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    DeSantis Wins Legal Case Against Illegal Immigrant Flights to Martha’s Vineyard

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    DeSantis Wins Legal Case Against Illegal Immigrant Flights to Martha’s Vineyard

DeSantis Wins Legal Case Against Illegal Immigrant Flights to Martha’s Vineyard

In June 2022, Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, signed a budget of $12 million for the Florida Department of Transportation that would drive unauthorized migrants outside the state. However, three months after the approval of the budget, he used it in a way not many people were expecting.

DeSantis gathered willing asylum seekers on the streets of San Antonio and moved them on private flights to Massachusetts (Martha’s Vineyard). Many considered the move a controversial one that led to lawsuits against the Florida Gov. Let’s explore the details of the controversial transport of migrants and the suit with Personal Injury Warriors.

DeSantis Allocates Budget to Combat Illegal Immigration for Transporting Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

The private flight in November 2022 made global headlines when DeSantis rounded up 48 illegal immigrants and dumped them off at the doorsteps of Northeastern Democrats. He then took credit for the political move.

Democrats Accuse DeSantis and Florida Department of Using Immigrants for Political Theater

Following the incident, The Southern Poverty Law Center and non-profit immigration rights organizations decided to sue Florida Gov in a Miami federal court.

According to the complaint, the move of flying around 50 Venezuelan illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard by Ron DeSantis and the state’s transportation secretary is against the law as the state is acting on behalf of the federal government and imposing its own immigration laws. 

It also alleges that the political move carried out by DeSantis is discriminatory and constitutes state-sponsored harassment.

A Non-profit Legal Advocacy Organization Screams Illegal Scheme Centered on Exploiting Migrants and Their Vulnerabilities

Paul Chavez, the supervising attorney for Southern Poverty Law Center, spoke to the media, calling it unconstitutional as only the federal government has the authority to regulate immigration policy, and using taxpayers’ money to relocate migrants is an unlawful attempt to harass immigrants.

Even the local sheriff started investigating the allegations the Florida Gov violated federal law by coercing immigrants. At the same time, Representative Adam Schiff called for a House select committee to investigate the statewide program of sending migrants to various sanctuary cities.

Florida Governor Sued by Lawyers for Civil Rights and Non-profit Organizations

In response to the allegations of violating the law levied by the Democrats against DeSantis, the communications director for DeSantis responded by stating that the Florida officials executed the plan under the laws in the Florida state legislature and did not violate federal law. But soon after, DeSantis got hit by ridiculous lawsuits filed by civil rights lawyers, government accountability organizations, and other parties.

The complaint filed in Massachusetts federal court stated that DeSantis illegally used migrants to further his political motives and interests. But how could such a move be illegal when the migrants unconditionally agreed to fly to Martha’s Vineyard? Most of them received a free flight and stayed at Martha’s Vineyard, a fantastic alternative to sitting on the streets.

Lawyers for Civil Rights Disappointed as Judge Dismisses Suit and Other Complaints

The Leon County circuit judge dismissed the lawsuit, stating that DeSantis failed to comply with the public record requests and phone call records with Texas Gov pertaining to the private flights funded by the state.

Judge Angela Dempsey also issued decisions along similar lines rejecting the lawsuit filed by the non-profit Florida Center for Government Accountability, claiming that DeSantis failed to provide requested documents. According to the Judge, no proof of such records existed, which meant that the state could not hold these records from the federal government illegally.

DeSantis Continues to Be a Top Candidate after Proving He Is Not Just a Tough Talker

DeSantis continues to win legal battles. Previously, he won a case where he reinstated the far-left prosecutor Andrew Warren who received the boot for not implementing laws governing “gender-affirming care” for minors in Florida.

Although DeSantis is a tough talker, he wisely chooses his legal battles. He proves that he is always two steps ahead, which makes him a formidable contender for the upcoming presidential elections.

DeSantis spent only a fraction of the $12 million set aside by the Florida legislature for the relocation program and vowed to keep flying migrants until his concerns are seriously heard. Illegal immigrants are a serious problem this country faces, and there seems to be only one person doing something about it!


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