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  • Detransitioner Sues American Academy of Pediatrics Over "Child Grooming," Etc?

    Detransitioner Sues American Academy of Pediatrics Over “Child Grooming,” Etc?

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    Detransitioner Sues American Academy of Pediatrics Over “Child Grooming,” Etc?

In what many call the genocide of parental rights, the plight of radical transgender ideology is once again a topic of discussion. My eyes are still on fire from reading what you’re about to see in this report created with help from several physicians and personal injury attorneys. The more I look at what universities and Governor Newsom have allowed to happen, including censorship of parents, the more I realize our entire healthcare infrastructure needs a complete overhaul.

There is no medical consensus about genital mutilation and using so-called “puberty blockers” to treat mental illness, and there never was. (no matter your age.). I say this not just as a personal injury attorney with a medical background but as a journalist with over 15 years of research on matters of public concern.

A landmark legal battle over radical gender ideology led by pronoun-infatuated teachers’ unions, abortion advocates, and ANTIFA had been shaking the foundations of the medical community culture in California and certainly woke cities like Dallas, Texas. What we call genital mutilation in nature is now called “gender-affirming care,” says more than one angry parent in the city of [You Name it], USA. But many parents say it’s faith-based science, backed up with lots of taxpayer money for medical and psychological care for life. You don’t have to be gay or lesbian, say parents, to know that minors are incapable of consent. Imagine the shock of parents finding out their public school teacher has been secretly helping their T-child “come out.”

Isabelle Ayala

Isabelle Ayala, No Longer a Man, or Never Was?

Nonprofit groups and college professors pushing genital mutilation on minor children are up in arms. In the case at bar, a 20-year-old Florida woman, Isabelle Ayala, has brought forth a lawsuit against the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), accusing them of prioritizing radical, faith-based transgender ideology over her biological sex and well-being. To many, what she alleges is the greatest sin that the spread of extreme gender ideology harassment can perpetrate on children of all ages.

Parents over 50 say these are crimes against children, and they can’t understand why the news keeps characterizing parents as “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.” The depiction reinforced in the media, especially CNN, MSNBC, and CBS, is precisely the opposite of reality, say detransitioning now over 18-year-old adults.

She appears to be accusing the pediatric medical field of profiting from uninformed families and highly impressionable children they like to call “LGBTQ people,” aka their “patients.” These profit-seeking physicians have even come up with a whole class of new definitions, including non-binary, cisgender, etc. Many newly trained, “woke” doctors leaving their college campus groupthink are headed to a pediatric clinic near you, so here is what parents and kids need to read.

This is a substantial reason parents are so upset and fleeing California by the hundreds of thousands. Parents say the state is trying to silence parents in the name of “inclusion.” We have a similar story, but this news is from another state, Rhode Island. The main issue is that many parents are scared they will be canceled or lose their jobs at woke corporations if they stand up. But now their detransitioning children are standing up for themselves as fully “competent, grown adults.”

In essence, she claims her abusers are activist child groomers:

“a collection of actors who prioritized politics and ideology over children’s safety, health, and well-being.”

What is a “Child Groomer?”

Child grooming refers to the process by which an adult builds a relationship with a child, often through manipulation and deception, with the intention of exploiting the child for sexual or exploitative purposes. (See also NSW Government.)

Abusers seek out jobs such as teachers or priests to gain access to unsupervised children or, as in the case of schools, positions of authority.

The Plaintiff’s Complaint

She blames her caretakers for child-grooming her into gender transition as a minor pre and post-14th year of life on earth. She and many other young people claim that so-called puberty blockers destroyed their lives. Due to problems with her vagina from male hormones, sexual activity will be harrowing, if not impossible.

Ayala’s harrowing experience brings to light an alarming trend that can only be classified as “child grooming” under the traditional definitions before the Joe Biden Administration took office. And the relationship between big pharma, doctors unions, and the government now more than ever shows evidence of forced transitions done for a profit motive, as will be discussed.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. – Martin Luther King Jr.

