Did GoFundMe Violate Trucker's Rights to Protest Against Forced Drug Injections?

“Pro-Trudeau law enforcement forces demand that Go Fund Me stop helping mostly peaceful demonstrators seeking basic human rights raise funds to throw out the Pro-China Trudeau.”

Here are the arguments over the freedom convoy and vaccine mandates. The traditional, limited government position of the right and the truckers is as follows: Communist China is pushing its Silicon Valley allies to censor anyone who doesn’t support big government, especially its “Communist Chinese fiefdom inside the “Communist Chinese Puppet,” Trudeau government.'”

Many military vets (Especially highly decorated Canadian veteran truckers) are pushing back against what they perceive as crooked politicians and for-profit media, funded by large pharmaceutical companies beholden to special interests, including those of the Communist Chinese Army and pro-Chinese, anti-Canadian officials in Ottawa.

For those who watch Canadian news or listen to U.S. progressive-run NPR, you may be unaware of what conservatives call pure hypocrisy. It’s harder and harder to find opposition research on social media as it becomes “fact-checked” and “disappeared,” according to many researchers. You see keyword clusters of #Nazi, #whiteracists, #veteranmemorialvandalism, etc., with ZERO fact; check labels to make sure you know what to think.

As you will recall, after GoFundMe supported and enabled violent, far-left, anti-western extremists during the BLM/ANTIFA riots (2019-2021), where truckers were attacked and forced to run over rioters or receive a potentially deadly beating while delivering goods through Los Angeles and other progressive towns with Freeways. GoFundMe wanted to divert the trucker’s dollars from Freedom Convoy fundraisers to charities approved by “GoFundMe.”

Given how this situation has evolved, no further funds will be directly distributed to the Freedom Convoy organizers — we will work with organizers to send all remaining funds to credible and established charities verified by GoFundMe.GoFundMe supports organizations like Marxist-inspired B.L.M. that go against everything the truckers stand for (law and order, science, not being beaten to death while delivering goods in a Peterbilt, etc.), which raised ire from the truckers, their neighbors, friends, families, and praise from the Trudeau government and Communist China organizations inside Canada.

GoFundMe, Vaccine Mandates, and the Freedom Convoy

Republican lawmakers claim the democrats are weaponizing agencies like the I.R.S. and F.B.I. to work hand in hand with silicon valley to go after conservatives, especially truckers, construction workers, and U.S. Marine vets, etc. GoFundme is merely doing what the progressive globalists want them to do, so they keep ranking high on Google and not get black or greylisted in the SERPS. Only established charities and facts verified by leftist fact-checkers are exempt from labels calling them “hate crimes” and granting them self-righteous titles like “peaceful protests.” Under this cloud of unfairness, other crowdfunding and social media platforms seem to be going all-in for the “woke” censorship society, according to the U.S. Republicans, Tucker Carlson, and many Canadian truckers.

Many Democrats argue that all white people are “racists,” and if you disagree, you are a “colonizer,” “Karen,” or a “misogynist, racist, white male.”

Our last Supreme Court justices thought differently. They argued that applicable laws do matter when a private business acts as an agent for the state to deprive someone of their rights just because they look different. Maybe not in the Canadian capital, but in the United States, the far left (democrats and K.K.K. allies in the U.S.) lost this effort once before in the 1960s. Cases like U.S. v. Price evolved into cases that highlighted how democrat-run cafes used the police to kick out and deny blacks inside to eat food, etc. (See, e.g., Burton v. Wilmington Parking Authority.).

The Supreme Court said private people could be sued when they invoke this state action. Unfortunately, most people with disappearing attention spans ignore the history and accept propaganda masked as news, created by for-profit, often political media as journalists. Stop. We are not medieval peasants begging at the court of President Xi. That’s what we are hearing from former Google employees who have decided to quit.

Is GoFundMe A State Actor?

Maybe. Here, the state asks GoFundMe to deny the truckers their money. An argument can be made that GoFundMe is being used as a tool of the Canadian Left and doing its bidding. If the U.S. government is involved, there could be a state-actor basis to sue. Many accusations have been made against social media, as being basically a tool for the U.S. Democrat National Committee, with funding and control tied indirectly and even directly to communist China. When a private actor uses the power of the state to deny a U.S. citizen their civil rights, the private actor can be sued under “State Actor Theory.” But that’s only if CNN doesn’t taint the jury with allegations of “racism.”

According to Senator Ted Cruz, GoFundMe has become nothing less than a state actor under U.S. Civil Rights laws, doing the bidding of the radical left, and treating everyone else as “anti-government,” “racist,” “homophobes,” etc. The fact-check label pushed by the far left also removes social media and even Google from protections under Section 230, as most fact-check labels are politically biased and outright false mischaracterizations. In other words, the fact-check label edits alter and republish the original author’s intent. This is precisely what Section 230 sought to avoid. Instead, net neutrality is now used as a bludgeon to silence the political right, according to Evidence.

