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Dog Bite Safety Tips: Taking Precautionary Measures to Avoid Dog Bites


Dog Bite Safety Tips: Taking Precautionary Measures to Avoid Dog Bites

It’s common to feel fear and worry around other people’s pet dogs, especially after recent dog bites surfacing across the United States. According to a 2o20 study by Peter S. Tuckel & William Milczarski, on average, 1,000 residents daily bitten by dogs require medical attention or emergency care treatment.

In the same 2018 study, dog bites were one of the country’s leading causes (number 13 on the list) of nonfatal emergency department visits. A dog’s bite can lead to severe medical conditions after contracting an infection, including meningitis and septic shock, and if not treated immediately, dog bites can result in death.

Although dog bites can be terrifying, there are steps a dog owner can take to ensure the safety of others. Let’s review some precautionary measures to avoid dog bites with Ehline Law and our dog bite personal injury attorneys.

Dog Bite Prevention: What Steps Should Dog Owners Take

Most dog bites involve familiar dogs, which is why dog owners must take the following steps.

Inadequate Care

Many dog owners are busy in their daily routines that they fail to train and exercise their dogs, making them more aggressive. Taking your dog out for short walks is not enough physical activity for many dog breeds, affecting their attitude and behavior towards others.

Notice Behaviors

Dog owners should always be on the lookout for depression or concerning signs such as excessive barking and restlessness. The lack of physical and mental stimuli can change a dog’s behavior.

Do Your Research

If you don’t have a pet dog and are considering buying one, you must conduct your research into the dog breed that would be perfect for you. For example, if you’re unavailable most of the time, you shouldn’t consider purchasing or adopting a Labrador Retriever as they are highly social dogs.

After getting a pet dog, the owner must start their training. The trainer can help the dog overcome aggressive behavior or negative habits within the first 12 months by rewarding manners and following routines.

Socialize Your Dog

Socializing makes dogs comfortable and more friendly. Under-socialized dogs put their owners and others at risk as they often remain in fear, making them more likely to bite someone. To increase familiarity, dog owners must ensure that their puppies socialize with other pets and people and interact with objects.

Supervise Your Dog

No matter how much you train your dog, you cannot risk leaving them alone. Interactions with aggressive animals or humans can coerce your dog into biting them. Make sure you’re with your pet, even in a fenced environment.

Understanding a Dog’s Body Language Is Important for Everyone

Dogs are emotional creatures who exhibit happy, angry, curious or threatened feelings. Everyone needs to understand these signs to help them avoid aggressive contact with their own or someone else’s dog. The first step to preventing dog bites is to recognize the situation.

An aggressive dog will have their ears up to make them look bigger, while an anxious dog will lower their head to make them look smaller. A mixture of body language could indicate that the dog is feeling confused.

When meeting an unfamiliar dog, always ask its owner for permission to pet the animal. Once you receive permission to pet, let the animal sniff your hand first to let them know you’re not a threat. Start by petting the dog gently on the shoulder.

Practicing dog bites safety tips can help prevent any unfortunate possible dog bite incidences. If you feel threatened by an unknown dog, stay still, do not run away, do not make direct eye contact, and ignore the animal. If they knock you down, immediately cover your face and head using your arms, and when the dog loses interest, back away slowly until the dog is no longer in your view.

Under the dog bite law in the United States, dog owners should practice responsible dog ownership and take reasonable measures to ensure that their dog doesn’t bite anyone. Some states follow the “one-bite rule” while others don’t, putting dog owners in serious trouble if they bite someone.

If you suffered injuries from a dog bite, contact us at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation, as you may qualify for compensation.

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