The Disturbing Story of Isabelle Ayala’s Medical Transition

The unfortunate story of Isabelle Ayala highlights the potential dangers and issues related to the rapid transition processes that some minors undergo. Many parents ask why police don’t enforce pornography laws at public schools. They are complaining that schools are being used as brainwashing camps to separate kids from their children.

Due to a vast disinformation campaign by political hacks, Ayala’s reality was blurred as a small child. So, she accepted adult attempts to normalize her dysphoria. In other countries, dysphoria, a mental illness, is not treated with expensive plastic surgery and damaging drugs. Instead, children receive therapy to accept how they were created.

The widely accepted practice of gender-affirming therapy (GAT) to treat a vulnerable population despite the associated health risks, the lack of supportive scientific evidence for the pharmacological and surgical interventions, along with the unqualified claim that these interventions will decrease the rate of suicide in these individuals presents a significant bioethical dilemma. – Robles M. The Bioethical Dilemma of Gender-Affirming Therapy in Children and Adolescents. Linacre Q. 2021 Aug;88(3):259-271. doi: 10.1177/0024363921989475. Epub 2021 Feb 17. PMID: 34565902; PMCID: PMC8375366.

In some cases, Europe has us beaten. For example, when it comes to mutilating and destroying kids, they side with parents instead of woke universities and population control advocates. This is the first time in history, say parents, that faith-based, political ideology has interfered against parental rights to such a large degree.

Citing insufficient research, European health bodies from Sweden to France are taking a more conservative approach to gender-affirming care for minors. – US News and World Report

It used to be a death sentence for people to talk about radical transgender activism and child grooming on Twitter. So many parents had no clue about what was happening at our schools. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, people no longer have their accounts throttled for discussing parental rights, so let’s do it NOW before parents lose access to information again.

“[Girls] on testosterone therapy frequently experience symptoms of vaginal atrophy similar to those of the post-menopausal state, including dryness, irritation, bleeding with vaginal penetration (sex or medical examination), and dyspareunia (Peitzmeier et al., 2014; Potter et al., 2015).” – Krakowsky Y, Potter E, Hallarn J, Monari B, Wilcox H, Bauer G, Ravel J, Prodger JL. The Effect of Gender-Affirming Medical Care on the Vaginal and Neovaginal Microbiomes of Transgender and Gender-Diverse People. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2022 Jan 21;11:769950. doi: 10.3389/fcimb.2021.769950. PMID: 35127550; PMCID: PMC8814107.

Girls on T likely need a hysterectomy within five years or so. These pharmaceuticals are used off-label, with no long-term clinical trials having been performed. To do so seems unethical. Puberty is not pathological. Huge developmental gains stand to be had throughout puberty. Placing kids on PB and then wrong sex hormones is medical malpractice at the very least, and criminal to the brainwashed victims [experiments to promote transgenderism and bill patients Monday through Friday] who snapped out of the reported K-12 political indoctrination.

More than one concerned mother has contacted us expressing disgust at their school board, asking how they can leave the state of California cheaply and where they can move. Whether you are a boy or a girl, all genders risk adult intervention by activist teachers and physicians with lots of money to make on surgeries and hormone therapy for life.

“The truth is, radical gender ideology is systemic, and our university system is pushing it on the next generation of law professors and public school teachers,” says Robert Hammond.

In many cases, US physicians (California in particular) are reportedly accused of being monsters targeting kids as residual income and NOT being decent human beings. More and more in the Western world, we are seeing stories covering California public school teachers (many LGBTQ activists on the local school board) trying to help trans kids “come out” SECRETLY from parents, even keeping their school health care secret from moms and dad, claiming it would be violent to prevent the child from “coming out.”

Connecting the dots, almost at whim, we see that nursing and doctors’ unions are pushing hard to perform tax or insurance-paid “gender-affirming care” transitions on young people, aka “trans-people.” In this case, Ayala, who now identifies as a female again, reinforces that she was rushed into the transition [by adults] without thorough evaluation or consideration for her mental health as part of the radical, so-called trans agenda. In a lawsuit, she accuses the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and her doctors of favoring politics and ideology above the safety and well-being of young people.

