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    Dog Bite Statistics: All 56 of the 2021 Dog Attack Human Fatalities

Preventing dog bites and most attacks against friends and family members in this country is avoidable in the vast majority of cases. Unfortunately, accidents involving dog attacks are extremely common even with proper obedience training. Dog bite injuries can be fatal, and millions of dog bites occur every year, with many occurring in California and Texas, where many dogs roam freely. If you’ve lost a loved one or they suffered catastrophic injuries or deaths due to a dog attack we can help. You can file a claim against the dog owner and potentially sue neighbors and even their landlord over this deadly aggression to protect your rights to maximum compensation on behalf of a bitten child, adult or infant suffering harm or death.

All 56 of the 2021 Dog Attack Human Fatalities

Here are the most dangerous dog breeds that have caused fatal dog attacks in 2021:

Pit Bull

  1. Cameron Hatfield (6): Attacked by a rescued pit bull.
  2. Nils Andrew Erickson (8 months): Killed by the family pit bull.
  3. Dreka Joe White (1 month): Killed by the family pit bull.
  4. Aziz Ahmed (3): He and his mother were attacked by their neighbor’s two pit bulls.
  5. Rhonda Lobuono (58): Her dog dragged her in front of a truck
  6. A’Myrikal Jolynn Hull (1): Attacked by the family pet.
  7. Megan Fisher (17): Killed by her friend’s three dogs.
  8. Elayah Brown (4): Killed by the family pit bull.
  9. Jayden Henderson (7): Pet-sitting two dogs.
  10. Dustin Vincent (27): Died five days after being attacked by a breeder’s three dogs.
  11. John Henry (46): Killed while walking on the street.
  12. Carter Settles (1 month): Family pit bull.
  13. Jose Ortega (53): Killed by a pit bull pack on the street.
  14. Elijah Soto (3): Attacked by family dogs after falling out the window.
  15. Shamar Sharif Jackson (7): Pitbull pack was chasing his Chihuahua.
  16. Rebecca McCurdy (28): Housesitting
  17. George Alan Martin (41): Found in a ditch with dog bite wounds.
  18. Ronald R. Borchert (63): This victim had cerebral palsy and was wheelchair-bound.
  19. Emily Kahl (31): Family pit bull.
  20. Maria Eliza Sebastian Ruiz (77): Attacked by neighbor’s four dogs.
  21. Unnamed victim (66): Climbed in the window and was attacked by the relative’s dog.
  22. Cartyr Lous (8 months): Famil pit bull.
  23. Rebecca Marie Dooley (59): Killed by daughter’s pit bull.
  24. Katherine Janness (40): A disputed case – found dead with stab wounds and dog bites.
  25. Javon Stokes (26): Killed by another couple’s pit bull.
  26. Rhoda Wagner (61): Attacked by roommate’s dogs.
  27. Mildred Catherine Vaughan (89): Died nine days after being attacked by her neighbor’s dogs.
  28. Dolores Teresa Oskins (85): Injured by a pack of dogs running.
  29. Frank Jerome Cobb (70): Killed by a running pit bull.
  30. Patti Webb (65): She was a pit bull rescuer.
  31. Loretta Mae Moore (84): Killed in son’s home.
  32. Alex Binyam Abraha (21): Killed by the dogs after breaking into a house.
  33. Amber Dawn LaBelle (42): Killed by boyfriend’s pit bull.
  34. Ka’vay Louis-Calderon (16 months): family dogs who previously attacked a mailman.
  35. Stephen Rucinski (41): Killed by a pit bull with a dangerous record.
  36. Male baby (8 days): Family rescued a stray dog.
  37. Kathleen Bertram (69): Family pit bull. She was holding a 3-year-old.
  38. Avery Jackson Dunphy (6): Killed by dogs fostered for the Animal Center.
  39. Tiffany Frangione (48): Breaking up a dog fight.
  40. Leann Gratzer (61)
  41. Lori Martin (60): Family dogs.
  42. Heather Pingal (35): Saved her son from the family dog.
  43. Duke Whirlwind (58): Pack attack.
  44. Unidentified victim
  45. Unidentified victim.

Other Breeds of Dogs Involved in Fatal Accidents Include:


  • Elliot Sherwin
  • Malia Scott Winberry
  • Ryan Francis Foster
  • Sally Fredrica Rogers

German Shepherd/ Mixed Breeds

  • Deann Stephenson
  • Cane Corso
  • Tony Allen Ahrens
  • Amber Miller
  • Karen Rosa Madrid


  • Leon Julian Peysen

St. Bernard

  • Bentley Parker

Corgi Mix/ Sheltie

  • James Mcneelis

Rabies Infections Leading to Death

Dogs don’t just cause morbidity or mortality after bites. Dogs can transmit zoonotic infections, resulting in severe illness or wrongful death to life and damage to limbs. Canines are the primary cause of rabies transmission in humans across the globe. The CDC estimates that 3% to 18% of dog bite wounds get infected (4.5 million people), sometimes with meningitis occurring in some people evaluated in the local community bitten or hurt by dangerous dogs like an Akita, Rottweilers and other animals mentioned below.

In particular, Florida and California see quite a bit of dog violence, even with less violent household breeds like:

  • Boxer
  • Golden retriever
  • Huskies
  • Mastiff

But some barking dogs we tend to think are not a violent danger really are, and these include:

  • American bulldog
  • Chihuahuas
  • Great Dane
  • Poodles
  • Other mixed breed dogs.

Note: Even with specific legislation, depending on factors like the type of breed means, adults, children and infants can become injured or dead victims. With our advocacy and interventions, it is estimated you will receive more financial compensation from the at-fault dog owner or controller than if you made the argument without a dog injury lawyer. We can help gather the evidence of safety violations and bad behavior you need to win. We have the legal experience and education to decipher the circumstances of fault and damages. So speaking with us for legal guidance before making a threat to the insurance company and playing by the rules is your best bet for a full recovery.

Has Your Loved One Been Attacked by a Dog? Contact Ehline Law Today!

We hope you enjoyed this article if you were hurt and are struggling with pain and anxiety over fears of pursuing legal action. Dog bite attacks can be extremely severe. Whether you have dangerous dogs, such as German Shepherds, or a more gentle one, such as a Labrador retriever, other dogs can bite or knock you over, leading to head and neck injuries. As can be seen above, dog bites often lead to fatalities or serious injuries. Animal Control and the Centers for Disease Control won’t save you or get you money for medical care or the children’s hospital after the accident occurred. Ehline Law Firm has compassionate and experienced lawyers who have dealt with dog bite accidents for many years.

So when someone is killed or hospitalized after these difficult dog bite incidents, call us. After a dog bit someone, get to the hospital emergency room, then call us to present your side of the story. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries due to dog bites, contact us at 833 LETS-SUE for a free consultation anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days per week to finally help parents and others pursue the owners or other responsible party. Stay calm, our aggressive dog bite lawyers are ready for your call to discuss the consequences.


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