Why Courts Have Gone Easy On Epstein And His Political Cronies So Far

More Punishment For Heinous Crimes Against Kids Needed?

The case surrounding billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was ironclad. He allegedly (from here on out I will not use that word due to his deceased status) ran an empire based on the use of children as sex slaves. Through his many connections, Epstein had eyes and ears throughout both the worlds of entertainment and politics. This made him particularly dangerous– both to society, and to children.

As a result of his actions, likely dozens if not hundreds of famous and rich people, were able to travel to his secret Caribbean island to rape children. Now Epstein is dead, as we’ll discuss below. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death make the situation even more sinister the deeper you look into the sex empire that the deceased built. While he deserved death, it would have been useful to us– and to create justice for the abused– had he lived long enough to go on trial.

Below we will attempt to answer the question:

  • Why did Jeffrey Epstein die, and what was his empire hiding? And why have the courts and those in DC not taken stronger action against the deception and horrid abuses of the Epstein empire?

Background Of The Case?

Lost in all of the media headlines and Epstein’s death is the particulars of what he and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell were accused of. Over the course of decades, the two likely used their connections to build a bevy of child sex slaves. Epstein then flew select people to a secret Caribbean island to have sex with the minors. He was able to do this, and hide the evidence with the use of his private plane, often called the Lolita Express. It was this plane that allowed for several major breaks in the case against both Epstein and Maxwell.

By using the private jet, Epstein was able to control who entered and exited tightly. It was in this fashion that he (if reports are to be believed) created a “little black book” of all those who traveled with him on the plane. In the operation, the plane had underage girls for the rich and powerful on their way to their destination. Epstein likely kept this book not only as a record but valuable blackmail material against those who traveled with him.

Implicating The Rich And Powerful.

The above would be bad enough all on its own. However, it appears that among Epstein’s clients were many of the rich and powerful from around the world. By using connections, Epstein gained something of value having them with him on the plane. What it was is as of yet still unclear. It could have been connections, it could have been info, it could have been blackmail material. It could have been straight-up cash. However, considering that Epstein was already a billionaire, likely money would have been less of a factor than the others.

This scheme allegedly tied together many household names on his flight. This included any number of the wealthy and powerful, according to news reports. This includes former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former Senate Leader George Mitchell, UK Prince Andrew, and potentially former President Bill Clinton. Clinton was named by one of Epstein’s victims as having traveled on the Lolita Express and traveling to Epstein’s secret island. According to most tellings of the accusations, and tracking with federal charges is that Ghislaine Maxwell played a major role.

The socialite allegedly used her influence to find and groom underage girls for use as sex slaves by Epstein and those around him. By doing so, the girls were forced into sexual acts at Epstein’s locations in Manhattan, West Palm Beach, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. According to reports, Harvard Law professor and well-known attorney Alan Dershowitz was also involved. Dershowitz helped broker a deal in the case of Epstein’s first charges in 2006 (in which he largely escaped punishment). Of course, the close connections to so many powerful politicians and the wealthy should raise more than a few eyebrows.

Why So Lenient?

In cases like this, you would expect that the federal government would be going full bore against Epstein and his cronies. And of course, they did arrest him and Maxwell. However, they also left Epstein in a cell in which he could commit “suicide.” This all happened when two guards who were supposed to keep tabs on him didn’t. And a camera watching the room allegedly malfunctioned. And he was able to hand himself using material he should not have had. I’ve read better books than this.

All told, Attorney General Bill Barr has been prosecuting those around Epstein to the fullest extent of the law. However, these actions have been slow in coming and seem to also be connected to the power centers of DC and New York. So, why the delay? You could probably imagine why there was no prosecution against Epstein while Bill Clinton was President.

Plus, the fact that many Clinton appointees still control many of the levers of government and the judiciary. Furthermore, the connections Epstein made also allowed him to have valuable blackmail material. Who is to say that Maxwell doesn’t have a copy of his book or of video, as she has been accused? We may be seeing a perfect storm where blackmail, self-interest, and inertia all allowed Epstein to commit his crimes openly for years.

Many in Hollywood and politics knew what he was doing. However, he was never challenged severely until several years ago. As more info comes out in the Maxwell case, is it possible that there are more reasons why the DC Swamp and Hollywood kept this hidden for years? We’ll soon find out.

About the Author, Michael Ehline is the lead attorney at the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC. His team specializes in injury liability and child abuse cases. His experience both in the military and the legal field taught him loyalty to the most vulnerable– especially children. As a father, we would have liked to used his Marine Corps training on Epstein, but instead, he writes about the legal and moral fallout of the Epstein scandal. While the billionaire is dead, the case surrounding him certainly isn’t. And it won’t be until those who worked with him and abetted him are exposed and brought to justice.

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