The question is whether personal injury attorneys are so political that cognitive dissonance has clouded their duty to do right. Why isn’t every law firm in the country trying to shut down the idea that affirming a mental illness with drugs and mutilation in extremely impressionable MINOR CHILDREN is good? We don’t need a new law. Parents are saying they believe the chants at Pride Day, “were coming for your children,” and they are fighting back. And their destroyed children are maturing and realizing people with a radical political agenda groomed them.

Sexual activity for a biological male with their penis removed generally results in a plethora of medical problems too. None of this is safe for a minor of any age, say doctors, not billing insurance companies and the state. THEY ARE SUING.

The Deeper Roots of the Issue 

According to Ayala, her journey began when she experienced a series of distressing events related to being a female child. This led her to believe her life would be better as a male. She found reinforcement of this dysphoria within the transgender activist community, particularly on Tumblr.

Ayala felt that transitioning would ‘fix’ her. But instead of guiding her through deep introspection and therapy, the healthcare system, as alleged by Ayala, fast-tracked her toward medical transition. 

Her Caretakers Said to Lie About Being Suicidal To Get Steroids Faster

Ayala claims that she was instructed to fake suicidal ideation to receive a testosterone prescription speedily. She alleges that healthcare providers largely ignored her previous diagnoses of autism, ADHD, and PTSD. At 14, she was put on cross-sex hormones to initiate her transition after just a single short visit to a clinic, a situation she refers to as medical malpractice, fraud, and civil conspiracy. 

Consequences of Hastened Transition – Hashimoto’s Disease/Attempted Suicide 

Ultimately, she was so depressed over destroying her body that she attempted suicide. Years after the unsuccessful transition, Ayala is left grappling with unwanted side effects and health conditions, including unwanted body hair, vaginal atrophy, an altered bone structure from the testosterone, and Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disease typically found in males in her family.

The ACA Lawsuit

Ayala sued the American Academy of Pediatrics and the doctors involved in her transition, seeking compensatory and punitive damages. The distressing story of Isabelle Ayala and her family serves as a chilling reminder of the need for thorough psychological evaluations, a transparent and comprehensive approach to informed consent, and the consideration of potential long-term impacts on physical and mental health before any medical transition process. It also serves as a warning that grown adults are chasing money for surgeries and drugs, and mutilating minor children are not safe from the wrath of the lives they destroyed. MINORS are INCAPABLE of consent for a reason. 

Struggling with Post-Transition Effects 

Ayala’s life post-transition is fraught with challenges, mainly related to health management and financial instability induced by mounting medical bills. This struggle further emphasizes the dire consequences of rushed and poorly considered medical interventions in a minor’s life, which can result in long-term mental, physical, and financial stress.

“I just really don’t want this to happen to other vulnerable young girls,” says Ayala, who brings in focus the urgency for a comprehensive legal and ethical review of the current procedures in treating conditions such as gender dysphoria, especially in the context of minors.

The lawsuit names seven doctors and accuses them of civil conspiracy, fraud, and medical malpractice. Doctors named in the lawsuit include Dr. Jason Rafferty, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’s LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness Committee. The lawsuit alleges that Ayala, who was diagnosed with gender dysphoria by Dr. Jason Rafferty, was propelled onto a speedy path of transition, incorporating medically prescribed cross-sex hormones, without adequate consideration of her overall mental health. The woman continues to suffer and requires ongoing medical care.

Suing Schools & Institutions in California 

The Ayala case also finds alarming resonance in California, where layers of secrecy may be facilitating similar neglectful treatment of minors.

Let’s delve deeper into this critical issue: 

  • Schools: Secretive processes leading to questionable actions in California schools under the guise of trans activism could be targeted. Legal steps could be considered against institutions if it can be validated that they are subtly grooming children to change their gender identity without proper consent or under undue influence.
  • CPS and Districts: Parents and abused children also have legal recourse against the Child Protective Services (CPS) and the school districts if it can be proven that they have been complicit in pressuring or neglecting the well-being of children during their gender transition processes.

