Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common on our streets- and we could soon see them in the skies. The next stage in EV evolution comes from Fly Blade India- with plans to deploy 200 air taxis by 2026.

Fly Blade India Partners with Eve Air Mobility in a Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Urban Air Mobility

An MoU was inked to confirm the recently announced strategic partnership between Fly Blade India and Eve Air Mobility. The major urban air mobility player intends to bring a minimum of 200 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOLs) to Indian cities in the next five years. Plans extend to helicopter flights connecting passengers through leasing companions. In total, 50,000 hours of Eve’s eVTOLs were written into the deal initially.

Why the Move to Electric Vehicles for Fly Blade India?

Jyotiraditya Scindia- the Indian Civil Aviation Minister- says the electric aircraft air taxis are excellent for the Indian market and has shown great support for the movement.

Some reasons for the support include:

Carbon Emission Efficiency

eVTOLs use electricity to power take-off, hovering, and landing. If they were to become a major fixture, the country could see a significant drop in its carbon footprint. It is the Indian government’s aim to work towards reduced carbon emissions going forward.

Greener Alternative Travel

Concerns about the environmental damage caused by the heavy congestion in India’s major cities are only worsening. Encouraging a greener way to travel could be a step toward recovery.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is out of control in parts of the country, and innovative air travel could be the answer. Involved parties know that a significant investment in new technologies for air navigation systems and urban air traffic management is needed to make this option viable- but they are ready to commit to developing the software together.

Investments by United Airlines for Eve Air Mobility

Embrear’s Eve Air Mobility also received a $15 million investment from United Airlines- backing the leading urban air mobility player with a conditional purchase agreement for 200 aircrafts.

When to Expect Eve Air Taxis to Start Operations

Fly Blade India’s managing director Amit Dutti shared that the expectation is for electric vertical take-off and landing to be ready by 2026- with India helping lead the way. EAM plans to deploy 200 air taxis- each to fly 1000 hours annually (2 lakh flying hours annually).

The air taxis are set to have:

  • Flying range of 100 km
  • Seating capacity for four passengers
  • Cargo space for use as airport service
  • A cost of $3 million.

Over the next three years, work will focus on setting up the necessary infrastructure and collaborations with urban air traffic management to prepare for the electric air taxis to start flying commercially by 2026.

Thoughts on Electric Transport Innovations

EVs are the future of transportation in a greener world, but they are not without complications. Moves like this could have untold benefits for congestion and carbon emission in India, but there is a long way to go in the market as a whole.

Electric Vehicles in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a hub for electric scooters and eclectric cars. More people are choosing to go green- but not everyone is on board.

The Dangers

  • Quiet operation can cause road accidents if pedestrians don’t hear the vehicle coming.
  • People end up stranded when the batteries drain faster than expected.
  • In extreme weather, power outages can leave people with nowhere to charge their vehicles.
  • Faulty parts can cause crashes and other accidents.

Where Ehline Law Comes In

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