Is China Behind All of This?

Under this framework, conservatives say the “the heavily Chinese Communist Influenced Trudeau” is attacking conservatives using “far-left run GoFundMe” to defund them. “How do we know China is likely the driving force here against the truckers,” asks Robert Hammond of Santa Ana, CA. Simple, Trudeau and his ministers ignored the clarion call.

“Canada Protesters urge Prime Minister Trudeau to recognize Uyghur genocide in China.” In response to legislation recognizing the Communist Chinese genocide, 33 Canadian lawmakers [Trudeau’s people], all of them have received support from China, railed against the bill!

Communist Chinese-Canada “Mouthpiece”?

Trudeau-China’s de-facto spokesperson, Yuen Pao Woo of the Communist Chinese “Mouthpiece,” Independent Senators Group, says Canada hurt Indians, so China has no liability here. Hence, it’s foolish to bother arguing over the ongoing rapes and murders committed by the communist Chinese army against Chinese Muslim Uighurs. (Source.).

“China’s foreign ministry is praising Canadian senators.”

“‘China’s foreign ministry is praising Canadian senators [Trudeau loyalists] who voted down a motion to label the Chinese government’s treatment of Uyghurs as genocide — calling them “people of vision” who see through “the despicable schemes of a few anti-China forces.’” (Source.).

Conservatives say Trudeau is angry with Canadian truckers, and conservatives have upset the patronage of his allies and president Xi in Communist China. “The entire Trudeau Cabinet of 35 ministers abstained from the vote on the motion that the Conservative Party put forward.” (Source – Communist Chinese Genocide.).

“The idea was that once everyone showed compliance by taking the vaccine, everyone would start acting like loyal members of the Chinese Communist Party. But that didn’t happen. Only people receiving campaigns and other funding from the Chinese government are behind this garbage. We want our freedom back,” said John Fry, a former delivery driver living in Redondo Beach, CA.

As Facebook sheds users using the same tactics as GoFundMe, will Silicon Valley continue its war against the convoy organizers and other pro-family organizations in favor of the Trudeau regime and other anti-family organizations?

No Fuel For You, Say Police

As GoFundMe ponders the fate of the remaining funds it has withheld, Ottawa police are instructing that fuel should not be brought in to truckers who are stranded, blocking roads.

“The city’s police department also warned Sunday that anyone attempting to bring “material” support to the trucks, including gasoline, would be subject to arrest. Throughout the protests, people had been seen lugging cans of gas to keep the blockade trucks’ engines running.” (Source- Reuters.). These people are serious about fighting the vaccine mandates. Freedom Convoy truckers ask why the Ottawa police would want to keep roads blocked by making sure the trucks are out of gas.

Other donors at Parliament Hill are just disgusted that zero science is being used as a basis to force people to keep injecting themselves with a vaccine that doesn’t even vaccinate or prevent the spread.

Tow Truck Drivers Being Investigated For Refusing to Help Trudeau Regime?

Again, without citing any evidence, Pro-Trudeau news sources allege Canadian tow truck drivers are refusing to tow freedom trucks out of fear and intimidation by the racist, “anti-Canadian truckers.” All we know is that a journalist said Ottowa police are investigating the lack of tow truck company “cooperation” (Source – Ottowa CCCCP News.), and that gave rise to all the false, unverified stories comparing truckers to gangsters by the leftist, pro-communist China Trudeau regime.

If the Canadian capital had total control over the global news as the Communist Chinese have in Beijing, you wouldn’t be reading this article about Canadian truck drivers or the GoFundMe remaining funds at all.

The trucking industry lobby is torn between giving lip service to Trudeau, keeping its nonprofit status, and losing the membership base that pays it, as big government acolytes represent its dwindling membership base. In the meantime, pro-freedom convoy forces are refusing to use Facebook and other pro-Trudeau social media platforms and seeking out patriotic representation and platforms not tainted by for-profit media and Trudeau.

GoFundMe, Remaining Funds, and Canadian Truckers?

The pro-Trudeau forces argue that it’s not a “forced vaccine” because you can give up your trucking job, life, remaining funds in your savings and future income and stay home, indoors, fully masked. Their argument is their right to be safe trumps your rights to work, earn further funds, and carry on with your everyday life. To them and local law enforcement, Truck drivers protesting are the problem, not the solution.

The Nazi False Flag?

As expected, GoFundMe found a pretext to remove the viral campaign of pro-democracy forces that had been helping fund the anti-forced vaccine mandate trucking protest. Propped up by the Trudeau government, Canadian news has floated unverifiable stories that truckers vandalized a vet memorial (Fact-checkers verify a few trucks were parked near a war memorial and ZERO evidence truckers trashed anything – FAKE NEWS.). We also see stories with ZERO photos or Evidence that the freedom truckers (many of whom are highly decorated combat vets) are waving Nazi flags.