While the journey through the courts may be challenging, legal professionals like the Ehline Law Firm are ready to help. This high-profile lawsuit heralds a rallying point for change, a change to defend the children from potential self-destruction instigated by systemic negligence.

California, known for its progressive policies and practices, is central to this controversy. Within its education system, there have been allegations of the promotion of transgender ideology without the necessary parental consent or involvement. Indeed, there are growing concerns about schools “grooming” children, subliminally encouraging them to change their gender identity, again without the necessary safeguards of parental notification and consent. 

Let’s remember, we’re talking about minors, young minds that are much easier to influence. They may not wholly understand the long-lasting implications of changing their gender identity. They could be led to rush into life-altering decisions that they may regret later. Your child’s school should provide a safe, nurturing environment that respects parental rights and transparency. Suppose you believe that your child’s rights, health, and well-being have been disregarded or violated in favor of politically charged ideologies or financial incentives.

In that case, you have every right to seek legal redress. We provide just that service at Ehline Law Firm and can be reached anytime, 24/7. When you are ready to hire us, we stand ready to help. For better or worse, we will stand by your side as you take on the administrative state to support your unalienable rights as parents and as new adults. We have won millions for injured clients, and we can help you, too. And based on what we see corrupt physicians do, we think this should lead to more than one arrest.

The Role of Ehline Law Firm in This Battle 

The Ehline Law Firm is ready to step into this battle and help parents who are concerned about their children’s welfare. Are you troubled that your child’s school is secretly grooming students to change their gender identity without parental consent or notification? Has your child undergone treatments that have led to permanent physical harm or mental distress without a complete understanding of the potential consequences? Then, it would help if you considered taking legal action against the person or persons who brainwashed you. 

Ehline Law Firm is dedicated to providing support to parents feeling helpless and children who feel lost and abused. Its objective goes beyond winning cases—saving lives and restoring families. 

With a team of experienced lawyers skilled in dealing with complex cases against schools, CPS, and other institutional offender offenders, the Ehline Law firm can help you navigate the legal labyrinth to demand justice for your child and others walking on the same painful path. 

Together, we can make a stand and ensure the protection of children across California. Lawsuits like Ayala’s aren’t merely personal court cases. They are the front line in the battle for our children’s future.

With this context in mind, it’s essential to understand that cases like Ayala’s aren’t simply happening in isolation. Similar scenarios are occurring right here in California, where schools may be acting similarly by grooming children to alter their gender identity, often without parental knowledge or consent. 

The Case for Legal Action Against Schools 

Let’s be clear: Influencing a child to alter their gender identity without thorough medical and psychological examination, as well as informed parental consent, represents a grave misstep. Legal actions can be taken regarding the potential for grooming in California schools. 

  • Violation of rights: The law mandates that the rights of children and parents must be respected. If a child has been influenced and pushed towards a transition without adequate evaluation and parental involvement, it could be interpreted as a direct violation of these rights. Schools soliciting this behavior could, therefore, be held accountable. Mental illnesses like gender dysphoria can be treated without destroying children, and parents have a right to know what activist teachers are doing behind their backs!
  • Fraudulent practices: Misleading children and their families about the safety and effects of hormone therapy and psychiatric treatment may be grounds for a lawsuit for fraud, malpractice, and possibly even corporate negligence. There are too many red flags to think this is some mistake. They are even telling kids that men or women is a fraudulent practice, according to many scientists, especially molecular biologists. There is no reason to expand definitions to fit someone’s activist delusions about human sexuality.

Initiating these lawsuits against schools, school districts, or any institution that fails to protect the interests of children can set strong precedents, discouraging future incidents of misguided gender influence and ensuring accountability enforcement. We hope that greedy, monstrous doctors will take this as a shot across the bow and respect parental rights, once and for all.

