French Court – Cows’ Health Affected by 4-G Towers?

[Page Updated 06/17/2022] A court in France has recently gone onto issuing an order that is going to conclude a matter between the cows and a 4G cell phone tower and Frédéric Salgues.

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The conclusion would be surrounding the verdict whether the cows’ health or milk production is being impacted by the cell phone tower for 4G or not.

Accusation by Frederic Salgues

Frédéric Salgues, who is a farmer in the nearby area where the 4G tower for cell phones, has made an accusation.

He has accused that the health of his cows is constantly deteriorating in milk production and health and it is all because of the 4G cell phone tower. The tower is located near to his farm where his cows are used for milk production.

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Salgues added that all his cows are almost bones and skin due to the tower. For him, it is extremely agonizing because he has been taking care of his cows for a long time. Now, something of a tower for 4G signals is now affecting their health and he can do nothing but watch how his cows are losing weight and offering up sub par milk production since the antenna installation.

He added that the health of his cows is deteriorating every day and it seeing that makes him cry. He has openly blamed the cell phone 4G tower that was installed nearby his farm back in 2021. The health of the cows started to deteriorate ever since the installation of the tower.

Clermont-Ferrand Administrative Court is Taking Salgues Claims Seriously

Although the matter may not seem serious to many but one of the courts in southwestern France has heard Salgues call for help that cow milk production has dropped significantly following the antenna installation. Clermont-Ferrand, which is the administrative court in France has listened to what Salgues had to say about the cow health concerns.

They are taking Salgues’ statement very seriously and have issued an order in favor of Salgues. The French court orders 4G antenna switch off over cow health, as others, including environmentalists are complaining about this new 4G antenna technology. The court has issued an order to keep the tower shut down for two months to see what the outcome would be.

The court has announced that in the two month period, they will monitor how things turn out for Salgues’ farm. They will strictly monitor the health of the cows to see if there is an improvement.

The Orders Issued by the Court

In the order, the court issued a statement suggesting that they find the decision of proceeding with a temporary cessation of the tower to be appropriate. They ceasing of the tower and its antenna for two months may unravel whether the antenna installation is the real cause of cows health concerns.

During this time period, they will be monitoring the behavior of the herd as well as the activities of the dairy cows. They will monitor the health of the cows to see if any improvement is being recorded. The judicial expert will be tasked with supervising the entire process to record data and present a well-organized report.

One of the Monaco-based English-language news outlet, The Connexion is closely covering the entire matter since milk production had dropped.

Salgues Confirmed How his Farm is Affected

From the statement Salgues issued surrounding the matter, the court noted down major highlights. The court noted that the high deaths due to abnormal causes and de-nutrition that was voluntary by the herd.

The court also noted that there was a disruption in the behavior of the herd, which was quite serious. The court even noted the claim Salgues made regarding the deterioration in the production, quantity, and quality of the milk.

In his statement, Salgues also added that his cows are hardly drinking any water. They don’t even get up at night to eat, making them seriously thin. He expanded his cow health concerns, saying he feels that his cows are feeling sad. He’s hoping the French court orders, 4G antenna switch off over cow health and public attention will save his dairy farm.

Yannick Supported Salgues’ Claims

Yannick, who is a fellow farmer and brother of Salgues, backed his brother’s claims. He stated that it is their daily practice to document the quality, quantity, and production of the milk. Ever since the tower has been installed, they have started recording a dip in all three factors.

He confirmed that ever since the tower was installed, they ended up losing 40 cattle in a matter of eleven months. Yannick claimed that under normal circumstances, the death rate of the cattle would only be around 9 or 10.

Defense lawyers for Bouygues Telecom, the mobile operators shut down by the ruling stated there is: 

 “no scientific evidence” linking animal health and electromagnetic fields around mobile phone antennas. Yet, here, 40 of his 200 cows had died since the cell tower went active, according to the farmer. This ruling could also affect the rollout of even faster 5G antenna towers in France.

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