Smoke rose over Arizona’s Capitol a few weeks ago, forcing riot police to break up a pro-abortion siege. According to state Republicans, they were trying to overthrow the state constitution. As a result, many in far-left Los Angeles feared more carjacking assaults and BLM-style riots.

Quora is reporting: “Reports of protesters dressed in all black (possibly black bloc), a couple carrying Antifa flags, and many with umbrellas open in the front of protest groups to repel bear spray are already coming out….” (Source.)

Antifa Rioters supporting democrat party and BLM marxists

Were You Attacked By Rioters and Being Prosecuted for Defending?

Many parents, especially the few pro-life Christians left in Los Angeles, feel the pro-abortion services democrat majority and progressive D.A.s will refuse to protect them. On the other end of the coin, abortion is not illegal in California, so cooler heads believe the violent riots will be contained in red states where voters support the right to life.

Many law-abiding citizens ask: “can I use force to defend against violent abortionists in Los Angeles?” The answer is yes. You can use force against another if you perceive you are about to be attacked. But it would be best if you only used reasonable force.

U.S Rep. Henry Cuellar, from Texas, is among the last Congressional Democrats to oppose abortion.

He said the:

“… U.S. Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade goes too far and would divide the country.”

“Pro-Abortion Rioters Throw Fireworks at Los Angeles Police Officers” (Source).

The issue is, what happens if things get out of hand? In Los Angeles, victims who use a gun to defend their families are often prosecuted for what conservatives say are political reasons, as they declare was the case with Kyle Rittenhouse (calling it a political show trial.) Most legal experts agree it was an OBVIOUS case of self-defense.

To add to the timidity, the Los Angeles District Attorney, arguably pro-criminal and more of a public defender than a law and order prosecutor, is highly political and clearly not objective, according to many in his office. Unless DA George Gascón is recalled and replaced with a traditional DA, don’t expect defending yourself to go without consequences.

California Republicans declare you should never expect the Sheriff or LAPD to show up at an abortion clinic and aid anti-abortion protesters. In the progressive County of Los Angeles, the abortion rights supporter is on the side of the police chief and other elected democrats, a sacred cow.

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, police only have a duty to protect the community (defined by courts as municipal property), not individuals, not even abortion clinics or churches. So it’s up to you to protect your family, whether you support abortion rights groups, abortion opponents, or the latest federal law to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Supreme Court Sets off Wave of Violent Riots Over Abortion Services Decision

In events reminiscent of the January 6 protests at our national Capitol, pro-abortion protesters attempted to storm the Arizona state legislature in Senate in Phoenix last Friday night while the legislature remained in session.

The anti-government / pro-abortion protests started around 7 p.m. after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. (Source KTVK-TV.) However, unlike the D.C. Capitol, AZ police were prepared to defend the community, appearing in riot gear as onlookers and violent rioters converged on the AZ Senate building.

The violent protest stayed aggressive till about 8:45 p.m. The violent protesters started trying to break windows at the Arizona Senate then, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Republican Senator Kelly Townsend declared the violent, pro-democrat incident a “hostage” situation.

Will We See More Riots This Summer From The SCOTUS Decision?

According to most experts, democrats and their ANTIFA allies will engage in far more violent protests than they did over the George Floyd spectacle. Will the press call them “mostly peaceful?”

Let’s look at what elected representatives said in AZ.

“We are currently there being held hostage inside the Senate building due to members of the public trying to breach our security.) (Source, tweet by State Senator Kelly Townsend on Friday night.”)

“We smell tear gas, and the children of one of the members are in the office sobbing with fear,” said Townsend.

She went on to say it was: “appalling to hear some democrats defending those outside trying to break the glass and breach security.”

Members of the democrat mob, estimated to be several hundred people, started to kick the locked exterior doors in, trying to force them open to get at their politicians inside.

Afterward, the local riot cops deployed tear gas to disperse the violent crowd, many waving hammer, sickle, gay pride, and BLM flags. The Department of Public Safety was forced to deploy more tear gas to defeat violent rioters from nearby Wesley Bolin plaza after rioters vandalized a monument.