Forums exploded against the absurd reporting about truckers, white supremacy, etc.:

“Disappointed this is the angle from which you chose to report on this huge story. Word on the ground is that the persons carrying this flag and one other objectionable flag (Confederate) are NOT truckers or supporters of their Freedom Movement. Still, instead, provocation euros seeking to bring the group in … Omicron has changed the game. There is NO justification for vaccine mandates and passports.

I am vaccinated, but I could just as easily infect someone as a non-vaccinated person. Please show us the studies documenting unvaccinated truck drivers presenting a greater risk to public health than vaccinated drivers! Please show us the studies documenting unvaccinated travelers, diners, and healthcare workers (especially those with natural immunity) present a greater risk to public health than their vaccinated counterparts!! They don’t exist.” (Source, Jerusalem Post.).

Remarkably, the communists killed far more people than the Nazis. Yet, Marxist flags, burning down cities, and calling all police “racists” was never an issue for GoFundMe until communist China was brought into the mix. Two U.S. Supreme Court Justices asserted that unvaccinated people are responsible for COVID Omicron deaths and crammed hospitals. Those left-leaning justices were not fact-checked or banned by Instagram or Facebook. So obviously, say the left, the trucker convoy is wrong! Fact-check labels decide the truth, and emotion makes it necessary to believe.

GiveSendGo – What Trudeau Wasn’t Banking On

When others have tried to create pro-free speech platforms, waves have been made. One such platform stole the GoFundMe and Trudeau propaganda chatter in one fell swoop. GiveSendGo remains dedicated to the “Freedom Convoy” and has already surpassed $2.5 million in donations since early Sunday morning. Their web page asserts it will send its fund to support the “Incorporated Freedom 2022 Human Rights And Freedom Association,” arguing that:

Our current government is implementing rules and mandates destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries, and livelihoods. Canadians have been integral to the fabric of humanity in many ways that have shaped the planet.

Look for the Trudeau-China alliance to find a way to take down this “wrong thinking” website as well. In the meantime, look for GoFundMe and sites like Facebook to lose prestige.

Will GoFundMe Be Blown Out Like Facebook Was?

Facebook started using Trudeau/China rhetoric, adding “fact check labels” and using fact-checkers, aka censors (many of whom are in the Communist Chinese Army or receiving their funds, to silence its users.) The Facebook stock recently plummeted as users left the alleged Communist Chinese tainted media platform in favor of a platform that stops trying to patronize users with blatant left-wing propaganda and fact checks.

Many conservatives argue that, like Facebook, GoFundMe decided to become part of the Trudeau government’s corporate-government propaganda/censorship wing.

However, the left has a point. The more you obey, the less crime and violence there will be. China learned how to silence its opposition. With help from Silicon Valley, its vassals in Canada and the U.S. could do the same using the social credit system the U.S. democrats are pushing hard to implement.

Note that China is committing genocide against its people, and they are the same people teaching silicon valley how to keep you quiet as your currency goes digital. They even got the Olympics. Third Reich Germany and Communist China pulled it off? Imagine if they had digital currency. Not even the K.G.B. or Stasi had the potential power to silence a political opponent.

Hammer and Sickle = Good?

Initially, GoFundMe said it had been “reviewing” the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser, claiming it was “still compliant” with GoFundMe’s “vaccine misinformation” rules. You heard right. Many companies parrot whatever pro-forced mandate politicians and their police say is “scientific fact.”

Once that happens, you are censored and silenced unless your group comes from a political organization that may have received money from a pharmaceutical company lobbyist, etc., say people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Conservatives in Canada are mad, saying unless you wave a hammer and sickle flag and burn down cities, you have unwanted thoughts and are immediately labeled a Nazi by far-left organizations like the A.D.L. According to those in academia and other left-wing organizations in D.C., these thought crimes could incite violence.

Patty Garder of Ottowa says: “Conservatives are furious, whereas liberals are thrilled that people who don’t think and act like them are being canceled and jailed!”

After GoFundMe disabled the truckers, the massive donation campaign reached 10 million Canadian dollars. So politicians sounded off. The pro-Trudeau leftists and journalists argued that the money trail led to Ms. Lich’s campaign funder, so it was a scam. Lich had been the regional coordinator for Wexit in Southeastern Alberta. She was also a member of the West Alberta board to join a Trump-style revolution against international political-corporate gangsterism.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) tweeted: “It is a fraud for @gofundme to commandeer $9M in donations sent to support truckers and give it to causes of their choosing,” further stating, “I will work with @AGAshleyMoody to investigate these deceptive practices — these donors should be given a refund.”

