Great Escape Accident Just One of Many

Knott's ride

This last weekend an accident at Six Flags in Upstate New York caused a girl to plummet 25 feet to the arms of other patrons. Onlookers called the accident “horrifying.” The case made national headlines and included a viral video of the event.

CBS News reported on the scene. A Delaware 14-year-old fell from a stopped gondola ride. The “Sky Ride” stopped as the girl was riding it with another minor.

The operator stopped the ride after hearing that one of the riders was in distress. The girl struck a tree before falling into the crowd. She was evacuated by helicopter to the hospital. The fall injured one man who caught the falling teen.

While officials say the ride was in working order, far more questions remain. Furthermore, it appears that there are no proper procedures to avoid such a situation. There are no evacuation or emergency extraction procedures for the ride. Altogether, they are a vital danger.

What Are My Rights if Injured at an Amusement Park?

Many park owners and insurance companies do their best to minimize their liability after a severe accident. Many insurance carriers outright refuse to honor their policies and try to shortchange the injured party or parties.

There are far more rights for the hurt parties than often reported. Each person has the right to counsel and a chance to bring their premises liability case to light. Many companies hide their safety record and try to pay off the accident victims quickly. But this record often does not take into account long-term injuries or other issues. So in many cases, it does not solve the underlying issue that caused the accident in the first place.

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