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    Eight Tips For After a Motorcycle Accident

Eight Important Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

The sad facts are that if you ride, you will likely be in a crash at some future point. In the vast majority of cases, a spill on a bike will mean injuries to the biker. It is common knowledge that motorcycle riders are at risk for very atrocious wounds.

Eight Post-Motorcycle Collision Tips

Eight Tips For After a Motorcycle Accident

If you can keep it together and commit these tips to memory, you could mitigate some of the expected negative consequences.

  • Immediately preceding the accident, refrain from becoming agitated or freaked out. You must try and remain calm. Only then can you assess your physical situation. Afterward, you can attempt to shield yourself from a strike by another vehicle.
  • Next, if possible, shield your injured passenger. If there is a clear and present threat, be a good Samaritan, and attempt a rescue if you can do so safely. So if at all possible, evacuate the roadway and wait for help. If you can locate orange safety cones, flares, or other marking devices, use them or find another way to mark the danger zone to fellow travelers.
  • The law requires motorists involved in serious accidents to trade evidence of driver’s licenses and insurance and not flee the scene of an accident with potential property destruction or injuries exceeding $500.00.
  • Gather witness info to give to your lawyer or the cops later, if possible.
  • Try to make a diagram of the accident scene, noting the positions and identifying properties of each vehicle, street, and traffic sign in the vicinity – use your camera phone to take pictures).
  • Make sure the CHP or other investigating agency prepares a detailed report that is 100% factual. In any serious injury accident, police will typically generate a narrative. These are particularly useful when negotiating with an insurance company.
  • Take copious notes at the scene if you can.
  • But never admit or confess anything.
  • Demand your right to speak to an attorney if you feel you are unfairly questioned.
  • Call an ambulance and hurry to the emergency room. This is so important so as to stabilize the victim, who is probably high off of adrenaline. An MRI could reveal ruptured discs, and an X-ray may show a skull fracture. This may be happening while you “don’t feel a thing,” increasing the chances of worsening your injuries. So getting medical care remains numero-uno.
  • Don’t blow the statute for filing a lawsuit: Filing a lawsuit is an arduous and procedurally complicated task. Waiting until the last minute could mean the court clerk’s rejection of your case at the very last minute to sue. If that happens, it’s on you. You lose.
  • If the LAPD took the traffic report, you could wait 90 days or more to get a copy finally. Most other agencies have a 10-15 day waiting period. Our attorney will advance costs and obtain the report. We’ll review for inconsistencies and notify the officer and your lawyer of incorrect information.

There Could Be Many People On The Hook To Pay You

The majority of rider collisions and tragedies are very dangerous. And this, coupled with the government’s failure to repair a road and a negligent driver, could mean multiple defendants. This means there could be multiple insurance policies on the risk. An unrepresented person is not in a good position to deal with clever insurance adjusters.

Above looked at eight important post-motorcycle accident tips for riders. If you have comments or questions about this article or others, contact Michael Ehline at Ehline Law Firm.

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