Aug 17, 2020

HCQ is the Most Popular Coronavirus Treatment: Why?

The Most Popular Treatment Is Also The Most Well Known.

Example - CoronavirusThe role of hydroxychloroquine as a Coronavirus drug is now well attested. Rocketing into public consciousness back in April, the malaria drug is now a critical means that thousands of doctors used on COVID patients. The drug is cheap, well known, and plentiful. Used across the world, millions of patients took it to avoid malaria in places such as India and Africa. Furthermore, the drug is a key suppressor of lupus.

Studies found that HCQ is a potential gamechanger. That's not to say that the drug is perfect. It was not originally planned and tested to treat this new disease. Furthermore, it is not a miracle cure. However, evidence shows that HCQ, when used early, significantly reduces the chance of death. Moreover, the drug is also a means to handle a disease that has so far killed 150,000 Americans. Below we discuss many of the means that HCQ may help Corona patients and their families.

We also discuss the importance of the "Right to Try" laws passed during the Trump Admin. Also, the role of such a drug in fighting the disease also shows the dangers of medicine being politicized. This process is one we've seen over the last several months, even as HCQ remains a weapon in our arsenal.

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The Rise of HCQ As A Treatment.

As stated above, there is no cure for Coronavirus. However, there is a major means to reduce the chance of death caused by the disease. Furthermore, the use of HCQ with other forms of treatment significantly reduces the chance of death. A lot has changed since March. After the initial panic, we now have a better understanding of Coronavirus. Furthermore, our understanding is not perfect.

However, it is light years ahead of where it was. This also allows us to use better social distancing and treatments to avoid and handle the disease. HCQ is known as a long-standing drug primarily used to treat malaria. It has also been used to treat the effects of lupus. The exact mechanism against COVID is still being studied. However, it is likely to do with the ability to stop the spread of the virus itself.

Some doctors believe that when used along with zinc, HCQ helps patients recover quicker from their ailment. There have been multiple rounds of research on the subject. Doctors showed that HCQ is not effective at every step of the disease's progression. However, it is most likely to be effective when used early in the sickness. Now that medical science understands the role of this medicine better, we can expect even better outcomes.

The Most Popular COVID Treatment.

HCQ is the best known of possible Corona cures. It turns out that it is also popular among doctors and patients alike.

Of the 2,171 physicians surveyed, 37 percent rated hydroxychloroquine the “most effective therapy” for combating the potentially deadly illness, according to the results released Thursday. The survey, conducted by the global health care polling company Sermo, also found that 23 percent of medical professionals had prescribed the drug in the US — far less than other countries.

Politicization Of Science?

Over the last several months, there have been several comments from the political left that the President and his team are politicizing science. However, the right claims that it is the left itself that is doing so. Many Democrats turned against HCQ as a means in what even one Democrat representative agrees was to try to discredit the President. Furthermore, the media attempted to blame the President for the death of a person who ate fish tank cleaner on HCQ. It turns out that his wife gave the man who died the cleaner. She is now under investigation for murder. This came after she publicly blamed President Trump for her husband's death. She had been point-blank about her criticism of the President:

“My advice,” Wanda explained, is “don’t believe anything that the President says and his people because they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Of course, this only tells a part of the story. Furthermore, in some cases, some Democrats believe that the drug works. And even were saved by it—case in point a member of the Michigan State Assembly whose life was saved by HCQ. Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett, D-Detroit, is now in major political trouble. The state party slammed her for thanking President Trump after she claims that HCQ saved her life.

“Thank you for everything that you have done,” Whitsett told Trump at the meeting. “I did not know that saying thank you had a political line. … I’m telling my story and my truth, and this how I feel and these are my words.”

President Trump was swift to support the legislator:

Trump appeared to offer his support for the state representative late Thursday, tweeting, "Disgraceful. (Whitsett) Should join the Republican Party!"

The relative success of HCQ shows us how little we yet know about the disease. It also shows us to trust the actual use of the drug and its success. Once we start to do that, we may begin to see actual progress against the pandemic.

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