In November 2022, Grand Jury indicted a former medical director of a children’s hospital in a sexual abuse case. Let’s explore the details of the court records with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Grand Jury Indicted Dr. Davidow for Child Abuse at Cumberland Hospital

Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents in New Kent County treats young patients for chronic illnesses, brain injuries, neurobehavioral disorders, and other complex medical illnesses. 

Investigations into the facility revealed serious negligence and operating on patients without proper licensing. During the investigation, the Virginia State Police discovered the heinous acts carried out by Dr. Daniel N. Davidow of Richmond, a former longtime employee at the Virginia hospital. 

The lawsuits filed by the patients’ parents allege that Dr. Davidow sexually abused former female patients during the medical examination.

Indictment Related to Sexual Abuse of Former Patients, Lawyer Confirms

Kevin Biniazan, the lawyer representing the two victims, confirmed that the accused doctor’s indictment was connected to the allegations levied against him by their clients. 

Biniazan hoped that the indictment would provide closure to the abused victims as they continuously suffered emotional harm and were threatened not to come forward.

Victims Allege Abuse During Invasive Physical Exams

The court documents offer more detail about the indictment, revealing that the doctor took advantage of a young patient’s mental incapacity and abused her during visitations. 

Although the indictment does not mention details about the child abuse, both the victims accused the doctor of abusing them during an invasive physical exam.

University Terminates Doctor after Shocking CBS6 Investigation Report

Dr. Daniel N. Davidow graduated from Georgia Regents University medical school and served as a medical director at the Cumberland Hospital for over 20 years.

Cumberland Hospital fired him in 2020 after a CBS 6 investigative report accused him of sexual and child abuse.

Former Medical Director of Children’s Hospital Now in Custody for Four Felony Sex Crimes

According to the Virginia State Police spokesperson, the police have Dr. Davidow in their custody without bond as he faces two counts of aggravated sexual battery and object sexual penetration; both considered a felony under the state’s criminal law.

Chief Clinical Officer Attests to Filing Complaint Against the Doctor

The Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services chief clinical officer had previously filed a complaint against Dr. Davidow and stated that he should lose his license for such malicious acts.

Previous Lawsuits Against the Hospital and Staff Reveal Details of Sexual Abuse

In the past two years, 47 former patients filed a lawsuit against Universal Health Services (parent company of Cumberland Hospital) and the hospital members seeking $388 million in damages. 

Out of the 47, 38 former patients alleged that Dr. Davidow sexually abused them during physical examination.

The Accused Doctor Would Take Advantage of Patient’s Physical Helplessness, Complaint States

One of the lawsuits accused the doctor of touching minor patients’ intimate body parts after stating that he needed to check their femoral pulse. 

According to Biniazan, the doctor never checked male patients’ femoral pulse or those assisted by their parents. He only proceeded with such “medical checks” for minor female patients when there wasn’t parental supervision in the room. 

He would take advantage of the patient’s physical helplessness to please himself.

RH, Former Patient, Comes Forward with the Disgusting Truth

A teen abused by the doctor, RH, came forward to tell her story. She spoke to the media about how she was in and out of foster care before falling victim to a sex trafficking ring. 

In 2017, RH was placed in Greensboro, North Carolina, group home, where they recommended Cumberland Hospital for treatment for her seizures, PTSD, and anxiety.

According to RH, the Department of Social Services took her to Cumberland Hospital in 2018, where she met Dr. Davidow. During the first session, the vile doctor asked to examine her breasts and started to massage them, with the nurse comforting RH, stating that it was part of the medical routine.

The doctor told RH that he would examine her pulse near her private area but instead inserted three fingers inside her genitals, similar to all the allegations against the doctor by his former patients.

Although T. Scott Renick, the commonwealth’s attorney, is handling the case, Attorney General Jason Miyares offered help if required.

Two Other Employees of the Hospital End Up in Federal Court

The previous attorney general, Mark Herring took action against two staff members at the flagged Virginia hospital, a 72-year-old psychotherapist and a behavioral technician.

The psychotherapist, Herschel “Mickey” Harden, also worked with RH and would sexually abuse her. Several footage angles taken from a drone shows Cumberland Hospital as a detention center, with a lack of windows and an almost eerie environment. 

According to RH, Harden would lock the door, close the blinds, and put his hand over her mouth so that her voice won’t go out.

RH stated that Harden threatened to keep her at the hospital longer by using his influence as a retired General Colonel. 

After a year of abuse, when the hospital discharged RH, Mickey stayed in contact with her until she brought a case against him. Harden committed suicide in February 2021, a day before his appearance in court.

Stacey Burrell, the behavioral technician, pled no contest in court for intentionally burning one of the juvenile patients with boiling water. 

In exchange for her plea, the prosecutors reduced the sentence from a felony malicious wounding to felony unlawful wounding, leading to 5 years imprisonment.

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