Sep 15, 2020

A Legal View: Trump Vindicated Re: Atlantic Story

Just The Latest Fake News Coming Out Before The Election.

Fake news

In the modern-day social media era, fact-checkers are now accused of being political operatives, such as left-leaning Snopes. In fact, it's what they bury, or don't report that makes their partisan positions so transparent. Take the recent rash of fake self-hate crimes by left-leaning actors and politicians. Why does social media not fact check these stories? So it's impossible to fact check anything, modern facts are really just political opinions. In the law, at least until cancel culture becomes part of the legal system, we have rules of evidence.

One of the main facets of evidence law in California is that hearsay evidence is inadmissible as evidence to prove or disprove an assertion as true.

The Rule:

(a) “Hearsay evidence” is evidence of a statement that was made other than by a witness while testifying at the hearing and that is offered to prove the truth of the matter stated. (b) Except as provided by law, hearsay evidence is inadmissible. (Source).

Recently, we have seen political organizations like WaPo, CNN, and Atlantic publish unverified statements, allegedly made by others to prove that statements made by President Trump are true. And it could be anything. Although these propaganda agencies are not in a court of law, they are in the court of public opinion. Let's take a look at the irresponsible reporting of the late Steve Job's wife. She owns the Atlantic, and similar to the owner of the Washington Post is accused of being notoriously pro democrat, and anti-Trump.

Yet another story dropped with amazing headlines. Accusing the President of the United States of insulting veterans buried at a military cemetery. Don't just take it from me. You've likely read excerpts of the now-discredited Atlantic story.

Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain, and because he did not believe it important to honor American war dead, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day. In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed.

Discussions and interviews since showed these aspects simply false. Since the Atlantic relied on anonymous sources, they did not do their due diligence. They left themselves open for even the most rudimentary fact-checking. And now there is not one single person on record who described what the article did. As a result, yet another Democratic hoax is exposed.

Michael Ehline working hard to expose the truth.Michael Ehline is the lead attorney of the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC, based out of Los Angeles. Ehline and his team lead a law firm specialized in personal injury and civil rights laws. The proudest thing that Ehline and his team do is to serve our nation's vets. It's a very personal issue to Ehline himself. His father Paul served in the USMC, including two tours in Vietnam. Michael Ehline was reared in a household that revered the military and its long history.

The thought of a president disparaging those under arms is unacceptable. That is why he had to look into this further. Far further. Ehline himself served in the Marine Corps before entering into the legal field. He fights for his clients with the tenacity he learned from his father and the Corps. That is why he wanted to find out as much as possible about the alleged statements by the President and what truly happened. Getting down to the truth is the role of any attorney. Now it's the case reviewing the recent news.

More Behind The Fake Atlantic News Story.

Of course, now two weeks after the initial story broke, we are finding out that it simply does not bear the signs of scrutiny. In other words, large portions of it are simply fake. Even worse, it was launched in the home stretch of an election to try and peel away military voters and their families from the President. Of course, there was little to the article, to begin with. Now it appears that those in the know fully reject it:

According to Breitbart News in a recent article, Matthew Boyle wrote that Former Deputy White House Chief of Staff ”[Zack]Fuentes unequivocally denied The Atlantic’s report last week, a huge blow to the establishment media narrative. Fuentes personally briefed President Trump on the weather situation that led to the trip being canceled. He is also a close personal confidante of former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Trump Not Giving Up the Fight?

In fact, the President himself refused to give up under withering media fire. In a recent tweet, he wrote:

The Atlantic Magazine is dying, like most magazines, so they make up a fake story in order to gain some relevance. Story already refuted, but this is what we are up against. Just like the Fake Dossier. You fight and and fight, and then people realize it was a total fraud!

This is part of what makes Donald Trump different than recent presidents. Many politicians would simply roll over and die instead of fighting back against the media. Other politicians would simply go on the Sunday morning talk shows and talk about the issue rather than pushing back. Or they might hink that they could simply make nice with the media and get niceness in return.

Most on the right believe it just doesn't work that way with Democrats and the media. The view of the patriots is that the left simply wants people like Donald Trump to fail-- and they will go to any length to make that happen. Trump realizes that. And so do many of those around him. However, many people don't understand the true vigor of the President in the White House or how far he will go to fight.

Just Another News Propaganda Hit Piece "Hoax?"

When this story broke, I read it with interest. Not because I wanted to slam the Commander in Chief, but because I wanted to see what he was accused of now. As a USMC vet, I recoiled at the thought of a President using such language. Especially at a military cemetery. However, I also knew that there was more to this story. I don't agree with everything that the President does.

Or says. Or tweets. However, I have seen his respect for the military over the last several years. He has actually not launched any wars that got thousands of servicemen and women killed. Furthermore, at key points, President Trump is actually quite delicate in his response. This avoided a war in Iran. And a war in Syria. He shows what he truly thinks through his actions. Not just his words. Or his tweets. The man showed respect for those in uniform by what he does. And so I see a similar trend here. Another Democratic Party and media hoax to try to take down Trump before November.

First, it was Russia's collusion allegedly directed by Trump, and then later proved to have been a hoax perpetrated on the FISA judge by several pro-Clinton zealots inside the FBI and CIA. Then it was Ukraine and quid pro quo. Now it is an attempt to call the CiC unpatriotic. Hopefully, Americans of all stripes, especially military families-- will see through this blatant attempt. Sadly, for the left-leaning minded, like most of us lawyers, people are starting to realize that most "news" reporters are basically cheerleaders for the left. And this reporting has severely discredited journalism as a whole.

As people like me start doing our research, we begin to see the truth. Most of all, journalism is basically a propaganda department for the left. Sure, the right has Fox News. But MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and virtually every journalist wears a party donkey on their sleeve. Because of this, our law firm has been trying to show people the facts. That way people can decide if a story is credible, rather than the hate social media and its friends stir up with no supporting evidence. Will people stop buying into corporate journalism and mass deception, such as that found in WaPo and Atlantic? The true test will be in November.

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