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The Media Won’t Report The Entire George Floyd Story. So Here Is Part

Fact Check: Did George Floyd Have Fatal Levels Of Fentanyl And Crystal Meth In His System? Yes. True.

The True Story of What Happened in Minneapolis

Felon and armed robbery convict, George Floyd.Yes, Floyd, a convicted armed robber, and felon worked as a bouncer with officer Chauvin at a nightclub. As he was trying to drive away in a van, the police detained him for questioning. Officers determined it was unsafe for him to drive while high, so the law affected an arrest. Floyd was high on a fatal cocktail of drugs. We learned this way too late, right? Do you see the last three months as a blur?

Did we see one protest after another, along with one set of looting? Did we not see city after city set ablaze, beset by riots and severe disruptions, with the mainstream press crying “peaceful protests”?

Regardless of the position of your civil rights beliefs, much more remains involved in the case surrounding George Floyd’s death than our incredibly biased, deceitful mainstream media is sharing with you. It is this disinfo that helped give rise to the massive protests and Marxist BLM riots. Our civil rights attorney researching the case and its aftermath helped us understand more than was initially shared with the public and concealed from them by so-called”journalists” during May and June of 2000.

Death “caused by the police subdual and restraint in the setting of severe hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and methamphetamine, and fentanyl intoxication.”

One side says Floyd died from congestive heart failure, exacerbated by Fentanyl/Meth, causing the blood-tinged sputum to come out of his mouth and nose. The family says not so fast. During Floyd’s recent criminal trial against Floyd at the liquor store, the videotape substantiates the liquor store clerk’s testimony. Floyd was high as a kite and already exhibiting the symptoms of a fatal drug dose. That is one of the cores of the problem. We have a case of a police interaction leading to death.

Perhaps it is a homicide or murder– that is up to a jury to decide. Still, we have a murder case happening in Minneapolis due to the incident. And no sense of justice for anyone in sight seems clear. Not for George Floyd’s family. Not for the family of the police officers. And certainly not for the nation at large. We feel like a great; big wound opened up due to the press’s framing and others using many specious, emotion-based arguments lacking evidence that we must overcome somehow—what better way than reviewing the causes of George Floyd’s death during the fateful night in May. We can get a semblance of what truly happened by reviewing court records detailing facts from that night, using sunlight as our disinfectant. 

Our legal team has reviewed the case. We now present what we know from our traditional perspective. We used our decades of legal expertise to break this info down further.

The Case Surrounding The George Floyd Death

The events on that May night in Minneapolis are still controversial and include many publicly know aspects, but some don’t. Furthermore, information publicly available has yet to be reported or not remain buried by media. We have also seen the press, especially CNN, promote the idea that Trump supporters and white people generally are committing hate crimes against gays, blacks, and Hispanics. When it turns out these stores were fake-self-hate crimes, such as with Jesse Smollet. Even then-Senator Kamella Harris blamed Trump for the fake attack. But we don’t see fact-checkers going crazy to fix what they passed off as genuine. This disinformation coupled with informational blackouts created a confusing situation, sparking race riots, trucks running over communists, protests, and looting all across the country. And it all comes back to that night.

True – George Floyd Was Wasted On Fentanyl

Further review of the case reveals that George Floyd may have died that night regardless of what happened with the police. The reason for this is the large cocktail of drugs inside his system. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner stated that Floyd had a fatal level of the opioid fentanyl in his body. But this examiner and private examiners hired by George Floyd’s family reached different conclusions using the same six pieces of evidence filed in the local court.

Two Experts, Two Causes Of Death?

As with global warming, or anything else, each side pays experts to give their opinion. If you sell solar panels, you declare the word will end unless you hear my expert and do away with oil drilling. The oil industry has its experts saying we need the energy to survive. Whoever the press gives better coverage to wins with the public, here the jury.


George Floyd Cause OF Death Expert Opinion One – Hennepin County Medical Examiner

The County Medical Examiner, Dr. Andrew Baker, stated in his report that the autopsy revealed

“no physical evidence suggesting that Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation.”

The Examiner also noted the inclusion of both fentanyl and meth in his bloodstream.


George Floyd Cause OF Death Expert Opinion Two – The George Floyd Family

On the other hand, the Armed Forces Medical Examiner used by the Floyd family filed a separate memo regarding the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s conclusion. The Armed Forces examiner determined that Floyd’s death was:

“caused by the police subdual and restraint in the setting of severe hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and methamphetamine, and fentanyl intoxication.”

In other words, the expert the family paid says Chauvin killed Floyd, and the one hired by the government says it was drugs.

Chauvin personally knew Floyd, who worked as a bouncer with Chauvin at a nightclub. So he knew Floyd was a violent, convicted felon. Chauvin was trained to recognize drug use symptoms and how PCP and meth give suspects the power to break handcuffs with superhuman strength. Chauvin was videotaped by bystanders pressing his knee down onto Floyd’s neck to keep him down, as the larger, more powerful Floyd was delusional and wasted on heavy-duty drugs.

This info hasn’t hit much of the mainstream press yet. Even with the trial, the insinuative narrative this was a racist attack and cops hate black people remains the focus. Most news coverage centers on “I can’t breathe, which journalists quoted Floyd as stating during his arrest. But as we learned in law school, there is often so much more involved in the story. Floyd was saying, “I can’t breathe” well before he was cuffed and restrained based upon the evidence presented during Chauvin’s criminal trial.

What Will The Effects Be?

Whether officials care about the truth matters not, since the narrative does not fit mainstream corporate news agendas, we do know many implications remain for resolution here. And our current political and social climate means no resolution will come– or indeed anytime soon. But we should spread the whole truth of what happened that night far and wide and not just cave the tiny, politically driven part of a much broader media narrative. Instead, we citizens must look at the death of George Floyd to give his memory a greater chance for justice, including his family– and our country.

We are too divided to keep treading along the same lines over and over again. The real details of that night should be our jumping-off point into the state of policing. And experts must continually research our understanding of race issues in this country to give updates as we learn more. Keep your bookmarks, and RSS feeds tuned here for more info and further analyze our nation’s state and legal and police systems. Michael Ehline is the lead attorney of the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC based out of Los Angeles. Our Southern California team of experts specializes in both wrongful death and civil rights cases. That is why I decided to research George Floyd’s death and our nation’s implication and legal issue. With a concern this large, it certainly will not go away quickly or anytime soon.

Look for riots, fewer police patrols, and hate crimes against white people if officer Chauvin is acquitted. And don’t forget, police have zero Constitutional duty to protect you. You must be careful if you consider exercising your right of self-defense by using your car to run human obstacles blocking roads, or using a firearm, for example! But with the press feeding ordinary people false narratives and fact-checkers refusing to provide unbiased information, expect more future racial polarization used as a political bludgeon.

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