Jun 7, 2020

Can California Force You to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine?

Forced Vaccinations, or Become an Outcast - A New Legal Precedent?

COVIDPerhaps the most massive hot button topic regarding the spread of Coronavirus is the shutdown of the national economy. Second, only to this is the battle over mandatory vaccinations. Scientists and drug companies are rushing towards a possible vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. As the researchers get closer, there is an ample push for mandatory vaccinations for the Coronavirus.

California recently mostly ended its exceptions to vaccinations even before the recent crisis. Usually, inoculations are required before attending public schools or colleges. Overall vaccination rates dropped below 95% in past years. There is big money in vaccinations for doctors. The pressure medical lobbyists have applied to government officials is overwhelming. Big Pharma funds re-election campaigns, and most vaccination studies, as well as medical propaganda. So that makes it almost a certainty the lesser funded scientists will have their studies buried or set aflame by big medicine's "experts."

In fact, the new California law makes exemptions from being vaccinated much more difficult than in years past. This is consistent with concerns over the virus, public shaming, and the push for "thought control" at publicly subsidized schools and universities.

A Push for Vaccinations, According to the New York State Bar.

Believe it or not, liberal trial lawyers and others who once questioned the government, have done a complete 180-degree turn after achieving a political supermajority in the Golden State. Now many have become self-styled medical experts who support more authority for government to invade your body in exchange for accepting public benefits.

After all, they claim, COVID-19 and its mutations are very different than Mumps or Rubella. Also, the success of previous voluntary vaccination efforts, such as against Polio, and Smallpox, provides a valuable backdrop to consider our FORCED VACCINATION options here.

Since it is likely that a vaccine will be available by the end of 2020, what are the legal precedents to making such a treatment mandatory? The left-leaning New York State Bar Association just recommended mandatory vaccinations. Considering the group's collective knowledge of state and federal law and precedent, this should not be much of a surprise. After all, in the past, there was little political support for a sweeping federal mandate for a vaccine.

And with so many non-government-approved scientists telling us vaccines can harm, kill, maim, or mentally retard, political pushback will remain. But with social media sites and search engines like Google filtering and censoring harmful data about vaccines, the public is becoming more accustomed to doing what their rulers tell them.

However, there are more than 100 years of effective vaccination efforts by states. As mentioned above, for attendance in many schools, or service in the military vaccinations have long been required.

Those cases have created what lawyers call "case precedent," and they will likely stand today as a basis for forced vaccinating. Although, the state will say it's not "forced" because you don't have to attend a public school, join the military, or use other government services you pay for, for example. So as a lawyer, I would call it "coercion." You have no choice but to bear the mark of the injection if you want to survive.

Furthermore, considering the massive effects of the Coronavirus, the time is ripe for the government to get the public used to receiving forced COVID-19 and other injections. DC likely cannot force a vaccine mandate. But even without public support, states can use their constitutional powers to do so. And I guarantee you that Big Pharma is funding every YES vote in Sacramento!

And there are many historical examples, to boot. Furthermore, such examples track with the recent court and legal precedents. Likely, there will be a medical exemption to the rule. However, as the NYS Bar stated, there will likely not be large exceptions for ethical concerns. Likely, a forced vaccine is coming soon.

Furthermore, it is likely coming to your local doctor's office. If the vaccine is safe and proven effective, the call to get the country back to normal will be overwhelming. For more info, keep reading our site. We update the site with the newest Coronavirus info and legal opinions.

Examples include striking rioters on the streets or many of the legal effects of the virus. Our legal team updates with recent info and events.