Jun 10, 2020

How to Report a Dog Bite in California

Different Roles for Different People After a Dog Bite Attack.

Following a dog bite attack, the immediate need is the medical treatment for the injuries. You may be thinking about the best way to get treatment or to care for a loved one. Serious injuries require more attention and time, and thus other elements surrounding the attack often fall to the wayside. And this includes reporting the dog bite to animal control or the police.

Doing so as quickly as possible creates a record of the attack. It also allows authorities to know whether the dog was previously involved in a similar attack. If not, they can record the first attack. If so, the police can euthanize the dog.

Furthermore, understanding the dog attack also allows authorities to quarantine the dog. They can do so to see if the dog is rabid. Besides, different people involved in the bite have different responsibilities. Having said that, if you or a loved one got bitten, you could report the attack to the right people.

For example, doctors have a special obligation after an attack. They must contact authorities following all dog attacks that require medical attention. Also, this includes cases where both the victim and the dog owner do not want the doctor to contact animal control. But there are other cases where it is necessary to contact animal control, as well.

Where You Report a Dog Bite Often Depends on Locality.

Different states and counties often have similar guidelines for reporting dog bite attacks. Usually, the best first place to go is the local animal control office. There, the officer on duty can determine how to record the attack. Furthermore, in some cases, animal control will request assistance from another agency.

In some cases, this may include the local police or medical professionals. One thing is the same between all of these cases. When in doubt, contact animal control as soon as possible.