scenes. Michael Ehline is a member of the "Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc." ("BSTTW"). And Ehline is a scorched victim himself. Plus, he remains a member of the National Fire Protection Association ("NFPA"). Also, our experts use the analysis standards set forth by NFPA 921.

As an aside, many of the above guidelines can assist in identifying the various causes of explosions. And they even established a scientific standard of forensic analysis.