Rep Jim. Jordan (R-OH) correctly asserted that “GoFundMe promoted the ANTIFA-occupied CHOP zone in Seattle, But they shut down fundraisers for truckers protesting #COVID mandates.”

Benny Johnson tweeted that the “Go Fund Me story was my breaking point. Blood boiling. FUCK GO FUND ME. Could you put them in prison? Authoritarian boot-licking thieving scum. Not another dollar to them – EVER.” (Source.).

GoFundMe Cites Evidence from “Trudeau” this is “Organized” “Unlawful Activity” To Refuse Full Refunds?

“We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity,” the company said in a statement Friday. After “multiple discussions with local law enforcement and city officials,” GoFundMe determined that the fundraiser violates a rule that prohibits “the promotion of violence and harassment.”

We contacted GoFundMe to ask what evidence they have, as we could not find anything supporting that truckers vandalized a war memorial, waved Nazi or rebel flags, etc. So far, GoFundMe has declined comment and has provided zero Evidence that anyone funding the protest is promoting violence.

Evidence truckers were waving Nazi and confederate battle flags is NON-EXISTENT, other than in forums with truckers claiming they wanted to beat these “infiltrators up.”

Pro-Trudeau journalists keep making up allegations of racism and Nazis. So far, zero proof or even a fact-check label has made its way into the discussion. Is there any photo evidence of this “organized” “unlawful activity?”

The current GoFundMe campaign started last January in response to the Canadian government’s vaccine [Trudeau] mandates for truckers crossing the country. It quickly became a global movement against what protesters describe as authoritarian governments taking away their freedoms.

These trucker protests are just the beginning. With more money raised along the route, they are now building steam in the U.S.A. out of Downtown Ottawa, and fuel costs skyrocket for most truckers. Vaccine mandates are unpopular, and despite what police reports of violence say, the story we are seeing played out on the ground is that truckers are sick of the Chinese Communist-style dictates of the left.

More About the Freedom Convoy Story

Trucks protests continue until the expected Tienanmen-style military intervention occurs for convoy shutdowns. After all, comrade Trudeau says truckers protesting his regime are an “insult.” The truckers who support the legitimate Canadian government say Trudeau is an insult who licks the boots of the Chinese communists who went “full Castro.”

With so many fully vaccinated participants and donors in Toronto accusing GoFundMe of “seizing” their donations and sabotaging their clear distribution plan, Dichter said they would also consider Bitcoin. Our readers will recall that Bitcoin is another product Communist China has warned their good friends in the Canada-based Trudeau government against allowing it in Canada.

Are The Freedom Truckers Anti-Vaxxers?

No. One thing is sure these freedom convoy truckers think vaccines are good and that vaccine mandates are harmful. In response, like U.S. demoncrats, rather than present science or a tenable argument against the peaceful protest, Trudeau and his allies have decided to paint-decorated military vets and other truckers as Nazis and white supremacists.

This is the news we have so far from the Freedom Convoy 2022 Fundraiser and trucker protest rally. Quite frankly, the same response was given by most journalists any time people disagreed with Marxism that our readers complain about in virtually every news story.

The pro-freedom truckers style themselves as pro-freedom. They believe vaccine mandates are making Canada more like communist China. According to the right, even the government’s message is like something from a George Orwell novel. If the vaccine doesn’t provide immunity (and it DOES NOT), change the definition, so it’s defined to do precisely what a therapeutic like “Ivermectin” does, but ban therapeutics as a “wrong thinking,” “conspiracy theory” drugs intended for animals at the veterinarian. (Ivermectin has been approved for human use by the N.I.H. since 1996)

Can I Sue GoFundMe?

Anyone can sue anyone. Can you win? Maybe. GoFundMe may be sued under State Actor theory and probably violates many state laws regarding fraud and disclosure of biased financial relationships rules. Perhaps even laws against relationships with foreign governments are being ignored here.

There was a time when it was accepted that we would support our own countries. But communist China has expertly infiltrated college campuses, professorships, and corporations in Silicon Valley. In effect, they have control over much of the media narrative.

We are all “racists,” and China is good. Suing China would be near impossible and enforcing a judgment even harder in the era of for-profit journalism.

Most experts recommend stopping buying products made by the Communists and electing politicians with children who worked for communist Chinese human rights abusers. This could help reduce influence peddling and blackmail that could go along with having a compromised leader running your country. Were you impressed with this article?

Did you suffer a personal injury resulting from a trucking accident in your industry? Ehline Law Firm is an expert in commercial trucking and civil rights laws. We found the GoFundMe story illustrative of the lives of Canadian truck drivers and how protesting can lead to national movements over freedom lost to murderous thugs in Communist China and from making up fake stories to undermine people who don’t want what’s happening around us. Did we miss anything? Let us know. Contact our truck accident attorneys at (213) 596-9642.


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