The Hidden Dangers of Rapid Medical Transition for Minors

What happened to Isabelle Ayala is not an isolated incident. It reflects a broader trend wherein young individuals, often minors, feel encouraged or influenced to pursue a medical transition without fully comprehending the long-term implications. Despite the painted picture of liberation and identity affirmation, the hasty and often pressured act of transitioning can have severe and irreversible physical and psychological consequences. This raises pertinent questions about the system guiding these children and the resulting duty of care. 

Questioning California Schools’ Role in Child Grooming 

In recent years, there have been increasing concerns about the role schools in California and elsewhere might be playing in shaping children’s gender identities. Stories are surfacing about secretive grooming that promotes radical ideologies or pushes children toward transitioning. This disturbing trend cannot be ignored, calling for an urgent need to hold responsible parties accountable. 

What can be particularly alarming is this: Imagine your child is being influenced, often subtly, to question their gender identity. Add to that the possibility that the school you trust with your child’s education facilitates this grooming. This is a gross breach of trust and an infringement on the child’s and their parents’ rights. 

Suing the Schools and State Agencies for Child Protection 

This is the juncture where legal action becomes crucial. When they come of age, parents, guardians, and even children have the legal right to challenge any institution or individual contributing to such manipulative and harmful practices. It is about seeking justice for what has happened and preventing similar occurrences in the future. In California, parents and guardians can sue schools and Child Protection Services (CPS) for failing to protect children under their care. 

Such lawsuits serve a dual purpose. First, they signify a demand for accountability and justice. Second, they act as a strong deterrent, emphasizing that such actions will not be tolerated and negligence will have severe legal consequences. 

Ehline Law Firm: A Champion for Justice 

Suing large institutions like schools, CPS, or healthcare providers can be daunting, so expert legal support is essential. The Ehline Law Firm stands at the forefront of such legal battles, advocating for those affected and ensuring their voices are heard. 

With a specialized team highly experienced in handling sensitive cases involving minors, Ehline Law Firm provides all the necessary resources, skillset, and determination needed to navigate the complexities of California’s legal system. If you are a parent seeking justice for your child, turning to Ehline is not merely a choice – it’s a step towards reclamation. And for affected children, Ehline Law Firm is a beacon of hope for the justice they deserve.

The greatest danger to our future is apathy.
– Jane Goodall

Together, We Can Make a Difference.

We hope this article helped you understand what the aims of teachers’ and physicians’ unions play in this if you had any doubt. No adult should be speaking with your child about sexuality, marriage, or making babies without parental consent. Anything less is unlawful discrimination against the parents of children and adolescents going through puberty. If we are not notified, we must assume our children are being groomed, even if they are not gay or trans. Child sexual abuse is abhorrent. Discriminating against parents by woke transgender activists in medicine and the education system is dangerous. The brainwashing of young people using campus “groupthink,” peer pressure, and woke activist teachers is what most people are worried about here and in other states.

And this is not just conservative parents saying this about the modern woke gender ideology child abuser backlash. We parents must push for better guidelines to make sure that controlling and abusive behavior by teachers, unions, and profit-seeking physicians is taken into account before buying into the majority of what these incredibly (financially) biased people say.

We want to be sure they never get these decisions wrong by taking away their profit incentive. Let’s unite against these illicit practices by creating awareness, voicing our concerns, and taking legal action. Together with experts like Ehline Law Firm, we can challenge the system and push for legislation to safeguard our children’s futures and sense of well-being from birth until they leave this earth. Call to hire a parental rights lawsuit lawyer today by dialing (213) 596-9642.


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Munchausen-by-proxy. “My kid is special, therefore so am I.”


Michael Ehline

Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of the largest motorcycle accident settlements in U.S. History. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients. We pride ourselves in being available to answer your most pressing and difficult questions 24/7. We are proud sponsors of the Paul Ehline Memorial Motorcycle Ride, and a a Service Disabled Veteran Operated Business. (SDVOB.) We are ready to fight.

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