Jan 5, 2019

Glendale California Tops Providence Rhode Island for Worst Drivers

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This is interesting and better late than never. So I am always driving through Glendale. Most of all, they have some crazy roads. But finally, the annual report for Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report is out. This yearly report analyzes data from America’s 200 largest cities drivers.

Providence Rhode Island Only 5th Worse for Accidents in Motor Vehicles?

So this year, Providence Rhode Island drivers are the 5th worse in the country. But they were beaten by Glendale, California, Newark, New Jersey, and Baltimore, Maryland. Furthermore, Washington D.C. came in at number one.

Allstate in their analysis of drivers considers several factors. But the original study originates from the number of times drivers in 200 cities drive without crashing.

The Traffic Analysis Predictions

This analysis predicts that drivers nationwide go approximately ten years without accidents. But this same prediction is not likewise for drivers in Providence. Most noteworthy, their estimate is about six years. But in Washington D.C. it is even less. So the accident rate for drivers there is approximately 4.8 years. Thus, people get in fender-benders more often there.

In opposite, the report stated that the best driver’s in the country live in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Especially relevant, they have typically 13.8 years between motor vehicle accidents. But for Providence, this is not the first time drivers. Instead, they are poorly ranked for their habits. Consequently, Men’s Health Magazine ranked the city in March. Furthermore, they classified it as the 5th highest rated city nationwide for accidents.