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    Family Left Heartbroken after Mother of 3 Viciously Impaled in Freak Accident

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    Family Left Heartbroken after Mother of 3 Viciously Impaled in Freak Accident

Family Left Heartbroken after Mother of 3 Viciously Impaled in Freak Accident

Many incidents occurred during the second week of September that left people devastated and shocked across the world. Queen Elizabeth II’s death has left many people heartbroken, especially after the video of the owner of the Jaki Fish and Chip Shop in Scotland showed her celebrating the death of a beloved monarch in a car accident.

The September 11, 2022 incident infuriated the nation, and a mob appeared outside her fish and chip shop, forcing the police to intervene and save the shop owner. However, she got arrested for her actions, and her business Facebook page got taken down. The article appeared originally in Western Journal, alerting all Americans about the tenuous situation in the United Kingdom.

Another incident involving a middle schooler mercilessly beating a teacher caused a stir across the nation. Although the student received a felony aggravated assault charge, the teacher suffered injuries leaving her family devastated by the incident.

On September 8, 2022, a Vietnamese Karaoke parlor caught fire with 60 people inside the building. Video footage reveals people attempting to escape the scorching building as the fire ripped through the walls and into other rooms. The event killed 33 people, and the images of the incident descended horror in Hanoi residents. However, a recent freak accident in the Bronx, not for the weak-hearted, left a mother of 3 impaled.

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Fatal Freak Accident Leaving Mother of Three Impaled

On September 9, 2022, an accident occurred that some may say was straight out of a horror movie franchise, Final Destination. A 59-year-old mother of three, a Bronx woman, Paulina Nrecaj, was walking down the street when she got hit by a gray Lexus SUV.

Impaled Woman Remains Unconscious in Her Pool of Blood

In a follow-up story, the accident forced the Bronx woman into a metal fence and impaled her as the car slowed down to a halt.

As cops arrived at the scene of the accident, they saw a grisly scene of an unconscious woman lying down in her pool of blood as she got impaled by the smashed metal fence. Paulina also had a big gash on her left elbow.

Another man and woman held the fatally injured lady’s hand at the accident scene. The driver of the SUV also suffered injuries from the accident.

The driver and Injured Woman Moved to Jacobi Hospital

Emergency Medical Services immediately transported both injured people to Jacobi Medical Center. After undergoing surgery, the impaled woman died, but the driver survived the accident. According to the police, the incident was accidental, and there was no criminal intent or action behind it.

Paulina Was a Very Good Sweet Woman, Citing Family Members

Diana Nrecaj, the 32-year-old victim’s daughter, spoke to the Post, stating that her mother was a very good sweet woman that didn’t deserve this. Diana noted that the Bronx woman left home to get some pizza for the family but never made it back. She said that her father heard a loud bang and immediately went down from the apartment to see what it was.

Frane Nrecaj, the victim’s husband, told the Post that he saw another man from the building holding his wife until emergency services arrived. His wife had lost a lot of blood as it poured down her nose and mouth while she remained unconscious, and Frane knew she wasn’t going to survive the freak accident.

Sall Arobye, the 32-year-old man holding his neighbor, said that he comforted her and told her to hold on before she lost consciousness. Sall knew the accident was fatal and felt heartbroken as he lied to the woman, telling her that she would make it.

A 35-year-old nurse, Jada Bellamy, was walking around the area when the accident occurred. She realized Paulina had internal bleeding instantly, telling Arobye not to move her. She assisted the man in preventing the blood loss as it gushed out of her stomach.

According to initial investigations, the 45-year-old driver who had hit Paulina swerved to avoid hitting a van that had stopped at an intersection. Losing control of his vehicle, it hit the Bronx mother of three, forcing her into the metal fence. So far, the police have not made any arrests.

The family said their goodbyes as they lit candles and remembered Paulina, a great person, mother, and a grandmother.

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