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Family of Former Activision Worker Drops Wrongful Death Suit

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Wrongful Death Examples. Family of Former Activision Worker Drops Wrongful Death SuitThe tragic death of a former worker of Activision Blizzard left people shocked, though the legal actions that followed weren’t a surprise considering the scandals already surrounding the company. This article by a top Los Angeles County wrongful death attorney offers the details on the matter, as well as what you should do if this happens to you.

Activision Blizzard Employee Died by Suicide

In 2017, Kerri Moynihan died by suicide after a company retreat. Her parents, Paul and Janet Moynihan, decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit after alleging that their daughter was a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace and that it was a significant factor contributing to her death.

However, the Moynihan family decided to drop the lawsuit on May six. Neither the attorneys for Activision Blizzard nor the ones for Kerri’s relatives decided to comment immediately.

Kerri Moynihan was found dead in April 2017 inside her Disneyland hotel room. She used to be a finance manager, and she was 32 years old.

Family Filed a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing referenced Moynihan’s complaint against Activision Blizzard, but she wasn’t named in July’s complaint.

Even so, the state’s complaint and the Moynihan family stated the same thing: that Kerri was a victim of sexual harassment at work, and that some of her coworkers had passed around pictures of her genitalia during a holiday party in December 2016.

According to the lawsuit, Kerri also maintained a sexual relationship with one of her bosses at Activision Blizzard, the senior finance director Greg Restituito.

Furthermore, the family mentioned that Restituito lied to the experts investigating Moynihan’s death. Although this family dropped the DFEH lawsuit, Activision Blizzard faces numerous others from shareholders, and there is an ongoing investigation due to the company’ allegedly not reporting employee misconduct.

The grieving family is still trying to deal with Moynihan’s suicide, and they are a few of many other people who have filed similar lawsuits against this company. Even CEO Bobby Kotick had to endure calls for his resignation, which came from both shareholders and employees. Sources report that Kotick knew about the sexual harassment complaints and failed to report them.

The tragic suicide of Kerri was one of the many scandals surrounding Activision Blizzard. Currently, Microsoft is trying to acquire the company, which might represent the industry’s largest merger with gaming.

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