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Family of Fremont Police Captain Files Suit Against the City for His Death

On October 31, 2022, the family of the late Fremont Police Capt. decided to pursue legal action against the City of Fremont for emotional distress leading to the captain’s death in San Joaquin County. Let’s explore the details of the lawsuit with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.
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Surviving Family Members of Fremont Police Captain Files Lawsuit Against City of Fremont in Alameda County Superior Court

On February 21, 2022, Fremont’s Police Captain, Freddie Bobbitt, died following a long battle with the city and its officials for discrimination and retaliation. The Bobbitt family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city as the family believes emotional distress had a role in the purported wrongful death of Fred Bobbitt.

In 2019, alleged retaliation began when Bobbitt spoke against the City Manager, Mark Danaj, in a city council meeting. The officials stated that Bobbitt was derailing the city officials’ decision to negotiate over patrol division vacancies.

Fred Bobbitt Allegedly Faced Retaliation and City Attorney Gave Bobbitt Separation Agreement, the Bobbitt Family Complaint States

According to the lawsuit filed in Alameda County superior court, Police Chief Kimberly Petersen asked Bobbitt to retire early in 2020. The following month, the city attorney served the patrol division leader with a separation agreement.

After Bobbitt rejected the separation agreement given to him, the Police Chief removed Bobbitt as a patrol division leader and placed him in an administrative role with a one-year performance improvement plan.

Fred Bobbitt Files a Discriminatory Complaint

During this time, Peterson was stepping down from his role as Police Chief, but since Bobbitt was now in an administrative post, he could no longer be eligible for that role.

The retaliation by the city officials against Bobbitt kept going on, prompting him to file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

A Less Experienced Officer Becomes Fremont Police Chief Following Complaint

When Bobbitt submitted a complaint in 2021, Danaj, who was stepping down, immediately promoted a less experienced captain, Sean Washington, to the position of Police Chief.

The lawsuit stated that once Washington, someone Bobbitt mentored, became the Police Chief, he continued with the performance improvement plan and agreed that Bobbitt should remain in the administrative position.

The Arbitrator Found Violations of the City’s Anti-retaliation Policy, as Mentioned by the Bobbitt Family

In May 2021, Bobbitt brought another complaint with the police union alleging retaliation and showing their support for Bobbitt.

In October 2021, the arbitrator looked into the complaint and stated that there was clear evidence of city officials violating the city’s anti-retaliation policy. The arbitrator’s decision involved the city removing the improvement plan and placing Bobbitt in his previously instated position as the patrol division leader.

However, according to the lawsuit, the city officials did not adhere to the arbitrator’s decision, refused mediation, and decided to search for a Deputy Police Chief.

Bobbitt continued working in the administrative post until his death in February 2022.

Lawsuit States That Bobbitt Allegedly Faced Retaliation until He Committed Suicide

Bobbitt’s family, in the lawsuit, alleged that the retaliation continued against Fred Bobbitt, a principle-oriented man who served Fremont until his last breath. According to the wrongful death suit, Bobbitt conversed with Sean Washington on February 20 before he took his life the next day.

The family alleged that the inaction by city officials was a major factor in causing Bobbitt emotional distress, for which he sought mental health treatment. According to the complaint, the city officials knew Bobbitt was receiving help from mental health professionals.

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