Before deploying tear gas, Republican Senate President Karen Fann was forced to clear the floor as a measure to enforce a better “security situation.”

“We are incredibly thankful for our local law enforcement who quickly intervened during what could have been a destructive and dangerous situation for our members, staff, and public inside the Senate,” said state Senator Fann in a prepared statement.

After the riot, the Senate continued working in their hearing room.

Can This Happen In California?

It already is:

“One rioter charged with attempted murder for using flamethrower against L.A. police.” (Source).

Democrat rioters in C.A. already know the state favors abortions up to full term, so many conservatives expect these rioters to attack Christians at abortion clinics and Christian churches.

Will Abortion Clinics Be Safe?

Many on the left fear that pro-life militia will begin targeting the local abortion clinic out of revenge for the anti-life attacks. Either way, it’s gonna get violent.

Pastor Says It’s a Sin to Attack an Abortion Clinic In Vengeance

However, pastor Robert Hammond stated that it’s specifically against Christianity to engage in revenge.

However, we know that some actors, such as the:

“Army of God,”

were active in the past, targeting abortionists and abortion services providers with sniper rifles and bombs. So it looks like the doctors at independent clinics who perform abortions and protect abortion rights for pregnant women should also keep their heads on a swivel.

What if An Abortionist or Pro-Life Activist attacks you?

Being attacked will trigger laws of self-defense under California state law. The Supreme Court’s written statement containing its decision over abortion care and abortion rights has already led to the physical obstruction of others demanding access to abortion, not just pregnant people. The legal implications of defending yourself discussed above may have some exceptions. But street justice may be the only way you can persuade women and men to stay alive since Roe was overturned the other day.

Free speech may lose your health and life, so be very careful what you say to anyone. This constant threat means being guarded about what you say to physician assistants, school teachers, and anyone else who sees abortion as a right for a pregnant person and other patients wishing to terminate a pregnancy. Any of these people could be members of violent, left-wing gangs like ANTIFA.

Tips to Protect Yourself From Pro-Abortion Protestors in Los Angeles

  1. Stay away from traditional Christian Churches
  2. Do not protest at abortion clinics or risk being brutally beaten by ANTIFA or another pro-democrat group
  3. Never tell anyone online or otherwise you support a child’s right to life.

Defending yourself doesn’t mean an overzealous, pro-abortion prosecutor with political ambitions won’t try and send you to prison. This is a real threat, as the present prosecutor believes income inequality makes it fair to let murderers free with no bail.

What If I am Being Attacked Already? What Can I Do To

Protect Me?

Democrat protesters have a penchant for blocking freeway traffic and trying to beat truckers senseless. If you wish to avoid an attack like this, you basically can’t travel on the roads during this volatile period for abortion providers and Satanists.

But if you are attacked over the Supreme Court decision, here are some self-defense tips used by military and martial artists:

  1. Try, and de-escalate
  2. You can try and escape if attacked, which may mean running people over who are trying to kill you.
  3. If you have a gun, you can use it to stop the attacker, but it must be reasonable and stop shooting once the attacker is down. The goal is to stop, not kill!
  4. Even if you’re a vulnerable woman, never tell the police anything until you speak with a lawyer. Their job is to try and get a conviction by eliciting a narrative they create that you must compliantly agree to. After all, according to Republicans, California politicians hate guns, and people who defend against criminals, want to send a message, as was done with Kyle Rittenhouse.
  5. Please move to a state like Nevada, where firearms rights are enshrined in their state constitution and where violent rioters like ANTIFA and other democrats generally don’t get too out of hand against citizens.

Did we miss anything? Let us know, as we are dedicated to truth in accuracy. If you were attacked and forced to defend yourself and now facing murder or battery charges, contact the civil rights lawyers at Ehline Law Firm.

Our team is here to assist all personal injury victims in all Los Angeles communities and the country, 24/7. Whether you disagree with the Supreme Court ruling, please play it safe and stay away from the violent political enforcers of the far left. They don’t play around regarding abortion access and rioting over the Supreme Court’s decision.



Michael Ehline

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